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Derma stem skincare


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Derma stem skincare

  1. 1. How to Restructure the Matrix of the Skin From the Cellular LevelChristian: Probably the best place to start is what our vision was when we began workingon DermaStem 2-3 years ago. After discovering the natural role of stem cells in the bodyand shaping this into a whole concept that is getting increasingly accepted in the field ofmedicine and science in general, we pursued the investigation of various naturalcompounds to then develop StemFlo and MigraStem.And as we were doing all this work, we were also working on something that would havean affect on the skin. We know that stem cells go in virtually every single tissue and organof the body and the skin being one of the largest, if not the largest organ of the body, thenobviously stem cells are playing a key role in the renewal and regeneration of the skin.Not only this, the skin is one of the organs in the body that renews itself the fastest. Everymonth or 2 we have a new skin. So there is a very, very significant activity of stem cells inthe renewal process of the skin.For that reason, what we had in mind was to go back in nature and study the ingredientsused in skin care known to have a good effect on the skin – that were already known fortheir beneficial effect on the skin. What we wanted to see was which of these ingredientssupported the natural role of stem cells in the skin.Then if we can take all these plants, all these herbal components and combine this into anentirely natural skin care product without absorbing any toxins in the body. We forgetsometimes the skin, although it appears like a strong barrier, will absorb things. If youtouch grease, it doesnt go through your skin, the same if you touch water, it doesnt gothrough. But its somewhat of an illusion, as if somebody has a heart attack and you putnitroglycerin on the skin on the shoulder, within 9 seconds its in the heart. Click here for more information
  2. 2. So the skin at the same time as its a barrier, its also very, very permeable to certaincompounds. We wanted to have something that was entirely natural, so that if we appliedit on the skin, we are not going to expose the skin to anything that could be toxic or risky inany way.The aim of all this and the reason why we wanted to have stem cell technology and tapinto it is because of the process of aging in the skin. If I summarize that in very simpleterms, it is the degradation of components of the matrix of the skin, which is madeessentially of a family of complex polysaccharides and one of the main polysaccharides ishyaluronic acid.Attached to this you also have collagen and elastin and they form as a whole, the softskeleton of the skin which the muscles and everything in the skin is attached to. If thelayers of the skin become detached from that soft skeleton, then you get and sometimesits just at a microscopic level, but you get sagging skin and after a while, you get wrinkles.If you dont have a good matrix of the skin, then you can not absorb and retain as muchmoisture as young skin.All of that leads to the formation of wrinkles. Our concept was if we can go and support thenatural role of stem cells in the skin, which would then support the natural restructuring ofthe skin with strong collagen, natural hyaluronic acid, then we would end up with a muchgreater accumulation of moisture and hydration in the skin, a better firmness in the skinand ultimately wrinkle reduction.That was the concept and as you will see when we come back with the study of the clinicaltrial, we were so right on with what we wanted to do its actually gone beyond ourexpectations. That was the aim, so lets talk a little bit about what we mean when we saywe wanted to embed stem cell technology into an all natural skin care product.There are a lot of products out there that claim to be natural. The point here is not todiminish them or say anything negative about them as there are a lot of products fromcompanies who have really attempted to create an all natural product and have done nottoo bad of a job at it.The problem is simply that it is quite a challenge. When we started on that path werealized ourselves it was really quite a challenge. Let me say a few words about this, againnot to criticize anyone, but to really understand that when we say we have a product thatis all natural, people may not realize the size of the challenge and the accomplishmentthat it is. Click here for more information
  3. 3. All skin care products are essentially the same -- its an oil phase, thats made from oliveoil, or coconut oil, for example, and then blended with a water phase, which wouldessentially be the water with which you extracted various plants, a tea for example. If youput a drop of olive oil in a cup of tea, you end up with a drop of oil floating in a cup of tea,it does not give you an emulsion, an emulsion being a very stable blend of oil and water.Which is what you find in any kind of lotion that you use, they are emulsions.In order to blend them together, we need to use chemicals which have the property to besoluble in water and in liquids. A good example is soap. If you have grease on your handsand you put your hands under water with soap, then soap will dissolve the grease on yourskin and will also be dissolved by the stream of water, so essentially, it cleans your hands.So soaps are emulsifiers, but we know if you put soap on your skin and dont remove itand rinse it properly, we know it is also drying for the skin. Thats the flip side of usingthose chemical emulsifiers is that they dry the skin. There is