IDC Smart Tools 2012


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IT benchmarking, IT research, IT market intelligence for sourcing, purchasing professionals

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IDC Smart Tools 2012

  1. 1. Copyright IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. IT Advisory Tools Overview IDC presently benchmarks over $100B worth of IT hardware, software and services each year Tools such as SmartIndex and SmartAnalysis are routine Best Practices for large businesses and government groups IDC is a trusted source for deal validation and a recognized benchmarker for hardware and service providers IDC Tools are currently employed by over 50% of the Global Fortune 500 IDC benchmarks drive independence and transparency in vendor management For the past 13 years, IDC Tools have driven measurable savings within global sourcing and procurement organizations © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  3. 3. Software Datacenter Mainframe Software System Mgt Warranty Audits IT Services IT Internal & Outsourced Services Datacenter, PC Support, Hardware Managed Support, Applications, Rate Cards Asset Disposition All IT HW Fair Market Value PC’s & Peripherals Servers Lease vs Buy Storage Financing Networking© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  4. 4. 4Copyright IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. SmartIndex Industry standard benchmark for pricing SmartIndex: an indexing Being used by over 50% of Global Fortune 500 tool that helps clients Peer-to-peer product comparison that ensure best pricing isbenchmarks pricing on a wide variety ofproducts achieved throughout the Establishes price index for each configuration life of a purchasing Discount applied to IDC SmartIndex on contractperiodic basis either monthly, quarterly orbiannually Allows customers to establish price assurance model that benchmarks pricing to the market Avoids “honeymoon period” pricing; benchmarks best deal throughout purchasing contract © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  6. 6. SmartIndex SampleHP ProLiant BL460c G6 Source IDC 01/12/2010Vendor HP Dell IBMModel ProLiant BL460c G6 PowerEdge M610 BladeC enter HS22Part# 507864-B21 ($1,575) $5,434 7870L2U ($2,755)Processor XeonQC _L5520/2.26GHz (507798-L21 $799) XeonQC _L5520/2.26GHz XeonQC _L5520/2.26GHzAddl. Processor XeonQC _L5520/2.26GHz (507798-B21 $799) XeonQC _L5520/2.26GHz XeonQC _L5520/2.26GHz (46M0697 $855)Memory 6x2GB 1333MHz RDIMM (500656-B21 $720) 6x2GB 1333MHz RDIMM 2x2GB 1333MHz RDIMM (6x2GB 44T1486 $500)DIMMs 12DIMMS 12DIMMS 12DIMMSStorage 2x300GB 10k 2.5" SAS (492620-B21 $1,038) 2x300GB 10k 2.5" SAS 2x300GB 10k 2.5" 6Gbps SAS (42D0637 $1,038*)Hard Drive Bays 2 Bays 2 Bays 2 BaysHot Swap Drive Bays Yes Yes YesStorage C ontroller SA P410i/256MB (462968-B21 $219) PERC 6/I/256MB ServeRAID-MR10ie/256MB (46C 7167 $749)Battery-backed Write C ache Yes (462969-B21 $139) Yes YesOptical Drive No No NoFloppy No No NoNetwork C ard Dual Port 10/100/1000 Dual Port 10/100/1000 2x10/100/1000Addl. Network C ard Dual Port 10/100/1000 (453246-B21 $399) Dual Port 10/100/1000 Dual Port 10/100/1000 (73P5101 $249)Host Bus Adapter 4Gb Fibre C hannel (403619-B21 $749) 4Gb Fibre C hannel ($749) 4Gb Fibre C hannel (46M6065 $749)Remote Management iLO 2 iDRAC 6 Enterprise (Express -$349) IMMWarranty 3yrsOS (5yrsOSx6hr UK075E $1,863) 5yrsOS (6hr $1,000) 3yrsOS (5yrsOSx6hr 40Y5987 $1,350**)HW Installation Service Yes (UE493E $200) No ($200) No ($200)US Price $8,500 $7,034 $8,445SmartIndex Price $7,993 US (Average of 3) *Adj. 6Gbps to 3Gbps/**Adj. 6hr response Products aligned by market segment; SmartIndex price used all features/components adjusted to to benchmark pricing match ongoing © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  7. 7. SmartAnalysis IDC offers a peer pricing (deal level) SmartAnalysis: a tool that analysis of prices paid by peer sized provides a clear benchmark of buyers for price ranges: – Average peer peer best in class pricing and – Best in class discounting for all IT HW classes IDC profiles each buyer and places into peer categories by spend, volume, geo, product class, etc. Peer Price Analysis Profile is combined with thorough examination of market conditions to Market produce recommendations on savings Dynamics – Expectation setting/goal validation Competitive – Get best rates in RFP process before its too late Analysis Custom SmartAnalysis available: Discount reports – Custom price performance analysis – Custom savings opportunity analysis Recommendations – Short-term reviews audits © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  8. 8. Smart Fair Market Value (SmartFMV) SmartFMV: provides a rigorous assessment of current and forecasted values of in-place technology assets Ideal for negotiating leases, buyouts, asset transfers or dispositions Report can be used as an independent validation of asset value within outsourcing contracts IDC tracks secondary pricing (RV and FMV) on a wide range of technologies: (sample data) Ja nua ry 2006 FMV PC/Portables Mode l Ma ke N umbe r R E T AIL W H OLE S ALE Servers SILKWORM 2800 2800 $150 Salvage SILKWORM 3800 3800 $1,300 $250 Storage SILKWORM 3850 3850 $1,950 $500 SILKWORM 3850 3850 $1,950 $500 SUPERSTACK II BASELINE Network/telecom SWITCH 3C16460 $50 $10 SUPERSTACK 3 BASELINE Peripherals 10/100 24 PORT SWITCH 3C16465C $300 $75 © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  9. 9. 9Copyright IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Software benchmarking:Product usage analysisDeal analysisNegotiation support for data center softwareCoverage: enterprise licensing agreementsfor vendors like IBM, Oracle, CA, BMC and SAS Most SW vendors Perform compliance IDC can also provide audits exposing independent assistance on millions in costs to formal vendor audits unprepared customersData center optimization is available to IDC finds most organizations over-right-size software inventory against an subscribe on major software packagesorganization’s server environment Optimized pricing/licensing drives huge savings!© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 10
