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Tips On Remodeling Your Basement Floor


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Tips On Remodeling Your Basement Floor

  1. 1. In home renovations, most people focus on projects such as the kitchen or the bathrooms while the basement carries on functioning as the junk room of the house - outof sight and not even really considered a part of the home.No visitors are allowed in the basement, if this is the case, and the room becomes an excuse to store things that you no longer need or even want. A basement can easily be converted into a game room, coffee bar, entertainment space or anything you desire really, and by doing so, youcan make a great investment in your home. If you are tiredof wasting this space and want to revamp your basement, a good place to start is with the floor. Damp is your worst culprit when putting in a new floor, so its wise to have your basement checked for water seepage before moving ahead with your project. Even so, choose a flooring
  2. 2. You may feel that concrete flooring would look incomplete on its own, but its definitely one of the most durable options for your basement. Ideal for damp circumstances and quite affordable, a concrete floor can fit into just about any look that youve envisioned for the room. By staining the floor or painting it, you will be able to choosefrom a variety of shades and textures to match the style offurniture youre planning to put in your basement. One of the major downsides to a concrete floor is that it can be quite cold on your feet, but some attractive rugs will not only give a warmer look but a warmer feel as well. Even if you decide to paint the floor, youll save quite a bit of money. Concrete paint is very inexpensive; it usually goesfor less than twenty dollars a gallon and can be blended to any colour you want. However, stay away from normal
  3. 3. If you know that concrete wont work for the purpose you have in mind, think about tile flooring. There are somany shapes and sizes to choose from in the tiling market today which enable you to create a classic look, acontemporary look or even an old-fashioned look. Another option that is growing in reputation is laminate flooring which has the appearance of wood but actually has an aluminum oxide surface. This gives the possibility of a wooden look at a much lower price than wooden floors. Both tiled flooring and laminate flooring are more costlythan a concrete floor, but they are extremely easy to keep clean and add great value to your home.
  4. 4. Carpet has grown to be loved by most people because of the soft and warm surface it brings to a room. Its more comfortable to walk barefoot or to sit on the floor when theres carpet rather than some type of hard floor, but unfortunately carpet isnt the smartest move for a basement. This is solely due to how quickly it soaks up moisture and how long it takes to dry out. This makes it a great haven for mildew which is horrible for allergies andgeneral health. Rather avoid putting in a carpet, and put in some nice floor rugs which can be easily replaced every few years.
  5. 5. As you make plans to refurbish your basement floor, takethe time to explore a wide selection of surfaces - weighing up the pros and cons. Flooring is not only meant to provide reliable support that will last, but its also one of the first characteristics of a room that people see. A floor can truly make or break the appearance of a room, so weigh up the decision heavily. Also take the time to ensure the basement floor will fit your vision for the room. For instance, if your basement is being convertedinto a game room for teenagers, make sure its something that not only looks appealing to teenagers but is alsosturdy enough for gaming equipment. Lastly, keep in mind that any renovation you do, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, is an investment in your property which means it will pay off one day when youre ready to sell.
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