this misconception out there,actually its more than misconception, its made out to be this way.People have been very well trained to use moisturizer thinking that as the name impliesits moisturizing your skin, but most of the time if you really think about it, the amount ofwater you have in your skin and that you lose from your skin everyday is such that byapplying a pea size or quarter size amount of lotion on your face, theres not enough waterin there to really hydrate your skin. So really what moisturizers do is seal your skin toprevent further water loss and your skin feels softer right after youve applied it. But as youcertainly have noticed, its something you need to do many times a day and certainly everyday.So it does not build moisture in your skin, it just makes it feel better when you use it andthe flip side is that over time, the reason why we need to keep using it is because it isdrying for the skin, but Ill come back to that later.Most emulsifiers because of this property are actually irritants for the skin. Many of themare very well known and if we go into the database of chemicals used in skin care, manyemulsifiers are considered skin irritants. Now, once we used emulsifiers and blended theoil with water, then we have our emulsion, which is essentially our lotion. But again, oftentimes, this is made from oils like olive oil or coconut oil, then blended with a tea, which issome sort of water extraction. These are all great nutrients for bacterial growth. So weneed to prevent bacterial growth and keep stability of the product over time and that isprobably where the biggest challenge is.So, traditionally, what is being used is a lot of toxic chemicals and their level of toxicitycan vary. They are all considered safe by the FDA, but at the same time almost all of them Click here for more information
  4. 4. are to some extent considered carcinogenic. One of them, probably the most common ifyou take most skin care products and you look at them, you will see listed under variousingredients and the various names, you will see various forms of parabens.Parabens are considered safe, however over the past few years theres a growing body ofevidence showing that parebens can be linked to breast tumors, at least the greatestconcentration of parabens have been found in many breast tumors.So, the point here is that its difficult to prove that something is actually negative, probablymore so because of the lobbying that would be around these compounds because its verydifficult to go around them. It would be a challenge for the entire skin care industry, sotheyre considered safe and all of this can continue. But we wanted to avoid using them.But in most products, you will find them simply because emulsifying your lotion and thenpreserving it are 2 things that are essential in the making a solution.And at the end of it, theres the fragrance and here a lot of times we can find naturalfragrances, but again, the problem with natural fragrances is that theyre not constant overtime. Every lot, for example if you use jasmine flower oil, a beautiful smell, but every singlelot, every single season, will have a slight variation in the smell. So because of that, weneed to get used to some sort of a fluctuation in the aroma of the product and mostpeople dont want to see that. Essentially they go back to standardized, often syntheticessences which smell very good, but they are not natural. So we really wanted to goentirely natural.Even when we look at products that are for a large extent, natural, they resort to a naturalversion of some ingredients like glycerin for example. But glycerin again, glycerin isvery well known to dry the skin. If you put a bucket of glycerin in the room, its going toabsorb all the moisture from the room.You put it on your skin, it absorbs the moisture from your skin. Theres a tag line which hasbeen connected to glycerin which is drying your skin from the inside. Its in many naturalproducts, but again we wanted to avoid using glycerin.Wax is often used to give some consistency to products and also as an emulsifier. Wax isa sealer for the skin, so we dont want to put that on the skin. I wont continue, I think youget the picture here that theres a lot of effort been out out there to do something naturaland the full extent of it is that in the end, you just cant go around it, you have to use somelevels of chemistry in the product. We took the challenge of going natural without acompromise. I like to call it natural to an obsession, because during the process of doingit, thats what it felt like sometimes.So now Ill stop the comparisons with anyone, the point was not to diminish other productsout there, as much as to clearly show that in spite of all the effort people have done outthere, there is truly not a fully natural skin care product. When we developed DermaStemand we say it is all natural, it is truly quite a feat to have accomplished this.So what we have as the basis of DermaStem, for the oil phase, we have virgin organiccoconut oil, we have organic Nilotica butter, which is a form of Shea butter known alsoin French as the burn tree. The butter coming from the nut of the Shea tree is known to beso good on the skin that by itself can remove scars from burns on the skin. What we Click here for more information
