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Catalog on demand


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Catalog on demand

  1. 1. Sample Publication Created ForMagento Site Owners Custom Flyer, Brochure & Catalog Production In MinutesThis publication was created usingCatalog-on-Demand® with the Ironwood LayoutPak™
  2. 2. Table of Contents A Catalog AboutIntroduction................................................. 3 Catalog-on-Demand forGeneral Information.................................... 4Automated Layout Features.......................5 Magento Thank you for your interest in learning more about Catalog-Sample Products......................................... 7 on-Demand for Magento!3M Sample Products................................. 11 The purpose of this publication is to help you better understand the concept of Catalog-on-Demand, and how it can help you increase sales from your Magento site. The first few sections of this publication include articles about features and benefits of Catalog-on-Demand for Magento. The last section consists of sample product presentations. They show that Catalog-on-Demand can handle almost any kind of product data that you can imagine. No registration or expertise is required to try out Catalog- on-Demand with your site. You can launch a Test Publication within seconds of installation. Check out the Quick Start page. If you like what you see, then register for a free one month trial subscription! Questions? Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or ideas about how you might use Catalog-on-Demand to help increase sales. We look forward to working with you! Best regards, Tim Catalog-on-Demand® is the worlds fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to create Tim Hennings custom catalogs, brochures, and flyers that are Catalog-on-Demand targeted at specific customers and prospects. ObjectPublisher Web Services Millions of published pages have been 4616 - 25th Ave. NE, #454 produced for both large and small companies. Seattle, WA 98105 Catalog-on-Demand supports a range of (1) (206) 905-8442 workflows that include: Casual site visitors who wish to make their own brochures from an e-commerce site Non-technical sales people who wish to make custom publications for their prospects Marketing professionals who are publishing annual or quarterly catalogs
  3. 3. IntroductionKeep Selling AFTER Create Your First Publication fromYour Customers Have Magento in 5 Minutes – NoLeft Your Site! Registration, No Credit CardAre you frustrated by customers Want to give Catalog-on-Demand a quick try?visiting your site, looking around, There is absolutely no risk. You do not need toand leaving without making a register or enter a credit card number.purchase? You know that your 1. Install the latest extensionchances of making a sale plummet 2. Click on Launch Test Publicationonce they are gone. They probablywont even remember your site, much In a few minutes you will receive a testless what products you offer. publication containing YOUR product data!Let custom PDF publications from Next you will probably want to register for theCatalog-on-Demand help you. The purpose of the custom PDF flyer free one month trial. Then you will be able to personalize theis to improve your odds of a return visit. You are increasing your publications with your own headline, logo, message, colors, ads, etc.,chances that they will remember you. as well as choose your own product mix.Make Custom Powered by Catalog-on-Publications Your Best Demand® Web ServiceSelling Tool The Magento extension is powered by Grow revenues from ALL Catalog-on-Demand, a 24x7 web service existing customers. Have you running on a scalable server cluster located been ignoring your low-volume in a state of the art data center. The service customers? Send custom flyers and is highly reliable, backed by redundant impress them with personalized power, emergency power, and redundant attention. feeds from multiple major Internet backbone providers. Recruit new customers. Now you have a super cost-effective tool for pulling in prospects too! Ramp up traffic to your e-commerce site. The customer simply clicks on the product to land on the corresponding product web Trusted For Millions of PDF Pages page. The more flyers you send, the more traffic youll see. Show you are service-oriented. Actions speak louder than words! Custom publications shout out that you are all about great service. Get free referrals. A customer who likes your custom publication will forward it to a colleague. Does marketing get any better? Show off your specialization. Your expert knowledge is best demonstrated with custom publications.Each custom catalog or flyer works as both an offline and onlineselling tool.. Offline, a custom publication can be printed, handed to a friend, or stuck to the fridge door. Online, it can be viewed in Acrobat or a browser, emailed to a friend, and posted on Facebook as a birthday or holiday list. It contains embedded PDF-e-Links back to your ecommerce site. Catalog-on-Demand for Magento is your most trustworthy and cost- effective way to create custom catalogs, brochures, and flyers. Millions of pages have been produced with Catalog-on-Demand. Both standard and custom versions of Catalog-on-Demand are being used by companies of all sizes, including some of the largest and most successful manufacturers and distributors in the world. Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 3 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  4. 4. General Information Easy to use: "Visitor Mode" or "Salesperson Analytic Reports Mode" Once set up, this extension adds a simple button to the Magento At any time, you can obtain reports as detailed as you wish: Wishlist called "Create Publication". When your visitor or What products people are selecting for publication salesperson clicks this button, they are prompted for a job name. Which products they are clicking on After a few minutes they receive an email with a link to a Which publications are being downloaded professional-quality, custom flyer in PDF format. This flyer will present the products contained in their wishlist. and much more. You can use custom flyers to better understand You can configure Catalog-on-Demand for two modes. particular market niches, or even drill in on specific customers. To Visitor Mode is ultra-simple. The user just adds products to their get more data, just produce and send out more custom flyers. wishlist, then clicks on the "Create Publication" button. Nothing else is required. They receive a link to the PDF in their email. In Salesperson Mode, the salesperson may enter a personalized headline and message. If you want, you can also give them a Sell Advertising or Use choice of color schemes, banners, and other options. Furthermore, Affiliate Ads! you can create in advance any number of "job parameter sets You can control which "filler ads" are (JPS)" that pre-define headers, colors and other job options. That used to fill in any empty space that helps the salesperson, because then all they have to do is select might result from the product from one of the available JPSs when running their publication. placement. These can be ads for your In order for the extension to "know" which mode to use, the site own products or services. admin creates a list of logins that authorizes particular users as Or you might decide to sell advertising salespeople. These users can be internal or external to your business. space. You can also earn commissions They will also be prompted to login to Catalog-on-Demand. Their by placing affiliate ads, including links login is free. with your affiliate ID. Drive Traffic to Your Fees for Magento Magento Site With Users PDF-e-Links™ The first month is free, so that Every product in the custom you can try it out risk-free. flyer contains a PDF-e-Link After that, the monthly fee is $9.95 per month (or $99 per year). back to the corresponding Special Note: The Magento extension is free. There is no charge to product on your Magento e- download or install the extension. You can even run a simple test job commerce site. without registering. If the user is browsing the PDF online, it is just one click to get to a place where they can place the order. If the user is offline, they can simply go to the online PDF, click on the product, and be back on your site in no time. Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog 4 This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  5. 5. Automated Layout FeaturesIntelligent Graphic Automated Tables forResizing VariantsProduct graphics are Are you using Magentosautomatically resized to a height "configurable products" feature?or width of your specification, If so, you will be glad for thewhile maintaining the proper automated table capabilities of Catalog-on-Demand. This is a highlyaspect ratio. effective way to show your customers all the variants of eachThe product description and other product. Best of all, you dont have to learn anything - it is all donetext is automatically rearranged to for you!utilize the space made available The system automatically determines the best way to present theafter the graphic is resized. combination of variants and attributes. Attributes are typically presented as columns. Variants are listed as rows. Column widths are Graphic Alignment All graphics are right-aligned. The wider the graphic, the computed automatically, based on text length, longest word length, more it will extend to the left. space available, and other factors. Very Wide Graphics If the graphic is so wide that it would extend all the way Later in this publication you will see many different sample products. to the left edge, then it is positioned above the Nearly all have variants (we