Reach Out and Read-Public Library Partnerships


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Explore ways to improve and expand your early literacy outcomes in your community through collaborations between public libraries and Reach Out and Read clinics. Find out about current successful partnerships in Colorado and get some of your FAQs answered here.

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  • I consolidated the first two bullet points, because I assume that the benefits of the partnership are also the reasons why they should be formed. tqt
  • Mention webinars coming Feb 25, noon-1, and Feb 27, 8-9
  • I thought another slide (or more than 1) about what ROAR actually does might be really helpful for the libraries, and likewise the next slide helpful for the clinics. Thoughts on this?
  • Do we have a co-branded brochure with an updated Reach Out and Read logo?
  • Reach Out and Read-Public Library Partnerships

    1. 1. REACH OUT AND READ AND PUBLIC LIBRARIES: Great Partners in Early Literacy Meredith Hintze, Program Director Reach Out and Read Colorado Beth Crist, Youth & Family Services Consultant Colorado State Library
    2. 2. What are we going to talk about? • Why should Libraries and Reach Out and Read clinics form partnerships? • Partnership examples • Partnership ideas (open discussion) • How can we help? • One Book 4 Colorado
    3. 3. One Book 4 Colorado Wins 2013 Community Partnership Award!
    4. 4. Reach Out and Read Colorado is a prescription for literacy Doctors give books to children ages 6 months through 5 years at well-child visits, and provide literacy advice to families. Reach Out and Read promotes early literacy through primary care clinics because medical providers: • Reach most parents and children • Have repeated one-on-one contact with families • Provide trusted guidance about children’s development • May serve as the only source of formalized support for poor families
    5. 5. The Reach Out and Read Model • A brand new, age-appropriate book is given to children from 6 months and 5 years of age at every well-child visit. Doctors instruct parents to read aloud with children. • Families receive early literacy information including anticipatory guidance and developmental milestones. • Clinics create a literacy-rich environment in exam and waiting rooms.
    6. 6. About Reach Out and Read • In Colorado, 87,000 children receive 157,000 books annually. Nationally, 4 million children receive 6.5 million books annually. • More than 220 Colorado clinics offer Reach Out and Read. • It works. Fifteen peer reviewed studies illustrate its effectiveness.
    7. 7. Public libraries and early literacy • Storytimes with parent training component • Outreach programs • Family events • Parent classes • Classes for childcare and preschool staff • Programs for children with specific needs …and of course lots of books and media!
    8. 8. Findings from SPELL • Form partnerships • Work through existing infrastructures Pediatricians and clinics are key! • Be convenient • Promote and cross-promote services
    9. 9. How do families benefit? • Families receive consistent support through messaging that is shared in both settings. • Families gain free access to books to keep and to borrow. • Parents learn early literacy tips and info from multiple trusted sources, in culturally appropriate ways.
    10. 10. How do clinics benefit? A successful partnership supports a literacy-rich environment at the clinic. What is a literacy-rich clinic environment? • Gently used books in the exam and waiting rooms • Literacy themed decorations and posters • Volunteers reading to children in the waiting rooms • Library Information is readily available
    11. 11. Examples of Literacy-Rich Clinic Waiting Areas Tri County Health Department-Aurora Pediatrics of Steamboat Springs Community Health Services-Commerce City
    12. 12. How do Libraries benefit? • Increase reach • Cross promote services • Promote early literacy • Better serve parents & children • Gain important community partners
    13. 13. PIKES PEAK LIBRARY DISTRICT Reach Out and Read at the Peak Vista Pediatrics Clinic
    14. 14. Peak Vista Pediatrics Clinic waiting area for children  One hour/ once a week in waiting room  Storytimes  Talking with parents
    15. 15. “The Suitcase”     Books Puzzles Library cards Brochures
    16. 16. Well-child Waiting Room
    17. 17. Benefits  Publicize the library to non-users  Publicize the library to Spanish speakers  Opportunity to talk one on one with parents about early literacy  The clinic is able to address the whole child and brain development rather than just the physical health of the child.
    18. 18. Challenges  Staffing – important to have regular staff  Staff – challenge to comfort zone  TV in space  Books in the “well-child” area  Non-English speaking parents and caregivers  First contact with the diverse families  Requirements of the clinics
    19. 19. Nancy Maday PPLD Children’s Services Manager 719-531-6333, ext. 2405
    20. 20. How Can We Help? • Contact lists are available clinics and libraries • One Book 4 Colorado • One Book 4 Colorado webinars  February 25 at noon  February 27 at 8 a.m.
    21. 21.
    22. 22. How Can We Help? • Colorado State Library and Reach Out and Read Colorado can help facilitate partnerships. Resources • How to Connect handout • Literacy-Rich Waiting Rooms handout • Webinar will be archived
    23. 23. How Can We Help? No need to reinvent the wheel! Here’s a sample of a co-branded brochure produced by the Denver Public Library:
    24. 24. How can we help? What can we do to facilitate your partnership?
    25. 25. Recap • Libraries and Reach Out and Read clinics benefit when they partner • Partnership examples • Partnership ideas • We can help • One Book 4 Colorado
    26. 26. Thank you! Please complete the webinar evaluation: Meredith Hintze, Program Director Reach Out and Read Colorado Beth Crist, Youth & Family Services Consultant Colorado State Library