Your Questions About Internet Security Software Free Trial


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Your Questions About Internet Security Software Free Trial

  1. 1. Your Questions About Internet Security Software Free TrialBest Internet Security 2012 information as PDFSteven asks…Is there an internet security software with more than 30 days freetrial? (apart from bullguard)?I don’t want to pay for an internet security license because my computer is very unreliable andit doesn’t worth it. So i try to use free trials. i’ve just used Bullguard INTERNET security for 60days, which was great. but now i must replace it, and i couldn’t find another one which hasmore than 30 days free. Do you know another one? last spring panda had 90 days, avast had60 days, but now, everyone is 30. Another solution is to reinstall my OS (using XP sp2) or todelete and clean the registry, the temporary files or whatever they’re called in order to reinstallbullguard again. SO, DO YOU KNOW A FREE TRIAL INTERNET SECURITY SOFTWAREWITH MORE THAT 30 DAYS, OR CAN YOU RECOMEND ME A SOFTWARE TO CLEANSOMETHING IN ORDER TO REINSTALL BULLGUARD AGAIN…. or i just need to get use withthe idea of installing a new software every 30 daysadmin answers: 1/8
  2. 2. Are you looking for an all-in-one internet security package? If yes, use the free Comodo InternetSecurity: already comes with antivirus and firewall features.If you don’t mind using some combos to get better antivirus protection, disable the AV featureof Comodo and use the free Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast.Susan asks…the best free, non-trial version internet security software?I am looking for a free, full version internet security software that I can use on multiplecomputers. Does anyone have any ideas and /or websites to recommend?admin answers: 2/8
  3. 3. Here’s some ideas to “roll ya own” Internet Security Suite for free. Free is always the best.1. For your Anti-Virus……(Always use only 1 A-V)I like the AOL ActiveVirusShield. Don’t let the name AOL scare you. ActiveVirusShield is madeby Kaspersky which is one of top-rated anti-virus vendors in the world.In recent tests, the most popular free anti-virus, AVG, was only able to detect about 82% of avery large sample of viruses. On the other hand, ActiveVirusShield was able to detect betterthan 99% in the same test.Full test results are here: has excellent virus detection rates and is extremely light on using yourcomputer resources.Updates many times per day to detect new malware.Free to anyone, AOL member or not from: For your Firewall……….(Always use only 1 firewall)An excellent free firewall is Comodo Personal Firewall. It can pass firewall “leak tests” thateven most of the “paid-for” firewalls cannot pass.And Comodo has a great support forum. Where the CEO / President of the company mighteven himself answer your question! Check it out at: For your Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware needs……………(use 2)Pick and choose, 2 anti-spywares from the list below and alternate scanning with them on aregular basis. New spywares are created literally hourly, so no single anti-spyware can reallydetect all malware. Have at least 2 on hand and alternate scanning with each every few days orso. All are free. All can remove as well as detect.Spybot Search and Destroy: 3/8
  4. 4. SE: Defender:, many “paid for” anti-spyware products are in fact either of limited usefulness ordownright scams. When in doubt, look at the list of rogue anti-spyware solutions listed here: And to protect your computer from ever getting infected with spyware in the first place…………(use them both)SpywareBlaster: here is 100% free!!!!!!Great luck! 4/8
  5. 5. Jenny asks…What is a good free antivirus software that acts similarly to NortonInternet Security?My Norton Internet Security free trial that came with this Windows 7 PC is set to expire on the27th of March, and it has served me well but I will not be able to purchase the software itselfonce the trial ends. With Norton, it was useful in especially placing icons near sites that weredeemed safe or deemed not so safe in say a list of Google search results. It would also let meknow if a download I clicked onto would be okay to execute or if it was unsafe because ofmalware or trojans.So far, I have found no reputable free antivirus software that acts similarly to Norton InternetSecurity especially in those aspects mentioned above. Does anyone know of a good, free,AND reputable free antivirus software that would work like Norton Internet Security does?I’ve seen good and free and reputable examples like AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials,and I will highly consider them, but the thing that bums me out is that I’m not sure if they actsimilarly to Norton in those respects. I already have avast! running on my computer, but I’mlooking for something else too to co-exist with it.I have also come across this Free Antivirus page that lists free security tools from Nortonthemselves, but I am unsure if they have any of the same types of tools like the ones I alreadymentioned:, any suggestions please? Please don’t give me an answer without any thought put into it,just to earn 2 points. I want answers from people who are knowledgable about this sort of thing,so if anyone is out there reading this who is, it would be greatly appreciated if you could give mesome reputable recommendations.Thank you! 5/8
  6. 6. admin answers:If you want free then I recommend Avast , superantispyware and Malwarebytes. Coupled withComodo firewall They are all free for personal use . It is safe to use two anti-spy products butnever use more than one A/V as it can cause conflicts. You should run A/V and anti spy weekly.Joseph asks…What’s the best free Internet security and virus software for pc ? ?Am wanting something that’s good and not a free trial or yearly subscription – free virus andInternet security – helpadmin answers: 6/8
  7. 7. If you want free then I recommend Avast , superantispyware and Malwarebytes. Coupled withComodo firewall They are all free for personal use . It is safe to use two anti-spy products butnever use more than one A/V as it can cause conflicts. You should run A/V and anti spy weekly.Mary asks…What is a FREE internet security download?i just had a mcAfee trial software but it just ended, so now i need a new security software.what is a good FREE security online download that i can use to protect my computer againstviruses? thanks! if you can provide a link too! thanks!admin answers:Anti virus and firewall pro 7/8
  8. 8. Avira Antivir;photoPromoMain together with Zone Alarm Firewall Free or PC Tools Firewall Plus Threatfire is an anti virus, that can be installed next to any other anti virus program on the same computer Powered by Yahoo! Answers Click this link Your Questions About Internet Security Software Free Trial 8/8Powered by TCPDF (