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Online marketing showcase


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Examples of good library/archive online marketing, shared with participants at the LMD Marketing Section breakfast

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Online marketing showcase

  1. 1. Online Marketing Showcase SLA 2012, Chicago LMD Marketing Division Breakfast
  2. 2. Kansas City Public Library - PinterestKansas City Public Library ran a contest for patrons to ‘pin their perfect library’ during NationalLibrary Week:
  3. 3. Cambridge UniversityLibrary – Google+Liberal use of attractiveimages from theircollections make theCambridge UniversityLibrary Google+ feedwelcoming , interesting,and visually pleasing.
  4. 4. National Library of Latvia - websiteThe children’s web portal from the National Library ofLatvia offers an interactive interface in which figuresand animals appear in the tree.The attractive designs continue past the front page
  5. 5. Staff at NCSU libraries decided to shake-up the library induction by challenging students to a scavenger hunt. Using handouts, Evernote, and Google Docs they got students navigating the library, talking to librarians- and photographing the evidence!NCSU Libraries: MobileScavenger Hunt ke_MCIG_ALA.pdf
  6. 6. King’s College,Cambridge –virtual tourThis virtual tour givesusers a chance to lookinside a historic library,usually closed to thepublic.Users can move freelyaround the library, andclick on question marksfor interesting snippetsabout library history –and unusual holdings!
  7. 7. University of Alberta Libraries - YouTubeClick the screenshot to view this engaging and professional-looking video introduction to the librarians of the University of Alberta libraries
  8. 8. Bodleian Library,University ofOxford - app The Treasures of the Bodleian is a free app (for iPhone, iPad and Android devices) which allows users to explore some of the holdings of the world-famous Bodleian Library. The app is packed with information, images, videos, podcasts, and users are invited to contribute to the debate ‘what is a treasure?’
  9. 9. Orkney Library & Archive – Facebook and Twitterhttp://www.facebook. http://twitter.comcom/orkneylibraryand /OrkneyLibraryarchive Orkney Library and Archive have won prizes for their irreverent and amusing social media presences. They’re excellent at effectively linking current events to library staff and stock, and posting interesting, unusual, and amusing items.
  10. 10. National Archivesand RecordsAdministration -appThe Today’s Documentfree app from theNational Archives containsimages of and informationabout fascinating itemsfrom the NationalArchives. Users can sharedocuments with friends,get further informationabout the document, andsearch for dates and itemsof interest.
  11. 11. The University of Huddersfield - gaming
  12. 12. Lycoming College - gamingGoblin Threat uses a flash game to help students learn the basics of plagiarism
  13. 13. Duke University Libraries - bloggingAn award-winning blog, providing information and insight about scholarly communications, copyright, and publications:
  14. 14. Carnegie Library ofPittsburgh - blogging A witty, entertaining and attractive blog (and another award winner) from staff at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Staff also run podcasts.