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Stemtech income plan ++

  1. 1. STEMTech offers one of the most innovative and generous compensation plans in the industry. Our unique hybrid plan offers youthree different ways to earn income. The StepUp Generational Program, an optional monthly AutoShip program, and the optional FastStart program One of the best ways to enroll as adistributor is with our FastStart Pack. The FastStart Pack is only available when you first signup and it represents a very attractive value. The packagecosts RM1300 plus tax, shipping and handling, but reflects a RM1575 value. The FastStart
  2. 2. Pack features a case ofStemEnhanceTM, an optional weekly direct deposit bonus program for your FastStart signups, the Distributor Kit, Distributor Training Manual and your DistributorBusiness Suite. The Pack also has aPersonal Point Volume of 250 points and includes the set¬up fee for your DBS. If you choose to participate in all three programs, you can earn up to six commission checks each month. This includes fourweekly FastStart bonuses, a monthly AutoShip commission
  3. 3. and a monthly StepUp commission. For added convenience, you can elect to have all your commission and bonus checksdeposited directly into your checking account. To earn commissions under each program, you qualify by achieving a minimum amount of points each month. Each product isassigned a Point Value or PV. Points are also used to advanceyour title and earnings potential in the StepUp program. Here are the Point Values for your STEMTech AFA Extract purchases.
  4. 4. And finally here are the points you earn when purchasing our Leadership Packs. Don’t worry about having to keep track of allthese numbers as it is all calculated for you automatically. If you sign up for the Distributor Business Suite, you can also view reports each day. Bonus Volume, or BV, is the value assigned to each bottle or product package. The Bonus Volume is used for the purpose ofcalculating commissions we pay you. For instance, one bottle
  5. 5. of StemEnhanceTM bought by yourdownline pays you 7% of RM185 as long as you are qualified. The Bonus Volume values forSTEMTech AFA Extract are shown here. Here are the BV values for our animal products And here are the Bonus Volumepoints you earn when purchasing our Leadership Pack.
  6. 6. Now let’s look at our three incomeprograms. Let’s start with our StepUp Plan. The StepUp Plan pays you commissions on allproducts you, your retail clients, and your organization purchase which are not part of the AutoShip program. In order to qualify for rebates and commissions under the StepUp Plan, you need at least 100 Personal Points. Personal Points are calculated based on your total personal purchases and the direct retail purchases of your customers including AutoShip purchases. When you enroll as a newSTEMTech Distributor, you begin at the Associate level. You buy
  7. 7. products at wholesale and sell themfor retail. Once you accumulate 250 points over any one to two month period, you arepromoted to the Supervisor level. As a Supervisor, you can earna 5% rebate on your own purchases,and a 5% commission on any orders from your downline Associates. Once you accumulate1000 points, you attain the Manager level, and the commissions increase to 10%. 2500 points getsyou to the Senior Manager level and a 15% commission rate. Once you earn 5000 points in any one or two month period, you attain the rank of
  8. 8. Director. At this level you will receivethe maximum commission and rebate rate of 20%. It isimportant to remember that you must have at least 2,500 points in the month you are being promoted to Director in order to qualify. Once you assist others in your organization to become Directors, you will begin to earn 5% Director Bonuses on all of their Group Bonus Volume. You must have at least 1000 points in Group Bonus Volume to qualify. This Group Sales Volume must come from your downline Associates, Supervisors, Managers and Senior Managers who are not under a Director.
  9. 9. Here is a visual example of the rebates and commissions you can earn when you reach the Director level. Remember, our plan pays a maximum of 20% in rebates and commissions onany order. Therefore, when you are aDirector, you earn a 15% commission from the orders of your first level Supervisor’s organization. The Supervisor earns the 5% difference. You earn a5% commission on the orders of your first level Senior Manager’s group and they earn 15%. You earn a full 20% commission onyour first level Associates as they are just starting out and are not yet eligible for rebates and commissions.
  10. 10. Now let’s look at our AutoShip Program. AutoShip creates apowerful residual income. It provides for convenient, recurring monthlyordering of products at the best price and best shipping rates for small quantities. AutoShipalso makes you eligible for FastStart bonuses. It also waives your monthly hosting fee for the Distributor Business Suite. The volume points, that you receive for AutoShip purchases count to advance you in the StepUp Plan. You can elect tohave AutoShip start in the month you enroll or the following month.
