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The roles of educational technology in learning


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Roles of Educational Technology: Traditional Vs. Constructivist Point of View

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The roles of educational technology in learning

  1. 1. “Technology makes a new place”
  2. 2. Technology can play a TRADITIONAL role as a “delivery vehicles for instructional lessons” or in a CONTRUCTIVIST way as “partners” in the learning process.
  3. 3. Traditional Way • Here, the learner learns “from” the technology and technology serves as a teacher. • The learner learns the content presented by the technology in the same way the learner learns knowledge presented by the teacher.
  4. 4. Constructivist Way • Here, technology helps the learner build more meaningful personal interpretations of life and his/her world. • Technology is a “learning tool to learn with, not from”. • It makes the learner gather, think, analyze, synthesize information and construct meaning with what technology presents. • Technology serves as a medium in representing what the learner knows what he/she is learning.
  5. 5. Roles of technology in learning based on the Constructivist perspective: • Technology as tools to support knowledge construction. • Technology as information vehicles for exploring knowledge to support learning –by-constructing. • Technology as “context to support learning-by-doing”. • Technology as a “social medium” to support learning by conversing • Technology as “intellectual partners” to support learning-by-reflecting.
  6. 6. Traditional Approach (Technology as Teacher) • Film Showing • Seminar about Photo Editing and Photography • Science Exhibit • Research (baby thesis) in English 2 • Teacher posting his/her lesson using manila paper while pupils are only listening to him. Her. • Teacher giving only the hand-outs of the topic. • Video Presentation about the tourist spot • Seminar on Homosexuality: Family Planning
  7. 7. Constructivist Approach (Technology as partner in learning) • Assembling computer parts • Java Programming • ICT Laboratory Activities • Hands-on Activity on Computer • Typing Activity on MSDOS • Cooking Session in T.L.E. Class • Drafting • Cross-Stitch • Conducting Experimentation in Science classes.