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Module 1 pp - pd


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Module 1 Informational PowerPoint

Published in: Education, Technology
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Module 1 pp - pd

  1. 1. Module 1 PresentersElizabeth Long – Special education teacherwith 17 years of classroom experience in elementaryand high school instructionFelechia Clingan – Special education teacherwith 13 years of classroom experience as anelementary education and middle school specialeducation teacher
  2. 2. Objectives1. Partipants will explore howteaching critical vocabularyassociated with mathconcepts can improve mathperformance
  3. 3. Objectives2. Participants will develop an understanding of the Common Core Standards (CCS) in mathematics
  4. 4. Course Agenda:Participate in 2 modules per week by:• Completing course readings• Addressing guided questions• Exploring activities
  5. 5. Supplies needed for completion of modules:• Access to internet• Printer/Paper