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Responsive web designing ppt -


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In today's internet scenario responsive websites are the most popular way of putting a website in worldwide web, as this a form in which your website can be seen in multiple devices without any problem. In this slide we tried to explain step by step processes in responsive website design.

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Responsive web designing ppt -

  1. 1. 1 Presentation on Web advertisement banners
  2. 2. 2 Web advertisement banners
  3. 3. What is a banner advertisement? •  Also known as Web banner, it is rectangular graphic display across the top, bottom, right or left sidebar of a website. • One of the factors that make an online business effective is a banner advertisement. It helps in increasing the traffic on websites or blogs. It also helps in generating sales without having to invest a lot. • There are three different types of banner ads, but the purpose for it is all the same. Read further so you can understand and 3
  4. 4. Static Banners • Known as the simplest type of banner, static banner contains very simple graphic and texts. A lot of websites and blogs prefer this due to its simplicity. It takes a good designer to come up with an effective static banner. The image and text chosen should not just be attractive but also meaningful. It is not as simple as people think. The goal is for the banner to be simple and not distract the website but also not blend in. • Benefits of Choosing Static Banners • It is cost effective • It is simple, therefore it doesn’t scream • 4
  5. 5. Flash Banners • This type of banner is animated and uses flash technology. It employs animation, making it more realistic and interactive. Due to the use of.SWF into the web pages, the use of sounds and special effects is possible. Imagine watching a short movie. • As exciting as it sounds, Flash banners have some disadvantages. Some of it aren’t mobile friendly while some needs plug-Ins. • Benefits of Choosing Flash Banners • It receives high CTR • It is attractive because of the use of special effects • It is easy to explain anything with flash • The use of sound gets attention quickly 5
  6. 6. Animated Gif Banners 6 • Created in a GIF file format, this type of banner is one of the most powerful graphic design units. Though it is considered an old school way of advertising, there is a reason why it is still widely used by many. • Why? It is due to the fact that it is not just easy to upload because of it small file size. Some people don’t realize this, but a large file
  7. 7. Benefits of Choosing Animated Gif Banners • You can use multiple frames • It is supported by all kinds of devices • It can have the ability to increase CTR • It doesn’t need a plug-in to view • Helpful when it comes to describing complicated services or products • Example: •
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