Battleship case study


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Battleship case study

  1. 1. BattleshipHow did it attract a British audience?
  2. 2. Production… How did it attract a British audience? • 2012 American sci-fi naval war film, based on the classic children’s game. • Appealing to a wide mainstream audience.• Released by Universal Pictures… Horizontal integration: this company controls all stages of the film making process; production, distribution and exhibition, so all of the profit goes back into the company. Vertical integration: owned by NBC Universal which is made up of various different media A range of high profile stars were companies, including used in the film; Rihanna, Taylor Universal. Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson etc.
  3. 3. What marketing strategies were used to promote the film?
  4. 4. The film poster… The size difference between the man and the ‘Battleship’ shows the audience how the film is likely to pan out. This links in with the Transformers film, as the same technique was used I this film poster, and the human race ‘beat’ the Transformers, will the same happen with this film? Intrigues the audience into wanting to find out what occurs. There is a slight twist in this movie, the tagline for the film ‘the battle for earth begins at sea’ shows how there is a different prospect to this film compared with many other action films as it is at sea, this also intrigues the audience as it is likely to be different from other action films.
  5. 5. Social network sites such as twitter allowthe audience to get involved more withthe film, and find out key informationwhich they may not necessarilyobtain, just by viewing the film. Forexample this tweet allows the audienceto see behind the scene footage whichmakes them feel part of the film, makingit appealing to the British audience. Tweets such as this one, make the audience feel as though they are gaining extra information about the film that perhaps not everyone else is, by using words such as ‘exclusive’ this entices audiences to make them feel as though they are part of the film, wanting to watch it.
  6. 6. • By using a worldwide star such as Rihanna, this is likely to attract her fan base into watching the film, so therefor it is not just the action/sci-fi movie lovers who are going to be viewing it, this opens doors for a whole new range of viewers.
  7. 7. • Interviews are a below the line strategy which was used to market the film ‘Battleship’. We are unable to measure the success of the film due to the interview, but this is still a way of promoting it, and giving the audience more information to enable them to feel more involve and in tune with the film, enticing them to go and view it. For example, one of the main stars ‘Rihanna’ was interviewed, by Orange UK which also ties in with the film and promotion, as Orange work alongside Cineworld with the exclusive Orange Wednesdays offers. This is and example of cross media convergence which has been used for this film.
  8. 8. Exhibition and Consumption…• As the film is newly released there are a very limited amount of ways that the audience are able to consume it other than watching it in the cinema.• However, the company is releasing the film to be watched via Lovefilm and you will be able to purchase the film from in the near future.