  5. 5. wanted to do with this all natural base for the serum in which we would add our stem cellcomplex and our other active ingredients, we wanted that the skin care itself, the lotion,the base, be on its own, even if nothing else was added to it, we want it to be made out ofingredients that are all beneficial to the skin.Hence the use of virgin organic coconut oil, organic Nilotica butter and organic Cacaobutter. Cacao butter is an ingredient that has been used for a long time in the Amazonrainforest to protect the skin against the sun. So these 3 oil ingredients represent the oilbase of DermaStem.We also wanted to make the water base of DermaStem special, so instead of water, weused juices. So we have Mamaku juice from a fern growing in New Zealand, which byitself has shown to be very regenerative to the skin. We have Aloe Vera juice, very wellknown for its effect on the skin and the bulk of the liquid is a blend of about 12 differentberry juices, very well known for their anti-oxidant properties.So when you look at the serum, you can see that its sort of a deep mocha color, its notbecause theres chocolate in it, its just a blend of all this color. If youre talking aboutberries, youre talking about a deep purple color and with all the other components addinga different contribution to the color, we ended up with the deep mocha color.So Mamaku juice, berry juice and Aloe juice and these juices are actually used as thebasis to do the cold extraction of all the other herbs. So these are the base ingredients forthe serum. We needed to blend these oils and these water ingredients together into anemulsion. When we brought our formula to the lab who was making the product, theylooked at all of this and said, this wont work, you need an emulsifier in the product. Wesent this list of ingredients to a consultant in the industry and they made the samecomment, its mandatory in America through the FDA to put all your ingredients on thelabel, and we see here that you dont have an emulsifier.So this is what we did for the emulsifier. Again Im mentioning this so that people canmeasure the extent of the technological development that was made with DermaStem. Click here for more information
  6. 6. Our emulsifier is an Olive oil extract, which is very highly concentrated in saponins.Saponins are this class of compounds found in many, many plants. There is for example,the Soap plant in New Zealand the indigenous people would use. You simply rub theleaves in your hands with water and it starts to foam. Any time a foam of that sort comingfrom a plant, its essentially made out of saponins. They are essentially a naturalemulsifier.So we have saponins and lecithin which is an oily compound coming from rice or soy andalso has this natural property of being able to be soluble in both oil and water. Now, justthese ingredients would not make an emulsion by themselves, so we developed a processthat involves something that resembles homogenization and we are able to bring all of thisinto a stable emulsion. I wont say too much about it because it is a proprietary process,but the proof is in the pudding, we have a stable serum in a stable emulsion.Now that we have all of this, we need to preserve it. What we did was one of the mostdifficult processes and in the end, we found the solution in flowers. If we talk to people andwe say we need a natural preservative, what will immediately come to mind for anyonewith any background in botany are essential oils. Oils of cinnamon, rosemary, clove,oregano -- these are all extremely anti-bacterial natural ingredients. The problem is thatmost of them are also photo-sensitive. If you put them on your skin and go out into the sunit can leave patches on the skin and can sometimes lead to burns on the skin.The other thing is that to put them in a concentration high to give enough anti-bacterialprotection, you would smell like a cinnamon bun if you put cinnamon in it and like a pizza ifyou put oregano in it. These are not fragrances that anybody would really enjoy wearingon their face all day long, so they are not very suitable for a product like this.Another very good candidate is grape seed extract. Some people may or not be aware,but some people go as far as calling it the great grape seed extract fraud. Which is thefact that when we take grape seed extract and you make it yourself -- you dont buy it –and you test its natural anti-bacterial properties, it doesnt work. When you buy it, it works.So some people and we have done this ourselves, send it out to be analyzed and everysingle one of these grape seed extract products available in the market place all containpereben, sodium benzoate and various components that are known to be preservatives.So its not the grape seed extract thats preserving the product, its the preservatives in theproduct that are preserving the product. A lot of time people that have natural skin careproducts are unaware of that, they are sincere when they say they are all natural, butgrape seed extract really does not work as a natural preservative.Again, I explain this just to lay out the complexity of the situation. What we did is observednature and asked the question, where in nature do we find strong anti-bacterialcomponents? We looked at the rainforest and in the rainforest we do see flowers that canbloom, blossom and sometimes be in bloom for weeks at a time in an environment whereyou have a lot of moisture, bacteria, a lot of fungal growth, but they dont have bacterialand fungal growth, because a lot of these very delicate flowers contain very strong anti-microbial components. Click here for more information
