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Media evaluation.


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media powerpoint for evalutation of my coursework

Published in: Education
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Media evaluation.

  1. 1. Coursework<br /> evaluation<br />By Bethany Allen..<br />
  2. 2. My project aim was to create a magazine. The audience I selected was an audience between the age range of 15-19 and it would be for females and feature news on celebrities, keep them up to date on fashion and also introduce new artists of the musical world. I worked alone on this project. Which meant I had to gather all my own pictures, arrange for someone to model for my feature article as a new upcoming artist and to write the article on my own, create my own contents page and front cover and to also research for my magazine in order to make it successful.<br />
  3. 3. My magazine represents younger females. It features the artists they want to see and want to be like, such as Rihanna. The writing is eye catching and represents the magazine as being youthful and fun. However the artist on the front cover is actually a new and upcoming artist who breaks stereotypes of other musical artists in the media. She in the shot is wearing simple high street clothes which any teenager could easily afford too buy. She just looks like a normal teenager meaning that more teenagers can aspire to be like her.<br />
  4. 4. The media institution I decided would probably distribute my magazine are bauer. Because they have other magazine aimed at my age group just for females and with these other magazines which they have taken under their label and distributed have sold millions of copies worldwide. Showing that their magazines are obviously successful and are recognised and in demand by the consumers.<br />
  5. 5. The target audience for my project is for females of 15-19years old of any ethnicity and is for a woman however of a British nationality. It is for those of middle or working class and will be made cheap and affordable for young females. Celebrities featured for my target audience are for those who like Rihanna, Adele, Nicki Minaj etc. So basically big names of female music at the moment. This is a good audience as there will be a lot of teenagers of this age willing to buy a magazine featuring the things that my magazine breakout actually features this is a potentially large mass audience for my product! They are right for my product financially because it is a magazine made affordable enough to be bought even just be a weekly dose of pocket money. So it is easily accessible material. I could have secondary audiences of younger children or older people perhaps reading it or even someone just buying it for their love of a celebrity they like being featured as there is a wide range of artists featured. <br />
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  8. 8. With the technologies I have used I have found editing photos so they are perfect and doing tasks such as cropping them and getting the lighting exactly how you wanted it for highlights on the pictures was rather time consuming and took a lot of messing around with to get perfect. However I found that the software of in-design was actually pretty straight forward and easy to use in the overall creation of my magazine. It was perfect for creating the pages for my magazine and was easy enough to understand. Also I found it hard sometimes for my pictures to end up fitting my page without them becoming distorted limiting what I could do with my pictures. I think I could have redone the contents page as it wasn’t as full as I wanted it to be and also I think if I could redo the front page I would have made it stand out more, be more different and out there too grab the eyes and attention of my particular audience. <br />
  9. 9. In the progression of my project I have learnt to leave myself more time to accomplish certain tasks and I also learnt that now I wish I would have been more daring with my magazine ideas and have been a bit more adventurous within the aspect of things I have actually done and made a magazine completely different to any others on the market now. I would have used more bright bold colours, my photos would have been done in a studio so and then I could have so much more control over the harshness and softness of the lighting. And it would overall have been a lot more eye catching.<br />
  10. 10. In conclusion I believe the strengths of my project have to be my double page spread I was really pleased with my layout, use of quotes, the pictures used for the article and also with the wording within my article as it fit my target audience. I was pleased with the turning out of the front cover and how my image fit really well. The colour scheme was well matching. However the only problem I found was my contents page looked a little bit cheap and boring and wouldn’t really grab much attention or WOW my audience perhaps.<br />