  11. 11. Most data centers can cut their software costs in half by getting to best in class Market Share by Vendor Based on Customer Spend All Data Centers Best in Class Data Centers $4233 per mip $915 per mip 2.39% 1.6% 3.2% 15.0% 7.7% 3.2% IBM 4.9% CA 6.0% 49.9% Compuware 53.3% BMC 30.2% ASG 22.7% Other**Note**Best in Class represents 3 lowest cost data centers © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 11
  12. 12. Are you Best in Class? IBM ISV $1,600.00 $1,448.00 $1,400.00 $1,373.00 Unit Cost $1,171.00 $1,200.00 $987.00 $1,000.00 $800.00 $716.00 $622.00 $600.00 $400.00 $200.00 Client Average Best In Class $-© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 12
  13. 13. Product Pricing Summary 160 151 140 120 116 100 90 Products 80 Industry Average 60 Best in Class 60 49 49 38 40 31 20 0 Total Products Lower Cost Alternatives Lower Cost Products Alternatives© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 13
  14. 14. Copyright IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. • IDC offers COMPREHENSIVE service benchmarking tolarge public and private sector clients•Addresses the largest category of IT market spend• Methodology incorporates elements of IDC‟s IndustryStandard IT Advisory Tools Coverage Areas: • PC support  Industry standard methodology • PC Managed services  Vendor accepted • Infrastructure (servers, storage and  Actionable intelligence and data networking) • Application development  Outsourced or Insourced • Application and System Maintenance • Helpdesk © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC • Professional services 15 Feb-12
  16. 16. • IDC benchmarks address service COST for internal services andservice PRICE for outsourced environments• IDC commonly supports cost-benefit analysis for decision tooutsource or back-source• IDC clients routinely drive cost savings by benchmarking deals to bestin class rates Key Differentiators:IDC offers a new approach to service benchmarking …1. IDC adapts projects to each client2. Self-populating data templates DO NOT require data entry by the client; client participation time is metered and minimized3. IDC delivers actionable observations on industry conformance for large business and key verticals and recommendations on best practice and cost savings © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 16
  17. 17. IDC data can provide key Bestmetrics for determining Strategy Decision Practicescost/benefit; whether or notto outsource or back-sourceInformal benchmarking data can inform long-termsupplier strategy – is vendor performing to spec?Should sourcing get involved? Target Roles: IT leadership, Global Sourcing © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 17
  18. 18. Customers need support in aligning new and existing service agreements to industry practice – “are we doing this the right way?”; Best Strategy Practices Decision IDC can draw upon real customer experience Clients need to understand the appropriate service definitions and service levels for their business versus industry practice Target Roles: IT leadership, IT Shared Service Professionals© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 18
  19. 19. When it comes time to exercise abenchmarking clause, IDC has the Bestexperience and data set to provide Strategy Decision Practicesenforceable results; IDC hasexperience positioning results forvendorsRecommendations in benchmarking reports will provideclient with a clear idea of the impact of any changes madeto a service supplier relationship & potential savingsgenerated Target Roles: IT leadership, Global sourcing © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 19
  20. 20. IDC offers benchmarking for a wide range of IT services… IDC service SmartAnalysis provides benchmarking for insourced or outsourced services including: applications, desktops, servers, storage, networking, helpdesk and more. Type of Benchmark Description Cost Benchmark Measures the performance of an in-house organization‟s IT environment Price Benchmark Measures the performance of an outsourcing arrangement Simulates the cost to an organization when in-sourcing parts or all of the outsourced environment Back-sourcing Value Benchmark Assesses the Value the IT department delivers (or not) to the organization Assesses the Service Level Agreement (SLA) – is it industry-compliant, are SLAs too tight/too SLA Assessment loose/ just right, are SLAs missing, have SLAs been delivered as per contract Assesses the Contract – is it current, where are weaknesses and potential problem areas, where Contract Assessment are the contract‟s strengths, how does the contract perform when the environment changes Assesses the satisfaction of the user community, determines the perceived strengths of IT‟s service Satisfaction Assessment delivery, specifically focusing on the Service Desk and the Desktop Support Staff Assesses whether IT delivers value in terms of its productivity when delivering services in the Productivity Assessment context of the Client‟s environment, e.g. 1 FTE Supports „n‟ Desktops, 1 FTE Supports „n‟ Wintel Servers, etc. Can be used to calculate “certain” values in an outsourced environment Provides an organization with both an in-house as well as an outsourcing assessment; this type of Integrated Cost/Price Model benchmark is popular when an in-house organization wants to know the price it would have to pay when outsourcing or vice versa © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 20