  11. 11. Here is a graph showing the qualifications and compensation percentages for our AutoShip Program. There are three different qualifiers that affect your income. First are the Personal Points you have achieved on AutoShip. Each bottle is worth 50 points, and includes your ownpersonal AutoShip purchases and the AutoShip purchases of any retail customers. One bottle equals 50 points and begins to qualify you for commission. Two bottles equal 100 points, makes you eligible for commissions on a larger part of your downline. Four bottles, 200
  12. 12. points, maximizes your earnings potential. The next qualifier is the number of distributors you personally enroll in the AutoShip Program. Your first enrolled distributor makes you eligible for a 7% commission on three levels of your organization. When you enroll three distributors, your commission is paid on five levels, while five AutoShip distributors increases the payoutto seven levels. As you can see, themore AutoShip distributors you enroll, the more commissionsyou can earn on larger levels of your organization. The final qualifier is your total Organizational
  13. 13. Point Value. This qualifier is not required until you reach a minimum of 100Personal Points and three personallyenrolled AutoShip distributors. At this tier of earnings, you need a total of 1000Organizational Points. An example ofhow to achieve 1000 OrganizationalPoints is by having ten distributors inyour downline, each with a two bottle STEMTech AFA Extract AutoShip order. A your numbers increase within the three qualifyingareas, your commission rates rise aswell allowing you to eventually qualify for Infinity bonuses up to 3%.
  14. 14. Finally, let’s look at our FastStart Bonus Program. FastStart Bonuses are paid on each Fast- Start Pack sold. If you enroll a newdistributor with a FastStart Pack, you receive a RM165 FastStart Enroller Bonus and your upline Director receives a RM82.50 Director Bonus. If youare the Enroller and the Director, you receive both bonuses. A RM16.50 Upline Director Bonus is also paid to your upline Directors up to 5 generations above you. To be eligible for FastStart Enroller Bonuses, you or a retail customer must have a minimum
  15. 15. of one bottle of STEMTech AFAExtract on our convenient AutoShip program. In addition, toreceive Director Bonuses, you mustbe an Active Director. The FastStart Enroller Bonuses are paid weekly if you enroll in our direct deposit program. Let’s give you a visual example of how FastStart Enroller Bonuses work. When you are the Enroller and Director of a newdistributor who purchases a FastStart Pack, you earn both the RM165 Enroller Bonus and theRM82.50 Director Bonus. When that new distributor enrolls a
  16. 16. FastStart distributor, they earn the RM165 Enroller Bonus and you receive the RM82.50DirectorBonus. If you enroll a distributor who becomes a Director, they earn both the RM165 Enroller Bonus and the RM82.50 DirectorBonus but you will earn the RM16.50 Upline Director Bonus on every new FastStartdistributor they sign up. Director level bonuses are paid up to five generations of active up¬line Directors. In this example you can see that from the two people working two levels deep, youhave already earned RM630 in bonus money.
  17. 17. Now that you have a basic understanding of the three income streams of our compensation plan, let’s look at a simple road map for success. The key to success in this business is simplicity and duplication of effort. If you followthe steps we are about to outline, and then teach others to do the same, you will be on your way to creating a successful business. First, choose the FastStart Pack option when you enroll. Then choose AutoShip for two or more bottles to start right away. Next, create a strategy to make it to the Director level and then, duplicate your efforts.
  18. 18. Since the first two steps are self explanatory, let’s focus on a simple strategy to get you to theDirector level. Begin by enrolling with the FastStart Pack option. Then commit to four bottles a month on our AutoShip Program.Next, sign up two distributors who do the same. Finally help your new distributors sign up threenew distributors between them. Make sure everyone enrolls with a FastStart Pack and a four bottle AutoShip. Already you will have created 2,700 points with just five distributors inyour group and you are now a Senior Manager.
  19. 19. Now let’s look at the commissionsand rebates you will have earned in this first month. From the StepUp Program, you earn a RM18.75 rebate on your personal order and RM43.75 in downline commissions. From theFastStart Program you earn RM330 in FastStart Enroller Bonuses. And finally from theAutoShip Program, you earn RM223 from your organization’sorders. This gives you a first month total of RM625 and qualifies you at the Senior Manager level.
  20. 20. In your second month, you personally enroll just one more distributor for a total of three first level distributors. Now help your new distributor enroll their first distributor. Finally, assist one of your other two front line distributors enroll one more distributor. Make sure each person signs up with a FastStart Pack and afour bottle AutoShip This new volume combined with the power of the AutoShip recurring volume, gives you an additional 2,550 points for a two monthtotal of 5,250 points. Congratulations,you are now a Director with only eight distributors in your group!
  21. 21. The earnings in your second month are as follows: From the StepUp Plan, RM50 from thethree first FastStart orders. From the FastStart Program, RM165 in Enroller Bonuses and RM247.50 in Director Bonuses. And from the AutoShip Program, RM373 from your eight distributors. This is a total of RM835.50 your second month, and RM1461 total your first sixty days in business. And this doesn’teven count any retail profits you earn. Again, this is just one example of a simple path to Director. There are many ways to accomplish this in order to reach your business goals.
  22. 22. Again, don’t worry if you do not completely understand all facets of the compensation planright away. If you concentrate on the path we just outlined, the rest will take care of itself. Please consult your training manual for further instruction on the compensation plan. If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor or email distributor services at Welcome to the STEMTech Team!This document is to assist a speaker in presenting the STEMTech Malaysia Business Training
  23. 23. Presentation contained on this disc. Please feel free to make this presentation your own. If youhave any questions, please contact your upline support or email STEMTech Malaysia Distributor Support STEMTech Team!