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Evaluation 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation 1

  1. 1. Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products?
  3. 3. Conventions of Indie Genre In Music Videos• Appearance of the artist• Lyrics of the song influences the narrative• The editing fits in with the pace of the song• The clothing is usually dark to compliment the negative mood• Typical rock instruments are used, e.g. guitars, keyboards etc.• Lip syncing to increase authenticity• Staging as the main location
  4. 4. Conforming or Challenging?The video conformed to the generic conventions as the artist was the main focusthroughout. The cuts were edited so that they fitted in with the pace of the song in orderto compliment the track and to also just simply make the video more eye-catching.Most Indie music videos usually have a dull, greyish tone or are edited to create a sepiaeffect. A black and white effect was used in some of the shots, where I manipulated thebrightness and contrast to achieve it. We challenged the conventions by not includingany instruments and not using a stage as the main location, with a band performing thesong. The reason for that choice was because it would not have that much of an impactand did not suit the narrative. Minimal amount of performance shots were also used as Ifelt that various captivating shots such us the artist in the white dress, were moresignificant.
  5. 5. Shots that followed the generic conventions of an Indie music video
  6. 6. Shots that challenged the generic conventions of an Indie music video
  7. 7. The main intention to produce the music video wasto capture our target audience by creating anengaging whilst applying the generic convention ofan indie/rock music video. To do this, weresearched various videos of that particular genreand found that they had many elements in commonincluding long shot performance shots of the artistssinging their song.One particular video of an Indie genre stood out;The Shins – Simple Song as the artists used homevideos and clips of the past to reflect on the positivemoments of the past. To make this clear to theaudience a filter was used in the transactions toproduce an „old moving image‟ effect, which issimilar to the filter we selected for the beginningpart of our video in order to achieve that sameresult.
  8. 8. Our ideas also came from othergenres such as Pop and Dubstep. Onemain music video gave us Pink –Sober, a certain scene caught our eyewhich involved the artist being in acomplete white room and with thiswe decided to incorporate a similarstyle to our piece. I noticed the waythe artist moved her body; the ridgedstiff movements to keep the intensitythroughout the music video.
  9. 9. The beginning part of the music video features a 15second, anecdote-like, mini movie. There isn‟t anysound when this is being played in order for theaudience to have their full focus on what is beingshown. The „old movie‟ effect used was to illustratethat this is in a different time period to the clipswhere the artist seems to be in an irrational state.The objective for this was for it to show thedifference between the person she was in thepast, to who she is now.The scene of the artist in a subway tunnel followedafter the „happy‟ shots consists of the troubledcharacter staggering into a narrow setting. This longshot and the horizontal and vertical lines on the wallencourage this and the fact the entrance appearssmall, represents her feelings. I like the end resultsof these shots and I feel that the aims for this wereaccomplished.
  10. 10. The use of repetitiveness of this shotemphasizes the intensity and builds up thetension as the audience cannot see her lipsyncing, provoking a sense of anxiety. Theblack and white effect also provides aclassical effect whilst keeping in theme of thenegative mood. The shot is a constantreminder for the audience of the characters‟anguish. I feel that the aim for this wassuccessful, however it may have been betterif I had used close up shots of other featuresas well.
  11. 11. The artist dressed in black (connotes fear, mystery, death) is being followed by characters in masks, each presenting a different emotion. Increasing the contrast creates a clinical effect; as if she‟s in a mental hospital. I wanted the scene to look like she‟s paranoid, schizophrenic and suffering from hallucinations, and I feel that this was achieved.The contrast between thelong, clean, white dress against thedirty surroundings makes it seemas if she does not belonghere, however her mental state andexaggerated make-up does theopposite. This does follow thegenre conventions of an Indiemusic video as they usually consistof dark imagery in order to suit theoften negative lyrics.
  12. 12. Andrew GoodwinAndrew Goodwin suggested that in all music video‟s, there is a relationship betweenlyrics and visuals and how the lyrics are represented with images (eitherillustrative, amplifying, contradicting). Our music video falls under all the firstcategory as the lyrics “Leave young thing alone” “Anytime she goes away” wasillustrated but in a more symbolic way. Her „going away‟ is a metaphor for how she isfeeling emotionally. “There is frequently reference to notion of looking (screens withinscreens, mirrors, stages, etc.) and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the femalebody.” This representation was not the case in our video, in fact it was more of theopposite. The female in the video appears as a weak, insecure woman, not the typicalconfident, sexual female that is usually portrayed in music videos.