SAMPLE: Case Study Presentation


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Part of my electronic portfolio, this is a case study I developed in collaboration with a customer.

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SAMPLE: Case Study Presentation

  1. 1. Preparing Students for a Productive Life Best Practices Before, During, and After Your Live Session for Delivering Creative Virtual Classroom Solutions
  2. 2. Framingham State University Founded 1839 - Located 20 Miles West of Boston 6506 students (4489 undergrads – 2017 grad students) 25 Undergraduate Programs 26 Graduate Programs Blackboard Customer since 2000 Blackboard Collaborate (previously Elluminate) since 2009 Online Learning since 1998 2
  3. 3. Using the Virtual Classroom • Synchronous content • • • • • • • • delivery Real-time discussions Guest speakers Office hours Lecture capture Tutoring, Mentoring Group collaboration Recorded student presentations Faculty training 3
  4. 4. Deliver Distance Learning Blackboard Collaborate is used to deliver distance learning in online and hybrid courses. "Through the use of Blackboard Collaborate, I am able to continue to have direct, personal connections with my students on an individual basis through "virtual office hours" as well as on a class-wide basis for class meetings and lectures. I am able to communicate more naturally, giving my lessons the same feel as in-class lessons. It is as if I am physically present with the students.” - Margaret Whitbeck, Instructor for Food and Nutrition, Framingham State University 4
  5. 5. Project Delivery Framingham State faculty use Blackboard Collaborate to deliver course content and also ask students to present their course projects. “In my Geography of the U.S. and Canada online course, I use Blackboard Collaborate to have virtual online lectures with the students. Throughout a typical 50-minute Blackboard Collaborate session, I display graphics (such as maps and tables) and include annotation in the graphics as well as share my desktop to display webpages. At the conclusion of the course, I also require students to research a topic related to one of the regions we have discussed and then present their findings in their own recorded Blackboard Collaborate session.” - David Merwin, Associate Professor Geography, Framingham State University 5
  6. 6. Virtual Guest Speaker Blackboard Collaborate is used to bring guest speakers and experts from around the world into online or face-to-face classes. "Inviting guest speakers to the classroom using web conferencing with BB Collaborate gave students an opportunity to listen and interact with a talented young designer employed by a multinational athletic footwear conglomerate (headquartered on the west coast of the United States). Students gained valuable insight and a deeper understanding of important class concepts and described the experience as…interesting, inspiring, enlightening, exciting, informative, worthwhile, creative, excellent, and innovating!” - Virginia Noon, Assistant Professor Fashion Design and Retailing, Framingham State University 6
  7. 7. Before During After Eight Best Practices Before Your Session 1. Provide instructions on 5. Check equipment how to use 2. Offer practice space for participants 3. Identify mandatory sessions on syllabus 4. Explain how each sessions will be used in course 6. Rehearse session 7. Have all materials open and ready 8. Set up grading (for a record of participants)
  8. 8. Before During After Ten Best Practices During Your Live Session 1. Join session 15-30 minutes 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. in advance Pre-load session materials Set up breakout rooms Specify session start/end times Provide set-up steps for participants Set timer to count down to session start 7. Display welcome screen 8. Turn off microphone when not speaking 9. Use whiteboard space for written questions, assignment instructions, brainstorming and collaboration 10. Use application or desktop sharing so participants can see what you see
  9. 9. Before During After Six Best Practices After Your Session 1. Archive recordings by 4. Save chat and participants content area 2. Offer mobile access with MP3 and MP4 recording formats 3. Provide instructions for recording access and viewing list 5. Preview recording 6. Track statistics (sessions, attendees, recording views) and results (rate of adoption, student retention and outcomes
  10. 10. Framingham State University ITS- Education Technology Office Email
  11. 11. Stay connected. Share your innovations. Learn from others.