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Best Wordpress SEO


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Learn best Wordpress SEO at Wordpress SEO Professor.

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Best Wordpress SEO

  1. 1. Website Hierarchy Keyword Rich DomainMeta-title Description(s) Identical Twin KeywordsPage Meta TitlesRelative Content ThemeTagsCategoriesAlt-tag AssetsEstablish overall websitetheme through flawless –consistent keyworddeploymentKeyword Rich Text Anchor Text
  2. 2. Title
  3. 3. DomainNameMeta-TitleMetaDescriptionKeywords
  4. 4. Opening SEO anchor text with keyword(s)Alt-tag image asset
  5. 5. Alt-image tags, breadcrumb trail and anchor text to sub-website pages below
  6. 6. Keyword Rich Breadcrumb TrailHomepage > Internet Marketing > Paid Search Ads
  7. 7. Nestle uses text on trailwhich is smaller thanthe rest of the text onthe page makingnavigation un-intrusive
  8. 8. use of“>” greater than sign
  9. 9. EBay uses colorsto indicatelocation on site!
  10. 10. Example breadcrumb character use‘>’ or ‘>>’ or ‘/’ or ‘____’ or