Module 6 Broot


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Teaching Special Education

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Module 6 Broot

  1. 1. By: Bethany Root Teaching with Technology Special Needs Students
  2. 2. Menu Useful Websites: Designing By Special Needs Students www.setb Article Info Article Info My Thoughts www.brig Virtual Environments Article Info education/s Article Info pecial.aspx My Thoughts Technology Teachers www.iste. Article Info org/setsig Article Info My Thoughts Resources Teaching Technology
  3. 3. Designing by Special Needs Students Teachers Objectives • Have students critically • Have students design their analyze thoughts and ideas own game with instructions • Make sure every child has a • Have them produce their voice & idea games to sell at school • Teamwork lunch • Use computers to record and • Keep all receipts to record organize information • Allow them to work through and total the information the process with their own ideas to have real world connections
  4. 4. Designing by Special Needs Students Project - A Class Game Designing, planning, producing a new product Design Process: Verbalize all ideas Write down ideas Question all ideas presented Creating the game in teams Decide as a group which ideas are best for each group’s game Planning: Set goals Decisions: price, materials involved Enter group information in the computer Production: Discuss safety issues for producing game materials Keeping special need’s Create positions for production process students interest - Use real life lessons directly relates to how Ex. Fire complainers Play! hard they work
  5. 5. Designing by Special Needs Students Using technology If I were to use this in my This article in the will help them “Technology classroom I would: develop Teacher” journal by Ronald D. Yuiil networking skills was a great and will give example of project learning. them feedback Have students Teach their from observers record games to Include power themselves younger points to playing their students Good Life create a visual games to post of the games on YouTube Skills
  6. 6. Virtual Environments Education Uses: Supporting Learning and Communication in Special Representation of objects and environments Needs Education Reality and super-reality Educational use three- understanding operations dimensional Different viewpoints (3D) simulated digital or “virtual” explore environments and machines environments behavioral Potential Application: Improving accessibility Characteristics replicating some Mobility Learning aspect of real-world Rehabilitation Assessment Ex. doors opening, door chime Given a joystick to navigate
  7. 7. Virtual Environments Supporting Learning and Communication in Special Needs Education • Teaching science relating to physics & chemistry Press to play • VE world produces better results than standard teaching strategy • Provides a safe place for learning -Practicing being in a courtroom -Kitchen skills • Brings outside world into the classroom
  8. 8. Virtual Environments Supporting Learning and Communication in Special Needs Education Can be used to create tasks ex. grocery shopping riding the bus VE technology will be a great asset for special needs students and will focus on real world skills in a comfortable environment Control and interaction shift from teacher-initiated to student – initiated
  9. 9. Technology education Equal access to technology programs must be given to Special Needs Students Provides functional hands on learning Successful Approaches authentic direct engagement real life situations
  10. 10. Preparing technology education Being aware of legal requirements is important when working with special needs students Get Involved Keep Informed of New Technology Acknowledge the Help students to benefit of using achieve classroom technology to goals develop cirriculum
  11. 11. Teaching With Technology Special Needs Students Resources-articles 976c0043e9c82f79efb7297605581dac0f5687d8b99bb&fmt=C Yuill, R. D. Designing by Special Needs Students. Technology Teacher v. 67 no. 8 (May-June 2008) p. 16- 18 976c0043e9c82266e5b452ec04b1e59bce19161b3e4ba&fmt=C Cobb, S. V. G. Virtual Environments Supporting Learning and Communication in Special Needs Education. Topics in Language Disorders v. 27 no. 3 (July-September 2007) p. 211 9a0bf0e6a59b5e171292c5bd381775838dfbb1eb6a44c&fmt=H Evanciew, C. E. P. Preparing Technology Education Teachers to Work with Special Needs Students. The Technology Teacher v. 62 no. 7 (April 2003) p. 7-9