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Medicine Web update march 2011


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UNSW Medicine Internal Web Update

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Medicine Web update march 2011

  1. 1. Update to Staff<br />Luc Betbeder<br />Medicine Web Refresh 2011<br />
  2. 2. Status Update<br />Background<br />Goals<br />Methodology<br />Results<br />Discussion<br />
  3. 3. Background<br />Existing CMS tool requires a client and is hard use<br />Existing website platform is hard to update to include new features<br />Web refresh initially planned to be complete in 2010 but I decided to wait to see what was happening with the research gateway… sorry<br />We lost momentum<br />We have now been working on this project for 8 months<br />Why refresh?<br />
  4. 4. Goals<br />Refresh all key Medicine Websites in 2011<br />Put a big spotlight on People and projects and re-use news<br />Separate content and presentation layers<br />Provide a development framework that is modular<br />Leverage UNSW Data and Research Gateway profiles<br />Embrace social media and user-generated content<br />What did we set out to do?<br />
  5. 5. Goals<br />A Spotlight on People and Projects<br /><ul><li>Expands our surface area
  6. 6. Promotes our superstars
  7. 7. Exposes our projects</li></ul>Re-use News and Events<br /><ul><li>News and Event content useable across Faculty websites
  8. 8. News content easy to move to Digital signage system</li></li></ul><li>Goals<br />Separate Content and Presentation<br /><ul><li>Easier to update the look and feel
  9. 9. Easier to provide more templates</li></ul>Modular framework<br /><ul><li>Allows micro updates to sites
  10. 10. Leverages community code
  11. 11. Enables code re-use</li></li></ul><li>Goals<br />Leverage UNSW data<br /><ul><li>HR
  12. 12. Res Pubs
  13. 13. Research Gateway</li></ul>Embrace Social Media and User-Generated Content<br /><ul><li>Blog Updates
  14. 14. Twitter
  15. 15. Current Projects and Interests</li></li></ul><li>Methodology<br />Review what is being done with University and other Websites<br />Choose which CMS tool to start working with<br />Prototype using UNSW data from the Research Gateway<br />Engage professional design firm to create two example templates<br />Carry out a Pilot release and test integration and design<br />Wider roll-out to all Faculty websites<br />How are we going about it?<br />
  16. 16. Results<br />Websites are much more People centric…<br />There is more use of Social tools and User generated content…<br />It is easier to re-use content to mash-up composite pages…<br />Higher expectations that current content will be online…<br />Websites will be accessed from a wide range of devices…<br />Review what is being done with University and other Websites…<br />
  17. 17. Results<br />Wanted an Open-source CMS tool to avoid license fees <br />Widely used by large and complex organisations comparable to UNSW Medicine<br />With a large collection of modules already available<br />Easily supportable by us or by the marketplace<br />Selected: Drupal<br />Choose which CMS tool to start working with<br />
  18. 18. Results<br />Drupal<br /><ul><li>7,888 Modules
  19. 19. 947 Themes
  20. 20. 4,265 Developers</li></ul>Sites using Drupal<br /><ul><li>White House
  21. 21. The Economist
  22. 22. UNSW Research Gateway</li></li></ul><li>Results<br />Research Gateway already has done a lot of work to clean up and access core UNSW data sources<br />Data sources include: HR, InfoEd, ResPubs that we have wanted to use for a few years<br />Almost there…<br />We expect to use the Research Gateway people and project profiles in the Medicine Websites on release<br />Prototype using UNSW data from the Research Gateway<br />
  23. 23. Results<br />The refresh needed to deliver an updated design<br />Wanted to have a couple of template options to show site owners<br />Wanted a Sydney-based design firm which understood universities and Drupal<br />Selected: Infinity<br />Experience working with FBE<br />NDARC template almost complete<br />Engage professional design firm to create two example templates<br />
  24. 24. Results<br />NDARC Template<br /><ul><li>9 Page types
  25. 25. 6 core elements
  26. 26. 30+ Modules</li></ul>Page Types<br /><ul><li>Home
  27. 27. About Us
  28. 28. News and Events
  29. 29. People
  30. 30. Projects
  31. 31. Resources
  32. 32. Search Results
  33. 33. Staff Details
  34. 34. Project Details</li></li></ul><li>Results<br />Working with NDARC to release pilot site in Q2<br />Integration with Research Gateway data in progress<br />Design sign-off likely this week<br />Proceeding to template quotes asap for NDARC template<br />Server and Database architecture in progress<br />Carry out a Pilot release and test integration and design<br />
  35. 35. Results<br />Aim to have key Medicine Sites migrated by end of year<br />Faculty Design in progress<br />Deliver Faculty main site in Q3<br />Profiles tool for people available via Research Gateway in April. Any updates made there will be used in Faculty profile.<br />Other key sites from Q3 if no template/design changes required<br />Professional templating service?<br />Wider roll-out to all Faculty websites<br />
  36. 36. Discussion<br />What do you want to talk about?<br />Do you want to see the page types currently completed for NDARC site?<br />Do you want to talk about the Modules that will be available in the first release?<br />Do you want to talk about using the Research Gateway to update People profiles?<br />Do you want to talk about what you can be doing now to get your websites ready?<br />