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Developing People Managers at Qualcomm


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Best Workplaces Conference- January 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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Developing People Managers at Qualcomm

  1. 1. Guiding Leaders Along theirPath to Management atQualcomm Anil Jacob
  2. 2. Fortune 500 Company Celebrating more than 25 years of driving the evolution of wireless communications Making wireless more personal, affordable and accessible to people everywhere World’s largest fabless semiconductor company, #1 in wireless Member of the S&P 100 & 500 Indexes 2011 All-America Executive Team Award Winner2
  3. 3. Leading the Semiconductor Industry WIRELESS FABLESS RFIC SEMICONDUCTOR COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY Source: iSuppli for Dec. 20113
  4. 4. Our Business Enabling the next evolution of wireless through…. Technology Licensing Chipsets and System Software Wireless Multimedia Mobile Display Technology
  5. 5. The India Experience5
  6. 6. Evolution
  7. 7. The Future of Learning  Disruptive technologies are creating new tools for learning  Social learning is generating new opportunities for collaboration  Economic changes are altering business and revenue models7
  8. 8. Qualcomm’s Leadership Pipeline: Key Business Drivers Growth depends upon continuous supply of qualified, ready leaders New business models call for increased depth, breadth and diversity of leadership Increased organization complexity drives a need for improved visibility to key talent groups/skill sets Opportunities for development drives employee engagement and retention8
  9. 9. Leadership Pipeline Components Assessment Development Rewards Succession Planning Formal Learning Performance Talent Review Process Programs Management Top Technical Talent On-boarding Leadership Awards Identification Development Planning Visibility Opportunities Top Leader Identification Planned Rotations Talent Profiles Executive Coaching Mentoring VP Assimilation Assessments Talent Committees Affinity Groups9
  10. 10. Qualcomm Manages Key Talent Pools to Ensure a Sufficient Leadership Pipeline  T3 Top Leader Top Technical Specific Skillset Talent Talent Councils10
  11. 11. Qualcomm Leadership Dimensions Model11
  12. 12. Leadership Development Track: Core Flagship Programs Contain Many Blended Learning Components12
  13. 13. Qualcomm’s Emerging Leader Program Framework13
  14. 14. Emerging Leader Program Interactive Webinars14
  15. 15. Emerging Leader Program: Online Community Site15
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. Management Skills Program Day 1. Concepts of leadership Creating an employee development plan Situational leadership Leadership styles and how to use them based on Maturity Learning from Transformation leaders Day 2. Supporting the team Coaching Supporting Delegating Day 3. Interpersonal skills effective conversations Having a Performance Improvement dialogue Video role plays Self awareness (DISC, Leadship effectiveness description)17
  18. 18. Qualcomm’s Other Leadership Development Initiatives (Not Program Based)  Leadership Assessments  Site specific Leadership/Manager Development Plans Individualised  New Executive/Manager Assimilation  New Executive Check-In Process at 90-120 day points  Development Plans  Executive On-boarding  Executive Coaching20
  19. 19. Lessons Learned  Be willing to iterate the process  Shift technology  Do trials to see what works and fits the culture  Use technology to assist with program management – go for learner self management as much as possible  Honor the workload of the employees  Evaluate and measure as you go. Our success case research led us to the following improvements • Educate managers on suggested actions and behaviors to support the participants during and after the program. • Create process for selecting peer mentors with commonalities. • Create additional guidelines around who are the ideal candidates • Provide on-the-job assignments based on content to increase application.21
  20. 20. Thank You!