call them "items"). You will probably description. Otherwise, the graphic is to the right of the description. recognize some as similar to your products. If not, dont worry! Just Graphic Height You can configure the maximum height of the product install the extension, run some publications and let us know if you are graphics. Tall graphics will be scaled down to this not satisfied with the results. We will work with you to make sure height. The width will be scaled proportionately. your needs are accommodated. Small Graphics Because of the need to maintain graphic quality, graphics will never be expanded. Keep TogetherWell-Balanced WhiteSpaceOur advanced "best fit" algorithmsensure that white space is usedefficiently throughout the publication.The system looks ahead at eachunpublished product to determinewhich one will be the best fit for thespace remaining on the page. Like agood graphic designer, it will evenuse a different product presentation toaccommodate odd-shaped spaces.At the same time, every good designer knows that appropriate use ofwhite space can be restful. It gives the reader a more pleasing In order to maximize readability, the entire product presentation isexperience. Catalog-on-Demand automatically adjusts the page kept together wherever possible. When the presentation is too large toelements so as to use the space to best advantage, and avoid over- fit in a single column, it will intelligently break so as to cause thecrowding. least interruption to the flow of the publication. Continuation headers will appear automatically.Color SchemesDifferentiate the look of yourpublications with a unique colorscheme that matches your businesscolors. You can even create multiplecolor schemes to suit the season, anevent, or a particular customerpreference. Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 5 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  6. 6. Automated Layout Features Filler Ads Your Branding You can upload your own ads - or Every publication generated ads that you sell - and have them through your Catalog-on- automatically appear as "fillers" Demand account is branded wherever there is white space in your with your logo, your color publication. scheme, your graphic Ads can have embedded PDF-e- elements, and your Links™ in the same way as products. headlines and messaging. These links can contain affiliate IDs You can even create or other information to ensure that multiple brand styles using they contribute to your revenue from the Job Parameter Set custom publications. feature. Custom Messages and Contact Information Currency Symbol In "Salesperson Mode", your users You can configure which have the ability to enter their own currency symbol is used for custom headlines and message at the your jobs. If the symbol you time they submit their job. In "Visitor need is not in the list, please Mode", you fix the headlines and let us know! message to whatever you wish. Header, Footer, and Background Images One very cool way to give your publications a unique look is to Description Formatting upload your own "lifestyle" images Chances are that you have used that will appear in the header, footer some formatting in your product or in the background. The options descriptions. For example, you available to you are specific to the might want to make some words LayoutPak that you choose. bold and other words italic. Bullet one Bullet two illustrates text wrapping Bullet three for good measure Or numbered lists: 1. Number one 2. Number two that also shows support for hyperlinks And you might color your text in order to give it special attention. We wont guarantee that Catalog-on-Demand will handle all of the HTML you might have put in the description. However, you will probably find that the most common requirements are met reasonably well. If you see a problem that you think we should address, please let us know! Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog 6 This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  7. 7. Sample ProductsProduct With Skinny Graphic Product With Wide GraphicNotice that with skinny graphics, there is more roomfor text beside the graphic. The graphics are aligned tothe right in the Ironwood LayoutPak. The wider thegraphic, the more the graphic extends to the left.Very wide graphics are positioned above thedescription. You will find examples of those productsin this publication too. Integer convallis Curabitur dignissim, augue eget posuere congue, ante When a product has a wide graphic, the graphic is positioned above leo pharetra metus, vitae ultrices quam sem non massa. the description and below the product name. If there is a logo, it Pellentesque eu leo Nunc vel imperdiet elit appears above the product name. gravida Pellentesque cursusOrder No. Thickness Color Transparency Price Ullamcorper quam in pulvinar Mauris vehicula congue justoJK723 0.85mm Ocean Blue