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Bethany richard


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Bethany richard

  2. 2. P RO D U C T: P L U S - S I Z E L I N E BRAND: H&M (HENNES AND MAURITZ) Description: Affordable, stylish, sophisticated fashion inextended sizes made easily accessible. Key Benefits: High-Street Fashion (runway trends adapted for thestreets) “Cheap Chic” Easy Access, in stores year-round
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE: H&M H&M lives by its business concept: “Fashion and quality at the best price.” “One of the first to challenge the retail clothing sector bydelivering fast fashion at low prices.” Offers different concepts for men, women, teenagers andchildren, and includes everything from modern basics to highfashion.
  4. 4. H&M:Combines “cool, organized efficiency” with highfashion vibes.“They have combined good basics with hot-off-the-catwalk designs which keep people talking- all atlow prices."
  5. 5. SECTOR OVERVIEW"To be successful in the world of high-streetfashion, you need to be efficient. The key for the mass-market, low-priced clothing labels is to have the seasonsmust-have in a store faster and cheaper than anyoneelse.” –Innovation LeadersH&M has mastered this concept.
  6. 6. MARKET:Ladies Fashion: 60% of women fall into the basic size category 15 % are considered petite Meanwhile, you still have the 25% who are plus- size…
  7. 7. STRENGTHS Brand Awareness Brand Loyalty Size and Growth Affordable chic for a greater audience. • H&M caters to both men and women of every age, adding extended sizes only makes sense.
  8. 8. WEAKNESSES Zero E-commerce. Buys in large volumes, which cannot all be expected to sell • This means sale items are slashing the cost of already low-priced items. Wide range of customers • This means lack of a target audience to focus efforts on.
  9. 9. COMPETITORS Popular chains that also provide extended sizes for plus-sizeladies: Old Navy, Forever 21, Major Dept. Stores Ladies plus-size specific retailers Lane Bryant, Torrid, Avenue Online boutiques that offer similar style options for plus-sizewomen
  10. 10. THREATS AND CHALLENGES H&M isn’t known to cater to these women.Fashion Stereotypes: • “Fat is not fashionable.” • “Promoting obesity.”
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITIES While stores like Forever 21 carry trendy pieces for plus-sizewomen, the styles can often be too “youthful” or even tacky. Lane Bryant offers more sophisticated options, but designs tend toget “frumpy, dowdy, and bland.” These options are not resonating with all women.
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIES H&M has the ability to meet them halfway with its plus-size line. Offering chic options at a place, not a website. • Online shopping may provide convenience for consumers, but… Women will have the ability to go to a physical store. • See the products in person • Try the only on to assure proper fit
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITIES Identifying need for plus-size fashion Marketing Advantage in a Saturated Industry Increase Brand Value and Awareness within a New Audience Respond to Current Industry Trends
  14. 14. MARKET SEGMENTATION Plus-Size Women Ages 18-40 Thrifty, Stylish Middle Class Interested in fashion trends, conscious about appearance
  15. 15. BENEFITS SOUGHT Clothes that fit their body shape and make them feel beautiful Ability to shop at a popular store with convenience. Chic options Affordable style
  16. 16. VALUES Hedonic. Proper fit, desire for a specific fashionable look. Personal Economic Aesthetic
  17. 17. PERCEPTION/LEARNING H&M is a well-known and loved brand, but has alienatedwomen after a certain size. High Involvement • Consumers attach meaning to their clothes. • Role of fashion and appearance in society.
  18. 18. MOTIVE Purpose: to provide the female plus-size consumer with achic look available at all locations and at an affordable price.
  19. 19. HIERARCHY OF NEEDS: Self-Actualization: High-fashion look. Esteem: Sophisticated and stylish product line. Belongingness & Love: Able to shop at a popular store regardlessof size. Safety & Security: Feeling comfortable in clothing. Physiological Needs: The clothing itself.
  20. 20. H&M’S NEW SIZES: Interest: Self-Expression- provides & promotes self-esteem Image of Brand: Chic and trendy affordable pieces. • Now catering to a curvier audience • Sold at H&M stores throughout the U.S. • Fashionable Clothing • Varied Assortment • Trendy Colors/Feminine Cuts