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  1. 1. The colour scheme of this magazine challenges some of The magazine NME is the longest the stereotypical ideas that published and one of the most would relate to the magazine, respected music magazines of as pink and white are today’s society. Produced by IPC stereotypically seen as more Media it has been running for a ‘feminine’ colours. However great 58 years and reaches over 1 the magazine is primarily million music fans every week. aimed at the more masculine audience, but with using the black combined with the pink and white, this gives off a more ‘punk-like’ feel to theThe latest front cover of NME, magazine, which reflects thewhich you can see below, is common target audiencestereotypical of the common which is linked with thistheme that runs through each issue magazine.of the magazine. The masthead islocated in the same place as itusually is in the top left of thecover, using the same font. This isa form of brand identity, which The content of the magazine also confirms the punkallows the public to identify the feel of the magazine, with the ‘Macabees’ being themagazine with ease, making it more main feature and with their being a puff illustrating theappealing to the buyer. fact that there is a possibility for the reader to win Noel Gallagher tickets. Both of these acts are appealing to the punk target audience.
  2. 2. The magazine ‘Vibe’ is also an extremely popular and well sought after music magazine of today’s society which is produced by ‘Vibe Lifestyle Network’. The conventions of this particular version of the magazine, not only challenges the stereotypical concepts of this brand, but also challenges the However the use of sans dominant ideology of magazine serif font on the magazine conventions. As for a start, the shows that the magazine still coverlines of the magazine areThe colour’s of the is there for entertainment not spread over the cover theymagazine are also purposes giving off a rather are located rather close togethervery minimalistic, relaxed feel, showing that the on the right hand side of thewith just one main target audience is being cover, in relatively small font.colour being used, represented, as the magazine The possible reason for this isalongside black and is generally more appealing because the main story of thewhite. This also is to the younger audience. magazine is playing an importantallowing the sole Therefore sophisticated role in the media at the moment,focus to be on the ideas and text would not be therefor the magazine is focusingmain storyline. extremely appealing. mostly on Rihanna and her current state of affairs.
  3. 3. The colour scheme for the magazine is stereotypical for Bob Marley therefor drawing the attention to the target audience. Another The magazine ‘Mojo’ convention of the magazine, which draws the is a music magazine audience, is, is the use of a puff illustrating the that is mainly aimed at fact that a free cd is on offer with the magazine, the older, male target which is also a point of interest for the audience. audience. The magazine generally focuses on music The Masthead of the from previous magazine is using the generations as seen in same common font, this magazine, which which is always used, and has a main cover story also placed in the same of ‘Bob Marley’. area as usual. This gives a brand identity to the magazine for regularThe house style of the readers to easily identifymagazine is relatively it, making it appealing toconsistent throughout the buy, as it is not hard toissues, with this one being no locate.exception.