Minimum $25.44 In convallis sapien tempus egetSD2371 1.25mm Pumpkin Orange Maximum $28.187872Y6 0.5mm Sunset Red Moderate $15.44 Etiam et nibh ac felis hendrerit Vulputate in et risus Example attribute This place is for attributes that are common to all items within a product group Pellentesque eu leo Nunc vel imperdiet elit gravidaProduct With Only One Sed eu neque Phasellus eu mauris dui. Donec molestie, ligula et vestibulum condimentumItemThis product has only one item, Order No. Thickness Color Transparency Priceand no item attributes other than JK723 0.85mm Ocean Blue Minimum $25.44price. In this case, the product doesnot have an item table. $2818 Product With Long Description This is an example of a product with a long description, including bullets. ItProduct With Only wraps to the next column.a Graphic and Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturDescription - No adipiscing elit. Vivamus sit amet purus risus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.Items Nam justo libero, viverra ut rhoncus ut, convallis non sapien. SedThis is an example of a eleifend luctus euismod.product that contains only a Morbi condimentum erat at diam rutrum tristique.description and a product. It Morbi est ante, aliquet eget egestas nonis often used to provide Iverra sit amet nisi.general information within Praesent turpis ante, lobortis luctus imperdiet sedthe flow of a catalog. Egestas sed odio. Praesent vel enim non lacus convallis blandit eu ac orci. Etiam convallis adipiscing sagittis. Cras dui tortor, semper posuere dapibus sit amet, gravida nec augue. Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 7 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  8. 8. Sample Products Product With Long Description (continued) Product With Tall Graphic A graphic that is taller than its width Etiam semper ultrices mi vel rhoncus. Quisque sed ligula eget sapien will always appear on the right side of vestibulum aliquam. Maecenas rhoncus, purus at interdum gravida, the product presentation. The logo, elit eros porta ligula, sit amet ornare lectus sem ut tellus. Integer product name, and product description molestie faucibus convallis. Praesent ipsum justo, faucibus eget will appear on the left side. tempus eget, ullamcorper in dui. Nullam eleifend, felis ut suscipit molestie, justo ipsum consectetur eros, nec volutpat sem velit eu Mauris vehicula congue justo, in quam. Sed nec sapien mauris. Praesent vitae justo non elit vehicula convallis sapien tempus eget. rutrum. Suspendisse potenti. Maecenas faucibus, neque eget semper Integer convallis Curabitur dignissim, augue eget posuere congue, ante scelerisque, diam orci ultrices elit, eget aliquet lectus odio id quam. leo pharetra metus, vitae ultrices quam sem non massa. Nulla facilisi. Nunc egestas, lectus a commodo pulvinar, metus mi Pellentesque Nunc vel imperdiet elit mattis leo, non semper magna neque et felis. Donec vitae tellus ut augue scelerisque facilisis. Donec imperdiet dignissim quam, quis Order No. Thickness Color Transparency Price rhoncus tortor posuere quis. Nulla id dolor lorem. Nunc ultrices, nisi non aliquet venenatis, enim nisi accumsan neque, placerat hendrerit JK723 0.85mm Ocean Blue Minimum $25.44 SD2371 1.25mm Pumpkin Orange Maximum $28.18 enim odio posuere mauris. Nullam consectetur ultricies justo in eleifend. Product With No Description, No Product Nam fringilla vestibulum sem eu viverra. Phasellus et mauris id nulla lacinia fringilla. Sed sed orci turpis. Quisque scelerisque, nisi vel Attributes and No Logo accumsan porta, libero libero dignissim dolor, sed semper libero dolor dapibus eros. Maecenas tempor scelerisque facilisis. Nullam egestas nisl in nisl congue accumsan. Mauris a commodo magna. Duis et lorem sit amet turpis sagittis molestie. Sed luctus ligula nec massa sagittis consectetur. Donec nec augue at quam aliquam fermentum. Suspendisse condimentum fermentum nunc, vitae commodo nisl aliquet condimentum. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Nam aliquet est sed velit feugiat pulvinar. Integer porttitor rutrum magna, eu vehicula lacus varius sit amet. Vivamus luctus, libero quis sodales tincidunt, lorem ipsum elementum dui, id laoreet tortor nibh id velit. Quisque egestas sem vel ante lacinia ut ornare lorem malesuada. In ornare tortor risus, tempus mollis nisi. Aenean sem dui, rhoncus eu molestie nec, porttitor sed velit. Pellentesque luctus dignissim condimentum. Ut ac tellus tortor, nec mollis sapien. Morbi vulputate rhoncus malesuada. Order No. Color Price Nullam semper nibh ac odio pellentesque tempor. Vestibulum JK723 Ocean Blue $25.44 scelerisque sollicitudin mollis. Phasellus et nunc elit. Duis et SD2371 Pumpkin Orange $28.18 adipiscing ante. In at suscipit massa. Donec quis rutrum metus. 