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JM Financial Services

  1. 1. India’s Best Companies forRewards and Recognition 2012 JM Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. International Leaders and India’s Foremost in Work – Life Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty Solutions
  2. 2. What is unique about our R&R philosophy? We reinforce, with our chosen means of recognition, actions and behaviorsthat we most want to see. We give instant appreciation and recognition for exemplary contribution andaccomplishments beyond the call of normal duty Our R & R is not only motivated by profit objectives but encourages peopleto be good humans & colleaguesOur Reward and Recognition philosophy is a reflectionof our values
  3. 3. Our Values……. INTEGRITY CLIENT FOCUS TEAMWORK PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION PERFORMANCEEmployee recognition is our communication tool thatreinforces and rewards the most important outcomesthat our people create for our business 3
  4. 4. Reward and Recognition at JMFSPlatforms for R&R : Regular Contests Informal Recognition across departments Monthly Recognition based on Performance Recognition for Initiatives undertaken and for working beyond the call of duty Annual JMFS Awards program across all departments Awards for long years of serviceOur R & R ensures all employees are covered and isdesigned to bring in an element of surprise andexcitement, which help boost a positive morale in thework environment 4
  5. 5. JM Financial Services Annual Awards Employees who have completed at least 1 year in the organization are eligible to be nominated The award nominations are to be given by the Business leaders, Branch heads and all employees across the firm All nominations are to be supported by facts, data and detail description HR along with Biz Heads and Top Management to review final nomination list of awardees Special award for Individual Biz Excellence Award and Team performance awards – Nominations finalized by Top ManagementAwards presented by the Group Chairman, the CEO & the COO 5
  6. 6. Reward and Recognition initiativesContests Work in pairs Mission Thailand SIP 7500 to Thailand T20 Dwitiya Race against yourself Predict the IndexReward and Recognition platforms: Shooting Star of the month WOW Cards Boundaries and Beyond – Group Awards to recognize initiatives JM Financial Services Awards – Recognizing top performing individuals & teams Long Service Awards – Recognizing dedication and long years of service in the company 6
  7. 7. WOW Cards – A special initiative Employees are encouraged to appreciate their peers and juniors by sending out WOW Cards Employees who collect more than 5 cards can redeem them against gift optionsThis initiative helped increase inter departmentcooperation, teamwork, recognition and appreciation . 7
  8. 8. You never know when a moment and afew sincere words can have an impact ona life.Thank You