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Alternative careers


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Slides for a webinar

Published in: Education, Technology
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Alternative careers

  1. 1. Alternative careersSLA LMD webinar series, Jan 2012 #lmdcpdBethan Ruddock, Mimas@bethanar bethan.ruddock@gmail.com
  2. 2. Bethan Ruddock Content Development Officer, Library andArchival Services, MimasThe University of Manchester
  3. 3. Bethan RuddockCopac Challenge FundSupport Officer, MimasThe University of Manchester
  4. 4. What is ‘alternative’?• Same job, different sector• Same sector, different job• Different job, different sector• ... anything you want it to be!
  5. 5. What is ‘alternative’?• Might not be called ‘librarian’ • Or archivist, records manager, knowledge manager• Might not be in a library• Will use your librarian skills • And require you to learn new ones• Might be in a library • But a different sort of library Image used under a CC licence from
  6. 6. Image used under a CC licence from
  7. 7. TechnologyImage used under a CC licence from
  8. 8. Research Image used under a CC licence from
  9. 9. What do we do?• Take in data from major UK libraries and archives, and make it searchable from a single interface• But not just the major libraries/archives! Specialist/underused too, eg: St Paul’s Cathedral Architectural Archive; the Freshwater Biological Association; the library at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle; the library of the Royal Botanic gardens, Kew, and the archive of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Edinburgh; the Met Office; the Scottish Brewing Archive; the Royal College of Surgeons of England; the library of the Society of Friends; the archives of the British Postal Museum.
  10. 10. The techy stuff
  11. 11. The techy stuff• HTML• XML• XSLT• UNIX• json• Javascript• Linked Data• Learning to code with CodeAcademy
  12. 12. Linked Data WasWrittenBy CharlesBleak House Dickens Wrote Subject: Bleak House Predicate: WasWrittenBy Object: Charles Dickens Subject > Predicate > Object
  13. 13. The people stuff• Teaching/training • Archivists • Archive students• Conferences • Working stands • Attending as delegate • Giving presentations • On panels • Giving posters
  14. 14. The people stuff
  15. 15. Communication Since joining Mimas, I’ve:• Given 5 conference presentations• Been on 4 conference panels• Given 2 conference posters• Authored/co-authored 11 journal/magazine articles• Written regularly for 5 blogs, and guest-blogged on others• Written a book Image used under a CC licence from
  16. 16. release April 2012 release May 2012
  17. 17. The traditional stuffImage used under a CC licence from
  18. 18. My job requires me to be...• A good communicator • Face to face • In writing- various styles • Teach & train• Technically literate • Enough to know what can and can’t be done, and work with programmers• Flexible • Work on different projects & need to switch quickly• Willing to learn • Don’t be scared of trying new things – always ready to have a go• Proactive • I need to identify and take opportunities• An expert • And willing to use that expertise Image used under a CC licence from
  19. 19. Finding an alternative career• Decide what you want to do!• Skills audit • What can you do? • What do you enjoy doing? • How can you do more of the stuff you enjoy? • Tools: learn/members/competenci es/index.cfm • resources/toolkit/index.cfm Image used under a CC licence from
  20. 20. Finding an alternative career• Look beyond “librar*” • Information • Communication • Research • Training • Data handling • Outreach • Support • MetadataImage used under a CC licence from
  21. 21. Where to look?• Job sites • Library/information-specific • Sector-specific (eg Higher Ed, Legal) • • non-librarian-jobs-for-librarians/ •• Recruitment agents• Your network
  22. 22. What to look for?• Think about your skills• Think about your interests • Where would you like to work? • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? • Disney Animation Research Library? • San Diego Zoo? • The Pentagon? • Eton College? • What would you like to specialise in? • Manga? • Film? • Orchestral music? • Botany? Image used under a CC licence from
  23. 23. Use your contacts• Build good professional networks • Be generous – give and receive • Ask them about their workplace• Make new contacts • Talk to people at conferences • Talk to vendors in the exhibit hall• Talk to friends and family Image used under a CC licence from
  24. 24. Get that application right• The application is your chance to show how flexible, adaptable, and knowledgeable an info pro can be• Use all of the information you can find about yourself and the organisation• Include as many examples as possible • From whatever source• Don’t use librarian/info pro/sector jargon!• Prepare to be Googled • Have a good online reputation that showcases your professional skills
  25. 25. Get that application right• The application is your chance to show how flexible, adaptable, and knowledgeable an info pro can be• Tailor your application to that job. • Speak the language of the organisation – align yourself with them• Address all essential requirements • Address as many ‘desirable’ requirements as you can• Be explicit, not implicit. • Don’t expect them to make the connections between your experience and their needs – lay it out for them.• Be brave! A job application costs you nothing, except a little time and effort, and the rewards can be huge.
  26. 26. • Soulla Stylianou• BSc Hons, Information Science• Client Director, Daden Ltd • Virtual Worlds and AI solutions provider • Virtual Library of Birmingham in Second Life • HR/management • Proposals/press releases/social media • Account management • Negotiation• Skills: • Research • Finding resources • Using Boolean logic • Writing copy
  27. 27. • Jo Alcock• MScEcon Information and Library Studies• Evidence Based Researcher, Evidence Base, Birmingham City University • Research • Evaluation • Consultancy • Project work • Funding/bids/proposals• Skills • Project management • Research skills • Technology/software
  28. 28. • Wendy Padley• MSc Library and Information Skills• Academic Research Assistant, Health and Life Sciences Faculty, De Montfort University • Information gathering • Information synthesis • Bid writing • Data management & storage • Clinical systematic reviews• Skills • Information handling • Analytical skills • Writing skills • Data handling
  29. 29. And finally...• Keep an open mind • And a wide field of view• Talk to people • Be polite and generous, and they’ll want to talk to you• Align with the organization • Speak their language, refer to their values• Don’t be scared! • Believe in yourself • Take a chance Image used under a CC licence from
  30. 30. @bethanar used under a CC licence from
  31. 31. Thursday, February 23, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST• “Content Negotiation” with Barbara Hirsch”Thursday, March 29, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST• “Mining Enterprise Assets: Another Role for Info Pros” with Deb Hunt, SLA President-Elect 2012 Virtual Professional Development Series