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Sap labs


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Sap labs

  1. 1. India’s Best Companies forRewards and Recognition 2012 SAP Labs India International Leaders and India’s Foremost in Work – Life Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty Solutions
  2. 2. Our Guiding Principles.. 1 Performance  We promote a culture of Pay for performance.  Our top performers get additional benefits like SOPs, Fellowships, global opportunities and exclusive trainings 2 Governance  We ensure Fairness and Transparency in all our reward mechanisms 3 Employee Inclusion: Design thinking  Our policies are suggested and driven by our employees 4 Strive for continuous improvement  We take constant feedback from our employees through blogs, surveys to provide best in class benefits 5 Innovation  We constantly strive to be innovative in our offerings in order to provide maximum benefits to our employees
  3. 3. The Big Deal … Exclusivity Rewards & Recognition Line of Business Awards Service Awards Managerial Team Awards Leadership Process LOB Awards High Performance Peer Groups Service Awards: For 10th and 15th Anniversary, it includes 10 Days Special Leave and Holiday Package Informal Networks Team Awards : Spot Awards, Peer Awards, Vibrant Team Player / LoB Awards: Best Team, Best Mentor, Best Innovation etc. Events & Celebrations SAP Labs India Awards : The winners get prize money worthSharing &they can use for doing courses from Harvard ,INSEAD etc Information Rs 600000 which Dialogue In addition to rewarding the permanent employees of Labs India, we also reward our contractors through our “Vendor Recognition Program” Each award is decided by an independent committee in order to ensure fairness and transparency SAP Labs India – 27th April 2012 3
  4. 4. Uniqueness of our Benefits…Built byEmployeesCaring for Women employees Extended maternity LeaveEnsuring Work Life Balance Work from home Sabbatical leave Part time work options Flexible working hours SAP Labs India – 27th April 2012 4
  5. 5. Benefits Aligned to StrategySustainabilityElectric car = Green AllowanceHealth for LifeEven our holidays promote diversity ! We encourage employees to pursue higher education Higher Education Leave Floating Holidays SAP Labs India – 27th April 2012 5
  6. 6. One Stop for all our Policies…Our policies are driven by employees and we take constant feedback for improvement through our open blogs ,town hall meetings and employee survey SAP Labs India – 27th April 2012 6
  7. 7. Thank You