Brief Synopsis of Scarlett


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Brief Synopsis of Scarlett

  1. 1. Scarlett By Bethany Bouchareb, Amelia Barrett and Amber Bush
  2. 2. Narrative Theory The narrative theorist we have chosen to follow is Tvzetan Todorov. His theory is: • Equilibrium • Disequilibrium • Recognition of disruption • Attempt to repair disruption • Change to a new equilibrium
  3. 3. Equilibrium The film starts with teenagers walking into a park with alcohol, this is a stereotype for teenagers being rebellious. This is their usual weekend routine therefore is normal. There are 5 teenagers in the park, all very close friends and well acquainted with each other, they are seen mucking around just having a laugh. The boys are acting stereotypically masculine by drinking vodka in comparison to the girls wine and are acting tough, everyone is none the wiser to the night ahead of them of horror. The boys then ask the girls if they want to hear a scary story. The film then moves into a flash forward.
  4. 4. Disequilibrium The disequilibrium starts in the film opening as a flash forward occurs, a scary doll appears in the background and the main character is on her own on the phone to help whilst the doll is in by the swings singing a nursery rhyme, the girl cannot see the doll and this is shown through the point of view of the character, the girl continues on the phone as the doll continues her nursery rhyme and then the line goes dead, you then see the doll standing behind the girl and then she whispers “ready or not here I come” in her ear and then the flash forward ends. It is evident the girls other friends are not there and have been killed, which makes the audience want to watch the film to find out what has happened to them.
  5. 5. Disequilibrium continued The disequilibrium for the entire film is the doll kills all of the girls friends off one by one.
  6. 6. Recognition of Disruption The first friend disappears (a girl)with a boy and the girls worry, however the boys being masculine do not worry and make jokes about it about how they have most likely disappeared to have sex. One of the boys jokes about it being due to the scary story previously told, which the girls don’t like. The boy returns who left previously without the girl and worry begins to spark. The girl dies first as in horror films girls are more vulnerable. The swing begins to sway and the nursery rhyme can be heard around them, this is a signal that the doll is ready to get the next victim. The scary story told previously was true about the doll and is shown throughout the film in various flashbacks to the beginning. The teenagers realize the story is real and therefore form a recognition of the disruption.
  7. 7. Attempt to Repair Disruption Knowing that the story is true, the remaining friends go on a search for their missing friends and consequently get killed off one by one. Bodies are never left by the doll and therefore it is difficult to found them. The disruption is only repaired when the survivor kills the doll, the doll can only be seen right before it kills. The survivor kills the doll and then a new equilibrium is formed.
  8. 8. Change to a new Equilibrium The survivor is panting at the end and crying, the dolls head could have more cracks in it before and as the girl wipes her face from sweat she walks away. As the girl walks out the park she walks away to her home slowly turning into a run. There is a shot of the dolls face, this shot is prolonged for longer than usual and in the background you can see the girls feet running away in the background. The camera slowly zooms in on the dolls closed eyes and then suddenly, they snap open with quiet echoed laughter.