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Gptw conference 14_oct2011-hyderabad_final

  1. 1. HyderabadOctober 14, 2011
  2. 2. Ranked 13th amongst Best Companies to Work For (GPTW India2011) Ranked 2nd in Celebrating and Creating Fun at work Ranked 2nd in Professional Services CategoryRanked in the Top 15 Exciting Emerging Cos. to work for(NASSCOM, 2008)Ranked in the Red Herring Global 100 ( 2011) .
  3. 3. AboutCactus  Founded in 2002, in Mumbai  Provide communication solutions to non-native researchers and pharmaceutical companies.  Solutions include scientific and academic editing, translation and transcription, medical writing and English education.  250 Cactizens, across multiple nationalities  Offices in Mumbai, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Seoul & Shanghai
  4. 4. A GreatPlace To Work  Building Culture  Reinforcing Values  Focusing on Happiness  Inspiring Leadership
  5. 5. BuildingCulture “The uniqueness of this organization is that it is able to clearly define who should be working here and what values the company stands for. It is successfully able to project the image of a warm, open, and progressive company. Here, people are given responsibility, encouraged to contribute to the company, and asked to take charge of their own progress” “ Comment from a Cactizen - extracted from GPTW 2011 Report
  6. 6. Culture & Values Booklet Our business How we work How we relate to our team Our values
  7. 7. How culture is defined Designations If you attach great importance to designations, you might feel undervalued at Cactus. Here, designations will not earn you respect. Your capabilities will.
  8. 8. Diversity “Cactus is a cultural melting pot, with a unique mix of talented individuals from across India and abroad. This diversity is something that makes Cactus very special and creates an intellectually stimulating work environment” Quote from a Cactizen – extracted from GPTW 2011 Report
  9. 9. Offsite OffsitesSessions A survey on culture statements Open debate on what we stand for Break out groups make recommendations
  10. 10. Reinforcing Values
  11. 11. Values
  12. 12. Offsite ValueDiscussioChampions Meet people who bring to life our values, n through their work at Cactus Find out what it takes to live our values.
  13. 13. OffsiteDiscussio Offsites n  Do our current values drive decisions?  Have we assigned specific behaviors to the values?  Are values integrated into the hiring, review and reward process?  How should we identify and deal with value breaches?
  14. 14. Happiness Focus “I find Cactus unique for its fun-filled atmosphere, and the interesting work we do. The work culture and ethics are super, and make me feel proud to be associated with Cactus. Employees of all levels interact freely without any airs or superiority complex. I feel free to approach anyone, anytime without hesitations; this enables high comfort levels. The balance of work and fun is great too. I look forward to come to office every morning, which is simply amazing! I am a happier person now!” Quote from a Cactizen – extracted from GPTW 2011 report
  15. 15. Happometer 8.2 8 8 7.8 7.6 7.5 7.4 7.2 7.2 7.2 7 6.9 6.8 6.6 6.4 6.2 Apr/09 Oct/09 Apr/10 Oct/10 Apr/11 Oct/11 Apr/12
  16. 16. Collaborative approach  Vision Community  Minimum Rules  Open Communication  Process Ownership  Pay for Performance
  17. 17. HR HR Initiatives InitiativesIntranet I Owe you Fun @ Work
  18. 18. Fun @Work “Cactus is fun place to work with. I enjoy working here, everyday some other new things get to learn. Organization does a lot for employees. there are many recognition programs for employees like Ace achiever award, value cards etc. To create fun environment HR is always active with some other events, activities, picnics etc.” Extracted from GPTW 2011 Report
  19. 19. Drawing DrawingCompetitionCompetition
  20. 20. Red Day Mummy Red Day Returns Red Day
  21. 21. Collaborative Twin’s approach Day
  22. 22. Cactus Cup (IPL Style)
  23. 23. Cactus ChoirRole ofleaders Indian Wedding
  24. 24. Role ofleaders Inculcating right values Strengthening culture Focusing on employee happiness Having fun Remaining accessible
  25. 25. Focusing Reinforcing on Values HappinessBuilding InspiringCulture A Great Leadership Place To Work