  21. 21. Smart Tools Coverage SmartAnalysis SmartIndex SmartFMV PC‟s & Workstations    Notebooks & Tablets    LCD‟s & Printers    Enterprise Storage (SAN, NAS, tape)   Servers (blade, rack, midrange & enterprise)    Networking (switches, hubs, routers, VOIP)   Mainframes   Data Center SW  Outsourced Services (desktop, infrastructu re, datacenter, applic  ations) © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  22. 22. Vendor CoverageHardware Vendors IT Services Vendors Software Vendors IBM IBM IBM HP HPServers CA Sun Oracle ACS Dell BMC CSC HP CA Accenture Hitachi Compuware Unisys Managed Services & EMC HCLStorage Mainframe SAS Outsourcing NetApp Patni ASG IBM Atos Information Builders Sun Oracle Fujitsu HP Sterling Commerce NCS Dell Software AG TCSPC‟s & Portables Lenovo Serena OTHERS Toshiba HP IBM Cisco IBM CA Maintenance HP EMC BMCNetworking Arista Sun Oracle f5 Oracle IBM Juniper SAS Dell Distributed HP Vmware TCS Dell Accenture Microsoft Lenovo CSC EMCPeripherals Lexmark Professional Services HP HP Xerox Fujitsu Samsung Veritas/Symantec Unisys NEC Telstra HP OTHERS © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  23. 23. Call to Action – We would like to:  Learn about your initiatives and help you measure savings based upon our data and peer benchmarking services  Discuss any other activities or services that may be valuable  Have you add us to your bidder list for IT, Industry and custom research needs. Contact Information:  Beth Jolles, Director, 508-904-2198  Christopher Murphy, Program Director, 508-935-4134© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 23
  24. 24. 24Copyright IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. Oracle Enterprise Unit Cost ($/CU) $2,500.00 $2,000.00 $1,500.00 Unit Cost ($/UC) $1,000.00 $500.00 $- Customer Average Optimal Implementation Implementation Implementation© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 25
  26. 26. Dollar per contact Helpdesk performance $200 relative to the $150 $100 efficiency (cost) with $50 which services are $0 XYZ Peer Group (In-house) Peer Group (Outsourced) delivered $130 $119 $154 Help/service desk Currently in-house x* contacts per year @ x# days per week x contacts per day @ x agents x contacts per hour per agent @ Industry Av. of 9 mins total contact time = 23 mins per hour Is this competitive? Dependencies are SLAs, call profile, SOW, environment, contact time* Data taken from RFP-194 # Estimated by HP© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 26
  27. 27. The figure on the left shows the Mainframe‟s (CPU) financial performance in regard to the Efficiency (Price) with which services are delivered. Company X Assumption: Service delivery in a shared environment will take place on a processor that is shared with several other environments (LPARs), thereby enabling the Vendor to achieve a superior “Economy of Scale”. Note, that no organization is able to access another organization’s LPAR(s). Observations: Services delivered in a shared environment is about 38% less expensive than in the current XXX environment 27© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 27 Feb-12
  28. 28. Case Study: United States Postal Service Background: The US Postal Service has been an IDC Tools client for over four years. In that time it has enhanced its vendor management process by employing independent benchmarking data to obtain market pricing on IT hardware. Process: IDC provides ongoing price indexing on a wide array of commodity technology from notebooks to x86 servers. IDC also provides spot-deal analysis on enterprise technology such as midrange servers, mainframes and storage. Results: IDC is a trusted source of best in class pricing on enterprise deals; annual savings are significant. “IDCs price benchmarking tools have become a valuable part of our ongoing strategic sourcing practice” United States Postal Service © IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12
  29. 29. Background: client exercised a benchmarking clause whichrequired a third party to review key rates and service levels formanaged PC and peripheral environment within carrier‟sdistributed fleet of airport locationsProcess: client auditioned several benchmarking partners but unanimously chose IDC for its experience, streamlined process and transparency in dealing with the service providerProject Results: benchmark observed challenges with productivity and complexity and recommended changes that would reduce FTE‟s, drive annual savings of up to $650,000 and improve service levelsOutcome: service provider accepted and is acting upon all of IDC‟s recommendations© IDC Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @IDC Feb-12 29