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Lessons from the Yamanote Line

Lessons learned from a trip around the Tokyo rail system.

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Lessons from the Yamanote Line

  1. Lessons from the Chris Betcher Yamanote Line
  2. Everything starts witha goal.
  3. Everything starts witha goal.• If you know why you want to go there, going there is less work.
  4. Everything is hardbefore its easy.
  5. Everything is hardbefore its easy.• None of us starts out being an expert
  6. We learn by doing.
  7. We learn by doing.• If we dont do things for ourselves, we can never really learn to do them.
  8. Different can bescary.• If the new culture still feels scary, youre probably not part of it yet.
  9. Its ok to be out ofyour depth.
  10. Its ok to be out ofyour depth.• Sometimes you might just have to ask for directions.
  11. Everyone loves thefamiliar.
  12. Everyone loves thefamiliar.• No one likes being out of their comfort zone but the alternative is staying there.
  13. There is power inconnecting.
  14. There is power inconnecting.• If you let them, perfect strangers can be your greatest helpers.
  15. It’s ok for goals tochange.
  16. It’s ok for goals tochange.• If something more worthwhile comes along, be prepared to go after it.
  17. Not everything worksout
  18. Not everything worksout• What we expect and what we get are not always the same thing.
  19. Silly mistakeshappen. Move on.
  20. Silly mistakeshappen. Move on.• Despite our best intentions, sometime we overlook the obvious and fail spectacularly.
  21. The old and the newcan coexist.
  22. The old and the newcan coexist.• In the race to embrace the future, it’s important not to forget the past.
  23. There is alwaysanother way.
  24. There is alwaysanother way.• Detours can be interesting. Dont be afraid to take them.
  25. The more you do it,the better you get.
  26. The more you do it,the better you get.• Everything makes more sense the second time around.
  27. The journey isimportant.
  28. The journey isimportant.• It’s good to have the finishing line in sight, but just getting there can be half the fun.
  29. The destination isimportant too.
  30. The destination isimportant too.• Its important to enjoy the process but don’t forget that sometimes results still matter.
  31. Participating is alwaysbetter than watching.
  32. Participating is alwaysbetter than watching.• Actively getting involved is always better than being a bystander.
  33. Photos taken in Yokohama, Shibuya and TokyoSeptember 18, 2011Photos taken with an iPhone 4Created on Keynote for iPhoneChris Betcher@betchaboy