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News aylisis


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News aylisis

  1. 1. ITV news Sofa demonstrating the more laid back approach which ‘this morning’ have towards their news. Back drop of London to indicate that it’s a English news station, to make it look more professional Coffee table to show that its more informal and not as serious as bbc news (hard news programmes) The presenters dress in a casual informal manor to demonstrate what their news story that they show to the public. Also ‘this morning’ highlights how laid back they are it’s a magazine based news programme.
  2. 2. older presenters indicate that its for an older audience. More professional clothing (suit) means a more formal news programme if they are portraying there presenters in that light. Professional background indicates that is a formal news studio with serious and up-to-date pieces going on. Big tv to demonstrate that it’s the bbc news so everyone knows at all times. A desk to show how professional and formal it is. BBC NEWS
  4. 4. ARTICLE OF BBC NEWS • Cyclone Pam: UN confirms 24 dead and 3,300 displaced in Vanuatu • Embedding the video player This is the embedded player component wrights check Empty country is used on test environment • Jump media player • Out of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue. • companion banner END - companion banner caption • Jon Donnison reports: "The full impact of Cyclone Pam may not be known for several days' • END - caption • end of the embedded player component Player embedded • Continue reading the main story • Non specific version • Cyclone Pam • The UN in Vanuatu says 24 people have died and 3,300 are displaced after Cyclone Pam hit the Pacific archipelago early on Saturday. • The UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination team in the capital, Port Vila, said 37 evacuation centers had been set up, but communication with outer islands was still down. • President Baldwin Lonsdale said the storm had "wiped out" all development of recent years. • He called again for international aid. • Of those who died, 11 were from Tafea island, eight from the main island, Efate, and five from Tanna. • The evacuation centers were catering for the many people who had lost their homes, the UN said, adding that the response effort was for now focusing on the capital and Efate. • After aerial assessments of the damage caused by the storm, Shefa remained the only province declared an emergency, the UN said. • Aid began arriving in the storm-hit nation - one of the world's poorest - after flights to Port Vila resumed. • Tropical Cyclone Pam is slowly weakening as it travels towards New Zealand and poses no further threat to Vanuatu or the South Pacific, a report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says. •
  5. 5. BBC NEWS ARITCLE VIDEO. • The video was hard news and was international • This is because it was about another country (Africa) • Hard news because it was about the devastation of what a cyclone had done to a village. • They have a voice over which makes it more professional and the ‘narrator’ had a monotone voice as it was a hard hitting story and was very emotive. • It had eye witness, actual footage, mode of adress to the viewers, short interviews and link to the studio. Footage from the disaster itself.