  7. 7. We researched and tested many of these flowers and finally were able to isolate someflowers that have enough anti-bacterial properties to be added to the serum and provide asignificant anti-microbial component that is completely natural. There was also anothercomponent developed by a friend of Shakahn, the good friend of mine who worked withme together on DermaStem, which is an extract from bitter orange seed. And to this wealso applied a 3rd process called sunny pure, which we keep proprietary because we arethe only ones in the industry using it.Weve developed a process where by exposing the product to certain specific soundwaves, we can inactivate bacteria and provide stability for the product. As a result, theproduct has a very good shelf life with absolutely no chemical preservatives.As I said before, as it stands alone, if we didnt put anything else in this product, itbasically stands as a fantastic product for the skin, moisturizing the skin, treating the skin,keeping the skin soft with a strong emollient, but that was the base to which we added ourstem cell technology.Our approach was to go back and look at all these herbal components known in theindustry to bring great beneficial properties to the skin, increase collagen in the skin,increase elastin in the skin, increase elasticity, increase moisture, increase the healingability of the skin, all the components known to have an effect on the skin. Our hypotheseswas maybe these components are acting not specifically in collagen formulation or any ofthese other aspects of the skin, but theyre acting by supporting the function of skin stemcells which then lead to the natural restructuring of the skin. We wanted to restructure theskin from within, the way mother nature intended.We looked at many of them and of all of those we looked at, we found that AFA, which isthe very basis for StemEnhance, by itself, whole AFA having a great effect, is actually themost potent of all of them. Another product called old mans weed coming fromAustralia/NZ, Fucoidan, coming from a poly saccharide from one specific sea weed andAloe Vera, had the strongest effect on supporting the proliferation of skin stem cells. Bythemselves, only AFA had a very strong effect, but when we blended them all together,thats when the effect was the highest. Click here for more information
  8. 8. We then exposed these 4 ingredients to other ingredients that had shown a very smalleffect, not enough to be used individually, but we wanted to see if there was any synergy.And to our great surprise, what we saw is that when we included components like Vanilla,Maqui berry, Cacao powder and Colostrum to the blend, they really supported skin stemcell proliferation. That became what we referred to as the stem cell complex, a blend ofnatural ingredients that supports the very stem cells in the skin that on a day to day basisare going to renew the skin.Then we wanted to add something stronger to this, pure cytokines. Some people wouldsay its not natural, but what I mean by natural is that its not chemistry, theyre notchemicals that are going to have a negative effect on the skin. These cytokines areproduced by bacteria so it is produced in a very natural way. They are the very cytokinesof human origin. By that I mean, we take a human gene and implant that into ecoli, abacteria and then we make that bacteria produce these cytokines. These cytokines arethe very cytokines that your own stem cells are going to produce when they are in theprocess of renewal and when they are supporting the actual regeneration and repair of theskin.Its a complex of 6 of them and they are normally know to be very rapidly degraded whenthey are applied to the skin. So, to make them more effective, we worked with colleaguesin Asia to micro-encapsulate -- actually its a nano-encapsulation -- these cytokines arenano encapsulated that will penetrate the skin, and once in the skin as the capsuledissolves, then these cytokines actually release in the skin where they do their work.When I say these capsules penetrate the skin, there is also another aspect which wasdeveloped, which is the inclusion in DermaStem of an all natural penetrant. What I meanby this is that if you put Cacao butter or olive oil or coconut oil and you put that on yourskin, you will see that it does not penetrate the skin very quickly.You will have this feeling of oily residue on your skin for quite some time. So we added anall natural penetrant, orange oil for example, tangerine oil, and other oils that are known toreally accelerate the penetration of the skin sometimes by up to 900-1000%. By havingthese ingredients in DermaStem, it also allows for the penetration of these nanoencapsulated cytokines into the skin.Blended altogether the cytokines and the stem cell complex, we end up with anenhancement of around 200% in the proliferation of skin stem cells which is quite Click here for more information
  9. 9. impressive. Now as we studied all these different ingredients, many of them did not havean effect on skin stem cells, never the less, they are still very well known for their effecton the skin, so we included them as simply regenerative ingredients in DermaStem.Were talking about Moringa and Amla, very well known in ayurverdic medicine and usedin various ways but one is applying it directly to the skin. Also Rosa Mosquera, very wellknown in South America and today throughout the world. Rosa Mosquera alone on theskin has been shown to remove scars. And Sangre de Drago, coming from a tree thatgrows in South America.Ive had the chance to go a number of times to South America and it is one of the mostunique tress in the area, very impressive. The highest cause of death for people in therainforest is accidentally hitting themselves with a machete. Often times, they will cut downto the artery and the bleeding is quite substantial. So they will look for Sangre de Drago,cut it with the machete and the tree will bleed a sap that is visually identical to blood. Theytake the sap, apply it to the cut and its going to stop the bleeding quasi instantaneouslyand if you reapply enough Sangre de