7872Y6 Sunset Red $15.44 Donec congue, velit ac congue volutpat, dolor nunc facilisis nisl, vitae lobortis nunc elit at odio. Morbi pulvinar tortor eu massa sagittis ut malesuada metus tempus. Ut at tellus purus. Ut fringilla vulputate gravida. Nullam vitae elit justo. Pellentesque vel enim vel sem elementum scelerisque et nec erat. Integer convallis Curabitur dignissim, augue eget posuere congue, ante leo pharetra metus, vitae ultrices quam sem non massa. Pellentesque eu leo Nunc vel imperdiet elit gravida Order No. Thickness Color Transparency Price JK723 0.85mm Ocean Blue Minimum $25.44 SD2371 1.25mm Pumpkin Orange Maximum $28.18 7872Y6 0.5mm Sunset Red Moderate $15.44 Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog 8 This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  9. 9. Sample Products Product With No Logo and No Graphic This product does not have a logo or a graphic - thats OK! The textProduct With Small Graphic simply uses the space that would have otherwise gone to both ofThis product has a graphic that is only 150px these elements.wide by 113xp tall. As you can see, it publishes Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris atfine, but it is small compared to the other graphics in this publication. sem, eu facilisis massa.It is important to explain that Catalog-on-Demand did NOT expand Nam sed turpis ac ipsum imperdiet cursus.this graphic to fill the space. That is because the graphic resolution Sed eget egestas neque.for this job was set at 150dpi (the default setting). This number drivesour assumptions about the maximum physical dimensions of the Integer convallis Curabitur dignissim, augue eget posuere congue, antegraphic. The maximum width of this graphic, for example, is 1" leo pharetra metus, vitae ultrices quam sem non massa.(150px / 150dpi = 1 inch). If the graphic were 450 pixels wide, then Pellentesque gravida Nunc vel imperdiet elitthe maximum width would be 3". Order No. Thickness Color Transparency PriceOrder No. Thickness Color Transparency Price SD2371 1.25mm Pumpkin Orange Maximum $28.18SD2371 1.25mm Pumpkin Orange Maximum $28.18 7872Y6 0.5mm Sunset Red Moderate $15.447872Y6 0.5mm Sunset Red Moderate $15.44 JK723 0.85mm Ocean Blue Minimum $25.44JK723 0.85mm Ocean Blue Minimum $25.44Product With Wide Graphic and Numerous ItemAttributesLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris at nisl sem, eufacilisis massa. Nam sed turpis ac ipsum imperdiet cursus. Sed eget egestasneque. Integer convallis Curabitur dignissim, augue eget posuere congue, ante leo pharetra metus, vitae ultrices quam sem non massa.Pellentesque eu leo gravida Nunc vel imperdiet elit Sed eu neque Phasellus eu mauris duiOrder No. Thickness Color Transparency Aq velit Blandit Nunc metus Neque PriceJK723 0.85mm Steel Minimum AB 23.701 HU-14 Tristique $25.44JK724 1.35mm Copper Medium ACC 17.230 HU-11 Consequat $31.76JK725 2.01mm Slate Medium RFF 15.552 HU-14 Quisque id sem $25.45JK726 2.49mm Slate Maximum RFF 12.895 HU-19 Lectus ipsum $31.77JK727 3.27mm Pewter Maximum AB 10.487 HU-19 Donec ullamcorper $25.46JK728 3.62mm Steel Maximum SS 8.829 HU-11 Vivamus $31.78Product With Tall Graphic and Several Item AttributesThis is an example of a product where there are more item attributes than will fit in a half page layout, but not so manythat it requires a full page layout. In these cases, the graphic is positioned to the right of the table.Order No. Thickness Color Transparency Aq velit Suspendisse Vestibulum PriceJK723 0.85mm Steel Minimum AB 23.701 Ultricies $25.44JK724 1.35mm Copper Medium ACC 17.230 Auctor $31.76 Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 9 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  10. 10. Sample Products Product With Wide Graphic and Several Item Attributes This is an example of a product where there are more item attributes than will fit in a half page layout, but not so many that it requires a full page layout. In these cases, the graphic is positioned to the right of the table. Order No. Thickness Color Aq velit Blandit Tincidunt Vestibulum Price MK22 0.85mm Steel AB 23.701 Ultricies R88 $25.44 PK75 1.35mm Copper ACC 17.230 Auctor R93 $31.76 Product With Many Items Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris at nisl sem, eu facilisis massa. Nam sed turpis ac ipsum imperdiet cursus. Sed eget egestas neque. Pellentesque cursus ullamcorper quam in pulvinar. Mauris vehicula congue justo, in convallis sapien tempus eget. Etiam et nibh ac felis hendrerit vulputate in et risus. Vivamus sollicitudin volutpat mi, sit amet mollis nisi sollicitudin sit Order No. Thickness Price Order No. Thickness Price Order No. Thickness Price Order No. Thickness Price GN238 0.85 mm $25.44 GN246 1.09 mm $25.44 GN254 1.42 mm $25.44 GN262 0.96 mm $25.44 GN239 0.87 mm $25.44 GN247 1.11 mm $25.44 GN255 1.47 mm $25.44 GN263 0.99 mm $25.44 GN240 0.89 mm $25.44 GN248 1.20 mm $25.44 GN256 1.49 mm $25.44 GN264 1.02 mm $25.44 GN241 0.91 mm $25.44 GN249 1.25 mm $25.44 GN257 0.85 mm $25.44 GN265 1.09 mm $25.44 