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Make money online for newbie

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    You are a newbie to the internet or you have difficulty finding the time to either build or maintain your site – what do you do? This can be problematic for some people if they don't know of anybody that can help them. But there is another way. You can hire other experts to help you.

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Make money for newbie

  1. 1. - What is Kudos Network? Kudos is a service based on affiliate marketing, a simple business model. Service was established in 2007 in England and working there the longest. Currently it is available to all countries around the world! KudosNetwork allows you to effortlessly get valuable gifts (such as iPods, Xboxy360, PS3, cameras, etc. Etc.) orcash on paypal account.Full list of awards, including the number of referrals, you have to get to claim your prize:
  2. 2. WARNING! At the final prize (Custom Order) you can order the payment of moneyto paypal account. Do not be scared of this number 99 referrals because you simply need 3 referrals ($ 78) to receive payment on Paypal … :)
  3. 3. Compared with other ways to make money online, you may not see a worthy competitor for the kudosnetwork. Ive tried many things ... clicked in ads, where I earned a pittance and it was unknown whether the company will pay us, I used affiliate programs, but profits were really wasted ... The kudos with little effortand soon you can earn really big money, or valuable prizes. - How does it work? Suppose that a company "X" needs to attract new customers, so it needs good advertising. Unfortunately,advertising on radio and television is veryexpensive, so she use the services of affiliate companies that paya commission to anyone who can acquire a new customer for them. Definition of Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Marketing is mainly two groups of co- operation: the publishers (ieKudos Network) and advertisers (ie businesses whose offers are placed at Kudos). Both of these groups have a goal that combine money, of course. Characteristic of affiliate marketing is the way accountability -for a specific effect. " Kudos Network is just one of those companies. They receive a commission every time they address a new customer to the advertiser. Instead, they offer prizes and money to Kudos users, who invite referrals(that complete offers). I know its a little tricky and you can get lost but in fact it has a great sense. In short: You give your friends a special link to recruitment, they sign up as your referrals, doing one free, or paid offer, and you get for that money (as I have mentioned 26$ per single referral!).
  4. 4. Kudos Network Features: • Available for all worldwide • Choice Awards is huge and their shipment we have no free! We do not pay any duty • Custom Orders - a choice of rewards, that is not on the side of Kudos • Unlimited number of awards that we can order • Short term expectations of reward • Cash payments by Paypal! • Unlimited number of referrals to gain• Interesting offers: Inituit(free, but you have to register credit or debit card!), Homestead (free, but you have to register credit or debit card!), Wink Bingo (You have to deposit 10$) • Very Fast support • No Spam you email • No age limits! - How much I can earn? Earnings are unlimited. The more you catch referrals who will perform correctly one offer, the more you earn! For a referral you get 17 pounds, is about $ 26! Just think ... You have got many good friends who will sign up as your referrals and complete one survey, or you’re good in internet advertising? Suppose you manage to get 100 referrals who complete one offer ... You earn 2600$, or some really coolprizes! :D - Any proof of payment from Kudos? Of course… Here I put 2 Paypal payments, and a proof of the received prize(Ipod):
  5. 5. - How can I register? To register open this link: WARNING! Sign up from this link, complete an offer and get $ 10 bonus from me straight into yourpaypal account! It’s not important which offer you’ll complete… It can be free offer, than you will be 10$+ or paid offer(for exampleWink Bingo, that require 10$ deposit) than you get back moneys for completing this survey! After entering the above link, enter your email address in the box:
  6. 6. After typing an email, click "Go". Now enter your personal informationand move on. Once registration is complete go to the email address and there should have such an e-mail:
  7. 7. You click the activation link and now its done. Now, log in to your account. To start recommending Kudosto others(to your friends etc), you have to make only one offer in the "Offers" section to fully activate your account ... - How to complete offer? To complete offer click „Offers”. Depending on what country you are, you will have different picks offers available to complete. For example, Ihad this offers:The first two (Intuit and Homestead) are free offers, for the fulfillment of which we donot have to pay anything. But we have to register a credit/debit card during completing this surveys (must be real, registered in your name, otherwise you will be banned) ☺ These offers are the most interesting offers, recommend by me... Good offer is also a "Wink Bingo" because that’s true that we have to deposit $10 andplay for this $ 10 in Wink bingo room, but if we have some luck we can win extra cash in bingo! I describe here how to fill those three offers Ive mentioned before. - Intuit offer:
  8. 8. The offer is accepted when you sign up for 30 day trian on Intuit website. Asmentioned before, if you wantto do this offer you’ll have to register your credit or debit card (do not use pre-paid cards) during signing up for trial ... After a successful completing offer you’ll have to wait 5 days to confirm it by Kudos. Ok, so if you Wan to complete this offer, click „Proceed”. Now you’ll be redirected toIntuit website when you’ll have to register for trial. Click blue button „Try It For Free!”. Now, write your personal informations:
  9. 9. Click Continue.Now complete rest informations:
  10. 10. Click „Click here to finish”. Next you need to cope alone. You’ll have to click that, you continue and if necessary write something (I do not remember exactly what we hadto continue writing, but rather youll manage) . When executed correctly will receive an email confirming that the offer was done positive andthat you have to wait for approval by the Kudos. As you can see its pretty simple ... WARNING! Remember that once your offer will be accepted by Kudos(it will beaccepted in 5-10 days) to write to Intuit that we give up the trial offer, because if we not resign from Trial they will deduct 19.99$ from your card automaticly! Thats all. Now recruit people, and earn big cash :D - Homestead offer:
  11. 11. Completing this offer is very similar to Intuit so Im not describing it! - Wink Bingo offer: Click „Register” and complete form:
  12. 12. After filling out the fields click on "Submit". I do not remember if you need toclick the activation link now(if yes, than do it), and now login. After logging in, click the "Deposit" and deposit $ 10 (can be by credit card,debit card, or online banks - Moneybookers, Neteller, etc. ...). The choice is yours After depositing $10, go to the section with bingo rooms. You have to play for aminimum of $ 10(so all that you’ve deposited)... When you’ll play for this 10$, offer will be accepted by the Kudos Network. By the way, if you have luck you can win a sizable sum of money in bingo :D.Other offers are also fine, although for example, offer "Rebtel" - we have to pay $ 10 and the time required toaccept this offer by Kudos is 30 days, so much ... "INTUIT WEBLISTINGS" requires deposit $ 14 and"HYPER FB TRAFFIC" depositing $ 39 ... Therefore, these offers are not described here.
  13. 13. That’s all. If you’ve Any questions about completing offers or about other things write to my email: I will help you. Warning:If you can not do it yourself, I can teamview for you, please contact me. Action Now I will bonus you 10$ for this link This is ebook verson 1.0 about KudosNetwork I will send you ebook verson 2.1 when you completed an offer from this link. Thank you, good luck for you.