Best Practices: Merge by Topics


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A series of best practices: naming conventions to facilitate merge by topics

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Best Practices: Merge by Topics

  1. 1. Merge By Topics Best Practices 1
  2. 2. There is no naming convention 2 Current Situation
  3. 3. Current Situation 3 It’s not possible to merge by topics easily
  4. 4. 4 • Changesets of New Features on Dev branch Format: [F<Feature ID>][US<User Story ID>][T<Task ID>] – <User Comments> • Bug fixes related to a Feature on Dev branch Format: [F<Feature ID>][US<User Story ID>][B<Bug ID>] – <User Comments> Example : [F75387][US75500][B76709] – User created in the Registration confirmation screen • Bug fixes from Production Format: [B<Bug ID>] - <User Comments> Naming Convention - Check In
  5. 5. Naming Convention - Merge • Merges by Features from Dev to Int Format: [F<Feature ID>][US<User Story ID>]Merge Dev -> Int Example : [F75387][US75500]Merge Dev -> Int • Merges by Features from Int to Prod Format:[F<Feature ID>][US<User Story ID>]Merge Int -> Prod Example : [F75387][US75500]Merge Int-> Prod 5
  6. 6. When Merge ? 6 • Merges should be done by Feature or User Story from Dev -> Int • Merge from Dev -> Int should be done 1. by the Developer responsible of this Feature or User Story 2. when it is complete 3. across all Projects it affects. (ex. Development in Poker.Front, Script in Database, Development in BackOffice) • Merges from Int -> Prod can be done by Feature or User Story as reviewed with QA.
  7. 7. Find out more • On 7
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