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With the help of different massage therapies, you relax yourself and relieves the stress that you obtain from your our busy lives and tight schedule. Best facial service in Chinatown provides you the best facial service is order to make your skin smooth and soft. With the effective strokes, a therapist helps in rejuvenating your skin of the body, de-stress your mind, and also boost up your immune system.

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Bio fresh beauty

  1. 1. Bio-Fresh Beauty is serving you from last 20 years and has gained strong local support from faithful customers. We are specialized in all kinds of beauty related services, ranging from facial, remove pigmentation, anti-aging and slimming. Contact Us: Phone : +65 65343133 Email : Website :
  2. 2. 1. Radio Frequency Facial Treatment 2. E-light System 3. Gold Mask Treatment 4. Diamond Peel Facial Treatment 5. Aromatherapy Facial Treatment 6. Customize Facial Treatment
  3. 3. Radio Frequency Facials are considered among the most effective non-surgical procedures available today. Radio Frequency Facial Treatment is good option for face lifting without surgery.
  4. 4. E-Light is a complete facial treatment system. Proven safety and efficacy for a wider range of skin textures and tones means e-Light can help build your practice. E-light system uses optical energy combining with radio frequency to heat and coagulates the hair follicle to achieve permanent hair reduction.
  5. 5. Gold and beauty have for long gone together. This treatment quickly became famous and is in demand for it has the power to whiten, moisturize, minimize pores, control oil, tone, lift and restore elasticity.
  6. 6. Diamond Peel is a safe and effective method which takes out dirt and dead skin. It employs the use of special diamond-tipped hand piece which is run over by the dermatologist over the surface of skin to vacuum away whiteheads and blackheads, dirt and dead skin.
  7. 7. Aromatherapy facial treatment is a treatment which uses natural extract from plants for detoxifying and healing. The ultimate treatment, combining Aroma Lift and Aroma Clear. For those concerned with skin that is dull, tired and lacking tone and elasticity. For results that are immediate and visible.
  8. 8. Custom facials can address a variety of needs ranging from premature aging and environmental damage to acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion. Custom facials use products and techniques precisely fit your skincare concerns.
  9. 9. Thank You To Visit us: