Detroit SOULcase Event Proposal


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Sponsorship Proposal identifying the benefits of becoming associated with the Detroit SOULcase performance in Austin, TX during SXSW.

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Detroit SOULcase Event Proposal

  1. 1. What is the Detroit SOULcase? And why is it significant?Every year the South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Conferenceintroduces the newest trends in technology, film and music to acommunity of consumer that is not only vocal but also highlyinfluential thus making the opportunity of being a featured talent,brand or product at an SXSW conference to be extremely lucrative.The Detroit SOULcase is a one-of-a-kind event to be hostedduring the 2012 SXSW Music Conference.This SOULcase will introduce Detroit artists and modern brandcampaigns to an eager consumer who is able to “spread the word”at a moment’s notice via their ever-increasing social network.
  2. 2. BethanyEast PR is teaming up with Detroit-based event planners and publicist, including Stellar Business Solutions , Graphics 20/20, and MASH Media to construct the first ever Detroit SOULcase at the South- by-Southwest (SXSW) Conference hosted in Austin, Texas in March 2012. This collective is devoted to promoting Detroit talent and reaching a very connected audience. Having more than 30 years of combined experience in entertainment production, marketing and project management, this team of entrepreneurs, entertainment specialist and tastemakers have hosted events, managed profitable campaigns and introduced new trends to various markets nationwide. The Detroit SOULcase is the collective innovation of our very uniquely creative, but parallel minds. Our goal is quite simple; meet and exceed our audience and sponsors expectations by providing national coverage on brands and Detroit talent and build relationships within a very specific and modern consumer community.Sponsors of the Detroit SOULcase will benefit from a festival-wide marketing & PRcampaign. Our efforts will reach a possible audience of 750,000 + music lovers,nationwide with the heaviest concentration on South-by-ers between the ages of 21 and45. During our event we give you the opportunity to put your brand and productdirectly into the hands of potentially loyal consumers. We know that creating anexperience around your brand ultimately has a profound effect. Depending uponyour level of involvement, your brand and/or advertising message can be seenduring the pre and post execution of DetroitSOULcase. We are targeting urbanconsumers who are actively interested and involved in social scenes and music –and that’s just about everyone! This audience will see your brand/message in adynamic, unique and attentive interactive-environment that will help sell yourproduct or service. We plan to reach your audience via print promotion, radio spots,website, social media and live streaming, hand flyers and branding ambassadors.
  3. 3. The Detroit SOULcase team is dedicated to executing its marketingplan precisely and with extreme professionalism. It is our goal tointroduce trending topics to our audience via a number of popular sites,blogs and news feed including  Social Media SEO Designated Hashtags and Keywords Facebook FanPage Google+ Business Page Twitter Foursquare for concert check-in  Co-op Marketing Dual brand exposure in popular nationally recognized events  Print and Billboard Advertising Purchased Ad space in popular newspapers and magazines 6-story billboard space located in heavy traffic, downtown Detroit are  Product Placement Brand ambassadors represent your brand at every SOULcase event  Event broadcasting, Austin-to-Detroit and the World Edited video pushed to all social media sites All sponsors will be listed before or after edited performances  LIVE Streaming Video of performances LIVE, un-edited stream can be viewed on Facebook and Google+ via  Promotional packets and gift bags  Web banners, video teasers, blogs and online calendars Event promotion and marketing at its best, features in top industry blogs and sites.
  4. 4. By the numbers… Music Conference, Austin, TX, March 11-15, 2012 2009 – Registered Participants, 27k• 11,687 music conference participants• Representation from 49 foreign countries• 1987 showcasing acts• Media coverage of SXSW in 2009 was valued at $17.6 million. 2010 – Registered Participants, 31k• 13,020 registered music participants from 49 foreign countries• Music trade show attendance of 19,400• Indirectly and directly injected $99 million in the Austin, TX economy• 2,310 music media personnel in attendance• 39,738 room nights booked in 56 official hotels 2011 – Registered Participants, 45k• 71% of registrants between the ages of 21 and 40• 60% of registrants have incomes between $35k to $150k• 2,941 music media personnel in attendance• 19% of music conference registrants are International citizens 60% growth over 3 years and multi-medium international media coverage create having representation during SXSW a lucrative opportunity. 4
