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My Work From Home Ideas demonstrates why just having a job these days is fast becoming a big problem and a simple solution to that problem.

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Work from home ideas

  1. 1. WARNING! This Short Essay May, Cause You To FIRE! Your Boss, So You Can Live Stress-Free,Working From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Making More Money In A Week, Than You DoWorking For A Month In Your Job..Part 1: The Agonising Problem..No doubt you’re intelligent enough to know that; it doesn’tmatter where you live, right now the economy sucks: Unemployment keeps going up, Costs of living keep going up and up, Wages & salaries are shrinking and You’ve probably got your boss on your back all day..And adding insult to that injury the TV tells you to “feel lucky,because at least you have a job..”While the so called experts, all agree and predict that things willonly get worse and it will become harder and harder to find andkeep a job..
  2. 2. W.T.F.. Is Really Happening?For the sake of keeping this a fast and fun read, the definitionof Commerce in this essay will be; “the act of buying andselling stuff..”And right now..All Commerce in the world is radically changing..But..Before we look into that..Allow me to take you back in time..To help you understand what is going ontoday..Not so long ago, the farmers used to doall their work by hand..Everything from digging the ground, tosowing and harvesting their crops, andgoing off to market..With so much to do, the farmers werelimited in how much they produced..That is until one day, a farmer had an idea..It might have been because he was feeling lazy, maybe he wasclever, we don’t quite know..All we do know is he was “so over,” digging the ground by handthat he, designed and built what we call a “plough” and thenstrapped it on to his horse..
  3. 3. Now by doing this, he greatly increased the potential size of hisharvest..Because he was able to prepare more soil, and this meant hecould plant more seed..So when it came time to sell his crop..Because he had so much more than he normally would..He could afford to sell for a cheaper price and still make morethan he had ever done before..As you can probably imagine, this made life harder for all theother farmers..Fast forward a few of decades later, and we start having fullymechanized farming, where even the animals were replaced bymachines..If farmers, didn’t “get on board” with this change they were notonly unable to compete, they struggled to stay alive..
  4. 4. Now..Coming back to present day..Commerce is, the act of buying and selling stuff..Before the arrival of the internet, Commerce was like the farmerwho did all the work by hand..But..After the arrival of the internet, Commerce became “fullymechanized farming on steroids..”As more and more transactions are done online each and everysecond..Less and less are done offline..This change impacts upon each and every one of our lives, ourjobs, and our communities..The traditional way of doing things, like having a job, relying ona boss or a company to pay you in exchange for your time..Is fast becoming “old news,” no longer required, wanted orneeded..Sure right now you need to have a job, to keep yourself afloat..And by NO means am I saying youshould quit your job until you arefinancially secure, enough to dothat..And there will always still be jobs..But..
  5. 5. Give Yourself permission to, take a moment and look forward..Look at where commerce is going..Ask Yourself..How you can use the information here?How do You become that clever/lazy farmer who came up withthe idea of the plough..So you can stop flogging yourself day in and day out, just tomake a living..Your Simple Solution..Around the world, each and every day.Hundreds of people just like you join the online revolution..And start making great money, working from the comfort oftheir homes..For most of them, the best day of their life, was the day theyditched their job and told their boss where to go..Because this was the day they finally, stood up for themselvesand their family, and started to live instead of just surviving dayto day..The best thing is that it was soeasy once they discovered thekey to unlocking this real,proven, lasting opportunity..
  6. 6. One where they didn’t have to: Learn how to build a website, Do SEO, By traffic Do marketing Etc..But..They could still, “tap into the unlimited wealth of onlinecommerce..”It’s no secret that the whole internet is made up of “content..”That’s right all those emails, all those You tube videos,Facebook pages, blogs, music..Anything and everything online is “content..”But..What 99.999% of people online DON’T realize is some peopleget paid an absolute truckload of money posting contentonline..And others just update their status on Facebook, about howtheir cat took a dump on the rug..And wonder why the economy sucks..You see, if you know the right places you can make a full-timeincome and more, just by logging on to your account andproducing some content, that others are willing to pay BIGmoney for..Now..Just, hold on one “cotton-pickin moment..”
  7. 7. Before you go running off to the hills crying “I couldn’t do that..”Let’s put this into perspective for you..If you can: Pass a school writing test, for students in year 3 and Send an email, or Update your status on Facebook..Then you have more than enough skills to get started withthis..And the more you do it the easier it becomes, for you to do itfaster and faster..(It’s a bit like a baby learning to walk, they don’t just get up andrun 100 meters in world record time the first step they take, butas they stick with it you’re soon chasing them around the roomcatching everything they knock over..)WARNING!If you’re looking for an “overnight-get-rich, make-a-fast-bucksystem..”WelI..I wish you all the best..Because..That’s not how this works..Although there are people just like you, making $65,000 peryear or more from the comfort of their own homes, using thisexact system..
  8. 8. They all had to start from where you are and they had to beprepared to “do what it takes..”In Fact The Only Reason People Fail At This Is Because TheyLack, “Stickability..”You see..What we are talking about here is starting small, when youhave 10 mins to spare..Make yourself a little cash..And as you keep doing this, you automatically become better atit and you’ll do it faster..This does 3 things for you: Builds your confidence Motivates you to do it more Makes it easier to do it faster..So, soon you might find yourself doing it 2-3 hours per week..And that “little cash” you were making when you first began, isnow starting to pay bills, buy groceries or even be gettingsaved for a rainy day..Generally making life a bit more easier, fun and comfortable..By the time you’re hooked and doing 1-2 hours per day, youare looking at cutting back the number of days you spend inyour job..And this is where things get really exciting..This is where you see the “light at the end of the tunnel,” andyour boss is probably “shaking in his or her boots..”
  9. 9. It’s NOT rocket science,and nobody is going toturn up on your doorstepwith a wheelbarrow ofcash..This is Consistent, Real,Proven, Low Pressureand Fun Work that youcan grow into a Full-timeIncome and so muchmore..What You Need To Do Now Is..>>> CLICK HERE <<<And Start Living The Life You Truly Deserve.. 