Drago, then in about a week to 10 days, the woundis completely healed without scars.Its a very, very powerful healing ingredient, very well known in South America and whenyou use the dry sap of the tree, it is virtually about 90% OPC, the active ingredient ingrape seed extract, pycnogenol, that is well know. Not only is it very regenerative to theskin, but its also a very anti-oxidant to the skin.Another key regenerative ingredient that we use that is very unique to DermaStem. I thinkwe are the first in America to use this ingredient. Its a proprietary ingredient, developedwith colleagues in Europe and its a derivative of glucosamine. It is not glucosamine andthe reason why its added is because of the matrix of the skin, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronicacid in young skin is very highly branched, its like taking a pine branch with all the pineneedles on it. If you put that in water, and you lift it out, it will retain a lot of water. Click here for more information
  10. 10. If you took the same branch, without any needles, it wouldnt retain any water. Thatshyaluronic acid. High hyaluronic acid in the skin, in young skin, is highly branched, thatswhy young skin looks young, plump, full of moisture. Strong healthy hyaluronic acid iskeeping the deeper layer of the dermis and the superficial layer of the dermis wellconnected together which gives firmness to the skin and elasticity to the skin.So if you add hydration, you increase elasticity and you have the hallmark of young skin.As we age, we always make high hyaluronic acid in the skin, but we lose the ability ofmaking these branches. A lot of skin care products have hyaluronic acid in the skin careitself. The problem is, it may add some to the skin, but its not your native, hyaluronic acidstructure, which is what we need to rebuild the very matrix of the skin.By simply adding key components of the branches, what was shown was that the skin canabsorb this glucosamine derivative and build a highly branched hyaluronic acid in the skin.This would then lead to greater moisture retention in the skin and as you will see when wetalk about the results, we got exactly what we were looking for.And to finish the whole package, its very well known we need high anti-oxidant protectionfor the skin, so we have a blend of all the berries we talked about before, we haveHydroxytyrosol from Olive juice, Green tea, Amla, we have Vitamin E, we have a blend ofvery strong anti-oxidants in DermaStem.And finally, what we wanted to add, because its known and available, there are someplants that carry some significant sun protection. We did not go as far as testingDermaStem to see if it has some level of SPF simply because we live in a world where somany products have sun protection and weve become accustomed to using products withSPF 20 30, as high as 60 so if we have a product here that has SPF 5 or 8, its not thatrelevant.We did not do the study and cant put a number on it but there are natural plants likeSamambaia, Genistein from Soy, Green tea extract also contains compounds that havevery well established sun protection factors. So thats what we added into DermaStem.We have an all natural product that has stem cell technology, regenerative ingredients,strong anti-oxidants and some level of sun protection.Thats DermaStem. Click here for more information
  11. 11. At the beginning if you remember, the idea was to have something that would restructurethe skin, by restructuring the matrix of the skin, we can absorb more moisture and byhaving a better integrity of the skin, we will increase the elasticity of the skin and all ofthese together should equate to a reduction in wrinkles.We went to an external 3rd party laboratory and we put DermaStem to the test. First, letme say if you take these numbers they compare well to other skin care you can find on theinternet. Most people today, however, when they do studies on skin care, if you readcarefully, you will see that the data does not come from clinical trials, they do not doclinical trials.Often times they use surveys. Surveys that will ask the question for example to users, doyou think that your skin feels softer a month after use?, do you think your skin appearsyounger or more radiant? Obviously, this is extremely subjective so they end up withresults where they can quote, 90% of users have reported the feeling of a younger skintype statements.All of these statements come from surveys that have obviously very little to no scientificvalue, but they do this because if they put their product through real clinical trials, thenumber would be so low they would have no marketing message, number 1 and number2, surveys are much cheaper than clinical trials.We wanted to take the real route of really testing the serum clinically, so you need to keepit in mind when comparing these numbers. Directly coming out of the clinical trials, whatwe have – and some of these results are statistically significant after 7 days -- after 28days, we have a 30% increase in moisture retention in the skin, that is already at29.something% at 14 days. Click here for more information