  5. 5. • Media coverage includes radio, television, newspaper and potential video production of the event for a combined value of approximately $15,000*. • Banners: Your company logo/name will be prominently displayed on banners surrounding the perimeter of the event location, where all the action occurs. Banners are viewed by up to 15,000 spectators around the event and a capacity of 300 people within the event. They are likely to appear in event video, photographs, local media coverage and be distributed via the social media networks of event attendees. • Logo promotion: Your company logo will be distinctly displayed on event shirts, free music discs, free music download sites, event websites and social media sites, press releases, posters, flyers and other promotional material • Sound promotion: Your Company will be presented on high profile local radio stations leading up to the event, and will be mentioned at frequent intervals throughout the event. • On-site product display and further sales opportunities for your company are available • *Media value based on minimum coverage of the 2010 SXSW Conference, held in Austin, TX. Cold Men YoungSaxAppeal
  6. 6. • Your company logo/name banners prominently displayed within the event location • Logo promotion: Your company logos will be distinctly displayed on event shirts , advertising, event website, posters, flyers and other promotional materials • Sound promotion: Your company will be presented at frequent intervals throughout the event • On-site product display and further sales opportunities for your company are available • Specialized Brand Ambassador will personally introduce your brand to Austin audience membersPato Margetic B!TCHLY Bizness • Logo promotion: Your company logos will be distinctly displayed on event shirts, advertising, event website, posters, flyers and other promotional materials • On-site product display and further sales opportunities for your company are available • Placement on all billboard, print and internet ads • Promotional material, swag, given away to all Detroit audience members • Specialised Brand Ambassadors will personally introduce your brand to Detroit audience members. 6
  7. 7. • Logo promotion: Your company logos will be distinctly displayed on event shirts, free download promotional flyers, event websites, posters, flyers and other promotional materials. • Promo items at all Detroit-based events Off-Rip *TENTATIVE & APPROXIMATEMarketing Materials $4,000 Banners, Flyers, Posters  Promo photo shoot Web Banners  Video TeasersSwag, Give-Aways $3,500 T shirts  Stickers Compilation CD  Mini ButtonsVenue Costs  River Place Bar, Detroit, MI $2,500• The Old School Bar, Austin, TX  5E Gallery, Detroit, MI  Throwback Media Studios, Detroit, MIPromotional Campaign $5,500 Ad space on Blogs  Wurlitzer Bldg. Ad Space, Social Media Marketing Detroit, MIStaff $6,350 Brand Ambassadors  Intern Venue Security  On site photo/videographerSound Equipment/Deejay $2,500Headliner Talent Hospitality $7,800 Travel and Headliner is yet to be announced Accommodations for headlining talentAccommodations/Storage $500Misc. Expenses $2,500 TOTAL $35,150
  8. 8. The Detroit SOULcase roster of performers boast a combined fan base BTCHLYBizness of approximately 300k music lovers Grammy Winning Artist Royce da who stay connected with them via 5’9 • Facebook, J Tait • Twitter, John Regal (aka Illa J) • Tumblr, Gwenation • Youtube • and other popular social networks RenCen Coolbeanz ColdMenYoung Jessica Care Moore Off Rip Black Milk Gwenation Pato Margetic FLUXphonic Miss Korona Robo Robb Dwele Nametag D-RickBlackMilk Featuring SaxAppeal Band and Guest DJ (Grammy nominated artist) DWELE* Jessica Care MooreRoyce da 5’9 10
  9. 9. Renaissance Benefits of Boulevard Harmonie Midtown Sponsorship BelleDemonstration or display opportunities *Introductions to celebrities, photo ops * *Opportunity to provide inserts to event-based socialmedia blasts * *Designated Brand Ambassadors solely promoting yourbrand or product * *Social media mentions and hashtags promotingsponsorship of events * *On-site product sampling opportunities * * *Donation of sponsorship revenue to designated charity * * *Database marketing – access to event-generateddatabase for direct mailing * * * *Hospitality – tickets to the events * * * *Inclusion in all media releases and other mediacontacts * * * * *Signage on banners, marketing materials and websites * * * * *Coupons or advertising on the reverse side of eventflyers * *Brand Placement on 6-story leased advertisingspace in high traffic Detroit area * * * * *
  10. 10. Contact information To become a sponsor of the Detroit SOULcase or to seek out other opportunities within the showcase please do not hesitate to contact us.  BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting  Christian Reed   313-355-3701  Stellar Business Solutions  Andrea Adams, Sponsorship Coordinator/PR  313-525-0197The information contained in this proposal is highly confidential and is intended solely for the use of theindividual(s) to whom this communication is directed. If you are not the intended recipient, you are herebynotified that any viewing, copying, disclosure or distribution of this information is prohibited. Please notifythe sender, by electronic mail or telephone, of any unintended receipt and delete the original messagewithout making any copies.