Developing yourself to empower others: professional development and CPD23


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Presentation on how to make the most of personal development opportunities gained from helping to develop others. Given at #cilips CILIP Scotland Conference, June 2013

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Developing yourself to empower others: professional development and CPD23

  1. 1. Bethan Ruddock, Mimas @bethanar CILIPS 2013 #cilips2103 Developing yourself to empower others: professional development and CPD23.
  2. 2. Helping others with their CPD can be CPD for you
  3. 3. The New Professional’s Toolkit Aimed at new library & archive professionals, but relevant to anyone who wants to think about upskilling or professional development Over 50 case studies from information professionals around the world Chapters on project management; teaching, training & communicating; meeting users’ needs & measuring success; marketing & engaging stakeholders; using technology; funding & doing more with less; budgets; ethics and copyright; professional development; networking; and professional involvement. What is it?
  4. 4. The New Professional’s Toolkit Knowledge of library and information sector What skills/knowledge are needed? Who can write about them? Expanded network Organisation and project management Managing year-long project Collaborating virtually, with contributors from all over the world While having a full-time job Writing, editorial, and indexing skills Largest single piece of work Editing contributions – finding right balance Indexing Benefits?
  5. 5. CILIP Future Skills Project What is it? CILIP Future Skills project: Review knowledge and skills base Revise accreditation model Review qualifications structure Engage with employers Project board to oversee the delivery of the project, ensuring it meets key aims and that activities are achieved within time, budget, & risk parameters
  6. 6. CILIP Future Skills Project Chance to have input into future of profession Better knowledge of CILIP’s offerings and attitudes Experience of working on a well-run PRINCE II project Benefits? Working with board Experience of working with mixture of high-level people Talented, inspiring Expanding personal/professional network
  7. 7. 23 things for professional development: CPD23 23 things programmes First ‘23 things’ program ran at Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County in 2006, titled ‘learning 2.0’. About learning through play and exploration Small chunks of learning to fit into busy schedules Why 23 things? Fitted the needs/constraints of the original programme About online tools, using online tools – blogs, podcasts, images etc People have been adapting it ever since – including for professional development What is it?
  8. 8. 23 things for professional development: CPD23 What is it? How does it work? Self-paced, online format meant accessible to anyone with an internet connection Enabled worldwide participation Officially ‘ran’ twice But all of the information is still up on the blog, and anyone can pick it up at any time Cohort & networking Encouraged to tweet and comment on other’s blog posts Plus face-to-face meetups Know can be hard to find time for CPD – help people to plan and structure
  9. 9. 23 things for professional development: CPD23 What is it? Which things? Blogging, commenting, personal brand, current awareness, reflective practice, online networks, face-to-face networks, organising yourself, CPD at different career stages, librarianship training options, mentoring, social media, filesharing and collaboration, organising references, conferences and presenting, advocacy, podcasts and vodcasts, career paths, promoting yourself, volunteering, career planning
  10. 10. 23 things for professional development: CPD23 Benefits? Working with such a proactive, enthusiastic group of professionals. The project involved a lot of work, but the way everyone pulled together and worked on the tasks which utilised their strengths was fantastic and made it a really enjoyable experience. Skills developed: Collaborative working Virtual communication (e.g. joining in meetings via Google Docs chat) Time management of self and others (e.g. ensuring guest blog posts are ready well in advance) Using Blogger Jo Alcock
  11. 11. 23 things for professional development: CPD23 Benefits? Delegation: when to do it, and how to give instructions to other people so that the delegation goes smoothly for both. Teaching/training skills: never assume anything about the starting levels of people who might get involved as participants in something like this, other than to assume there'll be a huge range! Katie Birkwood
  12. 12. 23 things for professional development: CPD23 Benefits? Broadening my professional circle, boosting confidence, pure enjoyment of working with a great team! Niamh Tumelty
  13. 13. Getting the most out of developing others Anything you do that involves teaching, training, instructing, coaching, mentoring will have benefits for everyone involved. Maximise your benefits by choosing activities that give you new/relevant skills and experience; reflecting on your experiences; taking note of feedback (including the good!); taking on challenges; being open to learning Image used under CC licence from
  14. 14. Image used under a CC licence from Reflection doesn’t always show you what you expected to see
  15. 15. 03/07/2013 16 New Professional’s Toolkit: CILIP Future Skills Project: us/future-skills-project/pages/default.aspx CPD 23: Article in SCONUL focus: 17_9.pdf @bethanar