  12. 12. So here we have a very rapid restructuring of the skin in about 2 weeks and we get after28 days, an average of 25% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines in the delicate areas of theface, were talking about the forehead, around the eyes, around the mouth, 25% reductionin wrinkles. This is the average result coming out in the study.Just to have an idea of what that means, because even myself I did not really know whatthat meant. I was on a flight to Mexico in July. I had just received the results from theclinical trials and I really did not how it compared to other products, knowing that theinternet is an area where you get a lot of information that is not accurate its just meant tocarry a marketing message, so I just wanted to know what these numbers meant. Bychance, I started talking to a woman on the plane next to me and I asked her what shewas doing and she told me was the director of a very well known institute of cosmetology.Just my luck, so I told her what we had, what the concept behind DermaStem was andtold her I had just got the results from the lab and here they are, no manipulation, nostatistical embellishment.She looked at me silently for a second, then she told me it was unheard of. She carriedthe message very clearly that if these are the numbers that we have, this is a realbreakthrough in the field of skin care. Im just sharing with you the results of the clinicaltrial and putting them into perspective. What we have with DermaStem, not only themessage about being truly all natural, but its effect itself is unheard of.Here we have something that is entirely natural and really record breaking in terms of itseffect on the skin. When I say the product is all natural its also interesting to mention, weare striving to have it all organic, so we could actually have the product certified as allorganic. Its a beautiful problem to have, but sometimes people are not aware of thesethings, they are saying that organic is all there is to the story. There are actually a lot ofthings in DermaStem that are actually wild harvested. And wild harvested, one could say,is actually better than organic. They come directly from the wild with no touch from thehuman hand, so its more than organic.These products that are wild harvested, most of the time cannot be certified organicbecause one of the key criteria to be certified organic is to provide documentation that fora certain number of years, the land did not receive any chemical fertilizer.Obviously if you are harvesting from a wild forest, no such documentation exists and in theabsence of such documentation, you cannot get it certified organic. There are somegovernment bodies that go around this, but a lot of these ingredients are wild harvested,were working here to get them certified organic and once we have obtained thecertification for all these ingredients, most likely DermaStem has more than 95% of itsingredients that are organic, so we will be able to get it certified organic.At this point in time, we are still going through that process, but every single ingredient iseither wild harvested or organic as much as possible. Ingredients like lecithin (from Sor orRice), there are no organic sources of lecithin, so when we cant we dont, but every placeits possible, the ingredients are organic.How we apply DermaStemIn the study, the instructions we gave were to apply 1 pump to the delicate areas of theface and then another pump to the rest of the face or 2 pumps around the delicate areas Click here for more information
  13. 13. of the face.We wanted to avoid the habit of using lotion by putting in your hands, then on your face.There are so many small creases in your skin, so its going to get into the skin on yourhands that way. Apply it onto your finger tips, then spread it gently in the areas you want it.It will penetrate the skin very easily. If you need to redistribute it, just add a drop of waterto your finger tip and redistribute the serum.RefrigerationThe product does not need to be refrigerated. The product has enough naturalpreservative to preserve it. The bottle is what we call an airless pump and when youdepress the activator and release some serum, it does not bring back ambient air into theproduct. We did that to reduce all exposure of the product to bacteria, so its going to havea good shelf life.The reason why we say it is better to put in the refrigerator is because its alive. The plantsare all extracted using cold process extraction, a cold infusion. If you take tea and put itinto a cold cup of water, nothing is going to happen, youre not going to extract a lot fromthe tea. If you take that same tea and put it into hot water and you will develop color veryrapidly, you will extract anti-oxidants very rapidly. The same is true for virtually every singleplant, you can get a great extraction if you boil or at least expose it to boiling or very, veryhot water.There are a lot of natural and delicate components in plants that are sensitive to heat. Thebiggest damage you can do to delicate components is oxidation. And oxidation is done byoxygen, but its catalyzed by light or heat. So heat is really one of the worst things you cando to a plant if you really want to preserve all the very natural and bio active componentsin a plant.So what we did was develop a cold infusion process. If you were to put plants in a mortarto crush the plant and added cold water you would end up with a cold tea. Because yourecrushing the plants, they slowly release their active compounds and if you do this for longenough, you will end up with the same tea color as a warm or hot tea, thats how we doour extractions.The consequence of this is that you have delicate ingredients and components in the plantthat include the enzymes. So there is a live product. Its like leaving an avocado or appleon your counter and 3 weeks later, it wont look as fresh as the first day, it would be betterin the refrigerator. Thats the reality of DermaStem. Its fine if its left at room temperature,its not a problem, however given that its alive, the color and the aroma may change overtime so if possible, its better to refrigerate it.Thank you. Click here for more information
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