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STEMTech Malaysia Business Opportunity Overviw ScriptThis document is to assist a speaker in presenting the STEMTech Malay...
other cell types. Heart cells, brain cells, muscle cells and more can all be made from stemcells.SLIDE EIGHT:Most of the m...
SLIDE SIXTEEN:With STEMTech, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You have the support ofa global networ...
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Business plan of stemtech 1


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Business plan of stemtech 1

  1. 1. STEMTech Malaysia Business Opportunity Overviw ScriptThis document is to assist a speaker in presenting the STEMTech Malaysia Business Opportu-nity Presentation contained on this disc. Please feel free to make this presentation your own. Ifyou have any questions, please contact your upline support or email STEMTech Malaysia Dis-tributor Support at DSMalaysia@stemtechhealth.comSLIDE ONE:Welcome to the STEMTech Malaysia Opportunity Presentation. Over the next few minutes youare going to be introduced to one of the most exciting advances to occur in the health and well-ness field. Together, we will explore how STEMTech is unlocking the power of our body’s ownnatural renewal system to help maintain optimal wellbeing. You will learn how STEMTech hasbecome a global leader and how our unique products are helping countless people around theworld take back control of their own ability to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.You will also see how STEMTech is creating a business opportunity that is unparalled in its po-tential for growth and success. The person who shared this presentation with you has seen thatyou have the vision and the potential to become a leader in this dynamic business. We hopethat after viewing this, you too will see the incredible potential for achievement that is waitingfor you as a social entrepreneur in the STEMTech health and wellness revolution.SLIDE TWO:STEMTech HealthSciences, Inc., the parent company of STEMTech Malaysia, was founded in2005 in order to bring a new, natural product technology to the marketplace.SLIDE THREE:Created by STEMTech’s Chief Science Officer, Christian Drapeau in conjunction with the re-search team at Desert Lake Technologies, this revolutionary product technology has resulted inan astonishing breakthrough; an ability to naturally support the renewal of tissues and organsin our body.SLIDE FOUR:STEMTech has the exclusive direct to consumer marketing rights to this product technology.SLIDE FIVE:STEMTech AFA Extract is the first product to incorporate this unique and patented technology.It is a clinically studied product which is part of a whole new nutritional category called StemCell Enhancers. Based on the latest scientific discoveries, Stem Cell Enhancers are providing anew hope in the battle for prolonging our ability to maintain the health and vigor of our youth.SLIDE SIX:Stem cells everyone has heard of them. With all the media coverage exaggerating the hypeand controversy, the true importance of this protector to our body’s renewal system is beingovershadowed.SLIDE SEVEN:Stem Cells are the master cells in our body which have the amazing ability to differentiate into
  2. 2. other cell types. Heart cells, brain cells, muscle cells and more can all be made from stemcells.SLIDE EIGHT:Most of the media coverage has been directed at embryonic stem cells and the political andmoral issues surrounding them. Little public attention is being given to the living stem cells thatexist in each and every one of us; adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are naturally found in theorgans and tissues of our bodies. And as research continues, adult stem cells are being foundto be more promising than their embryonic counterparts.SLIDE NINE:Adult stem cells naturally release into our circulation and help our tissues and organs remainhealthy and working as they should. In essence, adult stem cells are a part of our body’s ownnatural renewal system.SLIDE TEN:As we age, there can be a decrease in the number and quality of adult stem cells circulating inour bodies. Stem Cell Enhancers function to maintain healthy stem cell physiology, by assist-ing the natural release of adult stem cells into the circulation system.SLIDE ELEVEN:STEMTech AFA Extract is the first Stem Cell Enhancer to come onto the market.SLIDE TWELVE:Everyone is familiar with Antioxidants and the Free Radical Theory of Aging. However, just fif-teen years ago, very few people had ever heard of this nutritional product category. Becauseof extensive marketing and education by the media, government agencies and health organi-zations, antioxidant nutritional supplements are now a multibillion dollar industry.With a growing line of Stem Cell Nutrition products, STEMTech has created a new product cat-egory that has the potential to eclipse the size of the antioxidant marketplace. Our products,and their ability to help maintain optimal health, have created a tremendous business opportu-nity for those who would like to participate in being a part of the next Trillion Dollar Industry?SLIDE THRITEEN:In business, they say timing is everything. With the combination of the aging baby boomerpopulation, the growth of the wellness industry, and the latest scientific advances making stemcells virtually a household word, the timing of the STEMTech opportunity could not be better.SLIDE FOURTEEN:With STEMTech, we offer you four different ways to earn income and the ability to build yourbusiness locally, nationally andinternationally.SLIDE FIFTEEN:Already the growth of the STEMTech opportunity is truly outstanding. With offices around theglobe, an established base of tens of thousands of distributors worldwide and a proven mar-keting and business plan that has created countless success stories, the STEMTech opportu-nity is providing the perfect combination for those who are ready to take control of their ownfuture.
  3. 3. SLIDE SIXTEEN:With STEMTech, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You have the support ofa global network of independent distributors all backed by the STEMTech organization.STEMTech offers you all the tools you will need to grow your business. Weekly conferencecalls, marketing materials, and a personal website with a retail shopping cart are just some ofthe benefits you receive as an independent STEMTech Malaysia distributor.SLIDE SEVENTEEN:You are in charge of your own business. You can work it at the pace you decide. You have theability to write your own paycheck. We provide you with a complete and growing line of prod-ucts, exclusive to STEMTech, with no competition. We also provide you with all the trainingand support that you need to build your own STEMTech business to whatever level you desire.It’s a global opportunity with a limitless potential for expansion into the future. And it’s perfecttiming.SLIDE EIGHTEEN:The coming together of a large population who is focused on preserving health, the boomingwellness industry, and the scientific discoveries regarding adult stem cells have all created anunparalleled opportunity. If you are ready, we welcome you to join us.