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Erectile dysfunction in young men


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Erectile dysfunction in young men

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Erectile dysfunction in young men

  1. 1. Created by : young-men
  2. 2.  In recent years, erectile dysfunction in young men became the center of much attention from many medical experts around the world. Why did this happen? This is because erectile dysfunction was found to occur in young men. In fact this disorder is usually only occurs in men over the age of 40 years. This is really a very worrying fact. Based on the record of the World Health Organization, the number of people with this disorder continues to grow every day.
  3. 3.  Many researchers and medical experts always follow the progression of this disease to find the cause and solution. Most of people with this disorder using erection pills as a solution. However, such drugs would only restore erectile function for a while and could not last a long time. Some erection pills on the market are not made ​from natural ingredients and are not safe for consumption in the long term. Medical experts worrying the side effects of some types of drugs actually worsen the condition of the sufferer.
  4. 4.  Erectile dysfunction in young men is the inability of a man to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. For men this is a very embarrassing problem. Men would feel ashamed if he could not satisfy women in bed. Many men prefer to be quiet rather than having to tell the embarrassing problems like this. Conditions like this actually makes these disorders difficult to cure. Erectile dysfunction can cause men to lose confidence in matters of sex. This will cause the man will always try to avoid everything to do with sex.
  5. 5. Why erectile dysfunction in youngmenstudies have shown that this problem occurs because many Some could happen? things. The cause may be different in each person. By finding the cause of this problem will facilitate the healing process. Here are some causes of erectile dysfunction in young men. 1. Mental problems In some cases, stress is one of the factors causing this problem. Stress causes men lose concentration when having sex. The brain certainly will give a response to other organs, including the vital organs. Stress causes a person not focus on what is being done. When he did not focus during having sex, he will be difficult to get an erection. 2. Cigarettes and alcohol Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption has many adverse effects to health. One of them is a disorder of the nerves. The nerves must function optimally to get a hard erection. If cigarettes and alcohol consumed in long period of time, he will not get the maximum
  6. 6.  3. Other diseases Some research indicate that diabetes and obesity can cause erectile dysfunction in young men. Excessive fat content in the body makes some of the blood vessels become blocked. Erection process requires enough blood supply to the area of ​vital organs. If the blood vessel is blocked, the blood supply will be blocked so difficult to get an erection. 4. Injury to vital organs Injury can cause vital organs to be damaged so it can not function optimally. Some damaged parts will cause a decreased ability of the vital organs.
  7. 7. Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction inyoung men To find out the existence of this disorder required right diagnosis. Diagnosis can be done by doing some tests on sufferers. There are some things to note in this case. 1. Level of libido Libido shows how much a person’s sex drive. The sufferers of erectile dysfunction usually has a low libido level. 2. The use of some specific types of of drugs Some types of of drugs such as antidepressants and other drugs related with nerve function can cause this problem.
  8. 8.  3. Medical history Medical history works to determine the condition of a person’s health from the past until now. Medical history can indicate disease that ever happened before, which is related to erectile dysfunction disorders. 4. Personal issues Too much problem can cause stress. Stress cause decreased sexual ability. If you feel unsure, you can perform a medical check to get more accurate results. Medical checkup can showed how severe the disorder in a person.
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