Vijay Anand - Intuit India. Best Workplaces Conference- August 2012


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Vijay Anand - Intuit India. Best Workplaces Conference- August 2012

  1. 1. Building one of India’s best companies to workVijay Anand, Intuit India peopleIntuit Confidential 1 1
  2. 2. E+C=S
  3. 3. Build the precursor to the world wide web – AndrewFile System at Transarc Corp, acquired by IBM in ‘93Innovate the first Java Web Application Server atNetDynamics, acquired by Sun Microsystems in ’98Launch Sun’s first digital marketplace platform MarketMaker in ’00 and grow the businessGrow Sun India to be one of Sun’s largest R&D centersin the world by ‘05Transformational change within Oracle India R&D bygetting divisions to work together for the customerLead Intuit India to be a top 10 Best Company to Workfor in India
  4. 4. My background• Engineer by training• Leader by accident• Love working with people on a mission• Enjoy delighting the customer
  5. 5. Intuit was founded 30 years ago with a singular vision on a foundation where leaders live the values To be a premier innovative growth company that improves our customers’ financial lives so profoundly… they can’t imagine going back to the old way We serve these end customers “Better Money Outcomes” Financial… making & saving money, grow & profit Consumers Small Businesses Productivity… turning drudgery into time for what matters most …and those who serve them Compliance… without even having to think about it Health Financial Accountants Care Institutions Confidence… from the wisdom & Players experience of others6
  6. 6. Our Values1 Integrity Without Compromise We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards in all we say and do. Our actions and communications are always direct, honest, and transparent.2 Delight Customers We put customers at the heart of everything we do. We work together to deliver end-to-end experiences so profound that customers love using our products and services, and actively recommend them.3 It’s the People We are high-performing people who achieve great things. We embrace personal growth and development, diversity, and teamwork.4 Innovate and Improve We innovate to drive growth, and continuously improve everything we do. We move with speed and agility, and embrace change. We have the courage to take risks, and grow by learning from our successes and failures.5 Own the Outcome We are accountable for our behaviors, actions, and outcomes. We all own the success of the team, and take personal responsibility for delivering great results.6 We Care and Give Back We give back to our communities and the environment. We enable our people to participate and collectively have meaningful impact.
  7. 7. Key Learning• Focus first on delighting the shareholder – Employee morale (engagement) went down – Innovating for the customer (NPS) went down• Focus first on the Employee – Employee engagement went up – Customer delight went up – Shareholder returns went up Emp Engagement + Customer delight = Shareholder return
  8. 8. How do you drive Employee Engagement up?mind-set [mahynd-set] noun – 1. an attitude, disposition, or mood. – 2. an intention or inclination.We are already a Great Place to Work
  9. 9. 110 Intuit Proprietary & Confidential
  10. 10. India Center : Mission Strategic Innovation Center with great talent and deep competencies in critical technologies that delivers innovative products and solutions for global customers Great Place to Work Innovation @ IDC Global EngineeringRecognized as one of the best places to work in A conducive environment that fosters Application of global engineering principlesIndia impactful innovation empowers all teams with e2e ownership of Measured by: outcomesMeasured by: 1. 80 % able to utilize UT towards Measured by:1. Employee Engagement > 85 impactful outcomes 1. All BUs conform to the global engineering2. In the top 25 great places to work in India 2. 1-2 new product innovations from principles IDC 2. Sharing and adoption of best practices Enabled by Impactful Communication Communication that helps me stay inspired, productive and connected Take advantage of co-location and deep local expertise to seamlessly collaborate, learn and share across Centers of Excellence (CoE) teams Inspiring and diverse working environment where everyone lives the Intuit values Best Work Environment
  11. 11. Action Learning Team - GPTW HR IT Finance APD IFS Learning & Corp txtWeb Development Communication IT IHG FMS CTODev FMS GES Talent WorkplaceAcquisition FMS BIO GES CTODev APD FMS Events CTO FMS Manager CTODevGES CTODev txtWeb GoGreen EMS SPI FMS Operations
  12. 12. Trust Empower Enable Motivate(TEEM)1. Be humble, be transparent- Share my annual employee survey score, verbatim feedback with the team2. Get deep insights - Get VP of Comp & Ben CoE to do focus groups on rewards and recognition3. Learn - Learn best practices from the Top 10 GPTW in India4. Empower and Enable – Action Learning Teams drive critical few priorities5. Communicate, communicate, communicate…
  13. 13. 1. Declare goal. Make it the top priority 2. Get everyone onboard 3. Empower people to drive outcomes 4. Recognize accomplishment but inspect progress closely Celebrate behaviors and outcomes
  14. 14. Building a Culture of Recognition Service Awards Spotlight Awards 5/10-years Recognitions Design Your Workplace Bring yourself to Work Star of the Quarter BU Achievements Recognition Wall of Fame Visual Recognitions Enhanced Employee ExperienceCommunity Champions Leadership Awards Intuit Women Network Technical Excellence Quality & Agile Community Manager of the YearWe Care & Give Back, Go-Green Customer Focus Innovation Community Team Player Developer Community IDC Managers Community Innovation 15
  15. 15. Building a Culture of Learning and Growth Aligning Hiring Practices Internal Mobility to Intuit Culture Enhanced Employee Experience Unstructured Time Collaborative to work environmentInnovate, Learn and Grow 16
  16. 16. Employee Engagement – Up by 10 to 83 #8 in India’s Best Companies to Work for txtWeb Most Innovative Company Most impactful offerings
  17. 17. Employee Quotes… “Earlier my friends and family have not heard of Intuit. Now they congratulate me when they see us in the top 10. I feel so proud.” “I am in sales. Earlier, I had to educate customers on who we are. Now I get calls from them saying they saw us on India’s Best Companies. Nothing we have done to market ourselves so far has proved so inspiring”.
  18. 18. India’s best campus – Jan ‘13 Employee: Intuit is #1 Best Company in IndiaCustomer: All of India’s 10M SMBs are Shareholder: Intuit enjoys premier innovative delighted users growth in the global markets
  19. 19. E+C=S
  20. 20. Thank you