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  1. 1. Network+ Course Outline<br />Course Length: 5 Days<br />Overview:In this course students learn skills that help prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification, 2009 objectives (exam N10-004). The course describes the major networking technologies, systems, skills, and tools used in modern PC-based computer networks.<br />Prerequisites:Experience with any Windows-based computing system (required)CompTIA A+ Certification (optional)<br />Course Content<br />Lesson 1: Network Basics <br />Network concepts<br />Network architectures<br />The OSI model<br />Unit summary: Network basics<br />Lesson 2: Wired Computer-to-Computer Connections <br />Wired network connections<br />Network interface cards and modems<br />Unit summary: Wired computer-to-computer connections<br />Lesson 3: Network-to-Network Connections <br />Network-to-network connection components<br />LAN wiring<br />LAN wiring tests<br />Unit summary: Network-to-network connections<br />Lesson 4: Wired Internetworking Devices <br />Basic internetworking devices<br />Specialized internetworking devices<br />Unit Summary: Wired internetworking devices<br />Lesson 5: Wired Communication Standards <br />The TCP/IP protocol suite<br />TCP/IP<br />DHCP servers<br />Unit summary: Wired communication standards<br />Lesson 6: Wireless Networking <br />Wireless network devices<br />Wireless networking standards<br />Wireless configuration<br />Unit summary: Wireless networking<br />Lesson 7: Security Threats and Mitigation <br />Security threats<br />Threat mitigation<br />Unit summary: Security threats and mitigation<br />Lesson 8: Security Practices <br />Operating systems<br />Devices<br />Unit summary: Security practices<br />Lesson 9: Network Access Control <br />Authentication<br />Public key cryptography<br />Remote access<br />Wireless security<br />Unit Summary: Network access control<br />Lesson 10: Monitoring <br />Monitoring resources<br />Event Viewer<br />Unit summary: Monitoring<br />Lesson 11: Troubleshooting <br />Troubleshooting basics<br />Troubleshooting the network<br />Troubleshooting scenarios<br />Unit summary: Troubleshooting<br />