GN242 0.94 mm $25.44 GN250 1.26 mm $25.44 GN258 0.87 mm $25.44 GN266 1.11 mm $25.44 GN243 0.96 mm $25.44 GN251 1.29 mm $25.44 GN259 0.89 mm $25.44 GN267 1.20 mm $25.44 GN244 0.99 mm $25.44 GN252 1.34 mm $25.44 GN260 0.91 mm $25.44 GN268 1.25 mm $25.44 GN245 1.02 mm $25.44 GN253 1.38 mm $25.44 GN261 0.94 mm $25.44 GN269 1.26 mm $25.44 Product With Many Items and Very Few Item Attributes This example shows how Ironwood LayoutPak handles a product that has many items, but only two item attributes. It is not good to let all the items appear in a single column, because the column would be too long. It would have to break, making it hard to read. Instead, you can see that Ironwood divides the items into two boxes for a full page spread. Order No. Thickness Application Price Order No. Thickness Application Price GN238 0.85 mm Curabitur volutpat $19.83 GN250 1.26 mm Curabitur $21.11 GN239 0.87 mm Curabitur $19.99 GN251 1.29 mm Aliquam sapien $21.27 GN240 0.89 mm Curabitur volutpat aliquam sapien, eget $20.15 GN252 1.34 mm Aliquam sapien $21.43 sagittis GN253 1.38 mm Aliquam sapien $21.59 GN241 0.91 mm Curabitur volutpat aliquam $20.31 GN254 1.42 mm Aliquam sapien $21.75 GN242 0.94 mm Curabitur volutpat $20.47 GN255 1.47 mm Aliquam sapien $21.91 GN243 0.96 mm Curabitur $20.63 GN256 1.49 mm Aliquam sapien $22.07 GN244 0.99 mm Aliquam sapien $20.79 GN257 0.85 mm Aliquam sapien $22.23 GN249 1.25 mm Eget sagittis $20.95 GN258 0.87 mm Aliquam sapien $22.39 Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog 10 This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  11. 11. 3M Sample Products3M™ Citrus Base Cleaner 3M™ Cloth Belt 240DA liquid cleaner/degreaser that can beused to dissolve and remove dirt, grease,tar, and many non-curing type adhesives.It can also be used to degrease substratesfor adhesive bonding in place of manychlorinated or petroleum-based solvents.Order No. Size Net Weight00021200763946 24 fl oz 18.5 oz An aluminum oxide, load-resistant, open coat cloth belt constructed on a X weight, durable cloth backing. Resin bonded for heat resistance. Good general purpose belt for woodworking, particularly3M™ Cloth Belt 200D on soft woods. Order No. Grade Size 00051144273263 P80 2¼"x80" 3M™ FoamFast 74 Spray Adhesive For bonding flexible urethane or latex foam together or to many other materials like wood, metal, and non- vinyl plastics.An aluminum oxide, load-resistant open coat cloth belt constructedon a J weight, light and flexible cloth backing. Resin bonded for heatresistance.Order No. Grade Size00051144148875 P100 9"x20" Order No. Size Net Weight Color 00021200500459 24 fl oz 16.9 oz Clear ABC1234545 99 fl oz 99.9 oz Gold3M™ Professional Caulking Gun 08993A high performance gun, designed for the professional. Used for dispensing 11 oz.cartridges.Order No. Product ID00051135089934 08993 Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 11 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak
  12. 12. 3M Sample Products 3M™ General Purpose Polyester Tape 8951 3M™ Trizact™ PSA Film Disc Roll 568XA For glass defect repair, corian and acrylic solid surface finishing. 3M™ General Purpose Polyester Tape 8951, used in a variety of high Precisely shaped pyramids wear away continually exposing fresh temperature masking applications including powder coating and abrasive. Few processing steps, higher gloss level, effective surface flashbreaker applications. Designed to remove cleanly from most leveling. Little water, easy touchup. surfaces. Order No. Size Order No. Size Color 00051111496749 5"xNHx25" 00021200434624 ½"x72yds Blue 00021200482250 1"x72yds Blue 00021200482274 2"x72yds Blue 3M™ Ultrathon Insect Repellent 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Unique, time-release Adhesive technology allows you to enjoy the outdoors High tack, high coverage and fast drying for longer. Provides lasting permanently attaching foils, carpeting, lightweight protection up to twelve foams, paper, cardboard, felt and cloth to painted or hours against unpainted metals, wood and hardboard. mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, biting flies and ticks. Helps reduce the risk of contracting West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. Order No. Size Net Weight Order No. Extra Description Size 00021200963155 24 fl oz 16.75 oz 00051131674424 Lotion 2 oz Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 373 Polypropylene tape for single and double wall cartons with high value contents. Rubber resin adhesive instantly seals with more than 8,000 minutes adhesion. Tensile strength of 30 lb/in in machine direction; 60 lb/in cross direction. Order No. Size Color 00021200723681 48mmx50m Clear 00021200723902 72mmx50m White Custom Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog 12 This publication created using Production In Minutes (1) (206) 905-8442 Catalog-on-Demand with the Ironwood LayoutPak