How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for your Home


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When it comes to blinds, we have you covered. 3 Day Blinds offers quality, customizable blinds in a variety of types and colors. We have been manufacturing our own specialty blinds since 1978, or you can choose from the amazing Hunter Douglas brand with numerous styles to choose from. Visit:

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How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for your Home

  1. 1. How to Choosethe Right BlindsFor Your Home
  2. 2. BlindsWhen it comes to blinds, we have you (and your windows)covered. 3 Day Blinds offers quality, customizable blinds in avariety of types and colors. Shop our own brand of windowblinds, which have been our specialty since 1978, or HunterDouglas, the largest custom-made blinds manufacturer in theworld. Browse our blinds online, visit one of our showrooms,or find a Design Consultant near you for a free in-homedesign consultation.
  3. 3. A classic natural look in 2” or 2 ½” slat sizes in a variety of furniture-inspired finishes.Wood BlindsWood Blinds
  4. 4. OverviewWood Blinds have a timeless appeal with a texture-rich lusterthan warms up any room and completes a design.Wood Blinds from 3 Day Blinds come in 2” or 2 ½” slatsizes, plus classic stains and finishes to coordinate withfurnishings and wall colors. Add a wood valance, decorativetape or cornice to make windows really pop.
  5. 5. Wood Blinds are: Perfect for rooms with natural wood furnishing or flooring Offer precision light and privacy control Custom coverage for arched windows Considered the most classic window covering, showing both styleand good taste.  Warm and inviting, in a way that can make any room feel instantlycomfortable Complementary to many different types of furniture and a widerange of colors. 
  6. 6. Real wood look, perfect for high moisture areas like kitchens and baths.Faux Wood BlindsFaux Wood Blinds
  7. 7. OverviewFaux Wood Blinds offer budget-friendly, durable solutionsfor windows. Get the look of real wood without the price.Quality is maintained and they come in wood grained,sandblasted or painted finishes to complement any décor.
  8. 8. Our Faux Wood Blinds are: Affordable Mimic the look of real wood Moisture safe Durable Resist warping, cracking or fading Angled slats for precision privacy control Custom coverage for arched windows
  9. 9. Enhance sliding doors and larger windows into stylish focal points.Vertical BlindsVertical Blinds
  10. 10. OverviewVertical Blinds turn large windows and sliding glass doors intoenviable focal points. Custom Vertical Blinds solve any problem.Sheer Verticals provide light, privacy and insulation withoutblocking your view.Vinyl Verticals are effortlessly chic and work year-round to keepenergy bills low.Fabric Verticals complement any décor.Mix and match with other 3 Day Blinds window treatments tocreate a custom look.
  11. 11. Vertical Window Blinds are: Functional yet stylish Provide energy savings, privacy and light control Perfect for those big areas Safe for children – choose the cordless wand option for kid-safeoperation Offered in a wide array of colors, materials and designs to enhancealmost any room decor requirements in a functional yet stylishwindow treatment.
  12. 12. Sleek, functional and stylish with a assortment of colors to fit any budget.Mini BlindsMini Blinds
  13. 13. OverviewMini Blinds go with nearly every style and don’t have tobe expensive. 3 Day Blinds offers non-rust aluminum withslim slats. Or, try our exclusive Light-less®slats for morecontrol. The route hole-free design eliminates light leaks ina streamlined appearance. Use a contoured headrail withno valance required for a more personalized style.
  14. 14. Mini Blinds are: Chic, sleek and oh-so-functional Precision light control and privacy Brighten a room with a splash of color Create a classic style on a budget Also called horizontal blinds, metal blinds, aluminumblinds or venetian blinds.
  15. 15. Durable and easily coordinated with existing blinds or otherwindow treatments.Vinyl BlindsVinyl Blinds
  16. 16. OverviewVinyl Blinds coordinate very well with other windowtreatments in a room, but look just as great on their own.Vinyl Blinds from 3 Day Blinds complement our VinylVerticals and are fashionably efficient. They insulate yourhome and are ideal for high-moisture areas in yourhome. Add a decorative tape to any color choice tocustomize your look.
  17. 17. Vinyl Blinds are: Great for kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms Virtually maintenance-free Coordinate with Vinyl Vertical Blinds Create a custom look on a budget A classic choice with great durability, excellent privacyand supreme light control
  18. 18. Maximize light and privacy control while lowering energy costs.Cellular BlindsCellular Blinds
  19. 19. OverviewCellular Blinds provide the light control of a blind andenergy savings of a Honeycomb Shade. Also calledFlexcell Honeycomb Blinds, they provide privacy andsuperior insulation. Available in translucent and roomdarkening blinds, the fabric options come in an array ofmodern colors. 
  20. 20. Cellular Blinds: Are easy to use Maximize your view Insulation and light control without sacrificing style Soften the glare of direct sunlight Vary in opaqueness which determines how much lightcomes through the fabric
  21. 21. Make a FREE AppointmentAn expert Design Consultant will come toyour home, show samples, offer design ideas,measure and provide a no obligation quote.Call 800-700-1860 or visit our website