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  • ezhybridturf presentation

    1. 1. Title HereOptional subtitle here
    2. 2. 2007: Established Best Home Fashion, parent companyto EZ Hybrid Turf2012: Best Home Fashion yearly revenue at $12 Million2012: Established EZ Hybrid Turf to introduce hybridturf to U.S. market2013: Participated in the 2013 PGA Merchandise show2013: Participated in the 2013 Golf Industry showCurrent: Selling Hybrid Turf to US and Canada marketfor Golf Courses, Landscaping and Construction AreasAbout EZ Hybrid Turf
    3. 3. Appendix- ISO9000 Recognized- ISO14000 Recognized- Korea: Patent Approved- United States: Patent Pending
    4. 4. Korean Plant CapacityMachine CapacityYarn Extruder - Twin extruder texturingYarn Machine- PE Yarn Machine- 80 tons/month- 120 tons/monthTurfter - 5/32 Gauge - 80,000m2/monthRaschel KnittingMachine- Double Raschel KnittingMachine- 30,000m2/monthCoverlawn Knitting Machine - 100mm Coverlawn KnittingMachine- 54,000m2/monthBack Coating Line - 4m width Tenter- Coverlawn Tenter- 200,000m2/month- 100,000m2/month
    5. 5. Global Customers
    6. 6. Tufting & Coating ProcessYarnYarnSpinning Stretching Texturing WindingCreelingCreelingCreeling Ready Tufting
    7. 7. Tufting & Coating ProcessKnitting & TuftingKnitting & TuftingTufting InspectionFinishingFinishingBlack Coating Roll Winding Finishing
    8. 8. Synthetic Turf IndustryIn 2016 market revenue isexpected to double from 2012The residential market is oneof the fastest-growing sourcesof industry revenueSource: IBISWorld
    9. 9. Limited Drainage− Water cycle is blocked, not eco-friendly− Can be a possible breeding area for bacteria− Feces, blood, urine, etc. does not completely wash awayTemperature− On hot summer days, the surface temperature of traditional turf is higherthan natural grass. In the case of sports turf with black rubber granules,the surface temperature can get up to 158 F.Contains Hazardous Toxins− The use of rubber granules in sports turf can release toxins andcarcinogens into the atmosphereHigh Costs− High installation and removal costs including: base construction andremoval of rubber granules in the case of sports turfDisadvantages of Traditional Synthetic Turf
    10. 10. Covers disadvantages of synthetic turf− Easy to install− Excellent drainage− No need for rubber granule infill− Surface temperature not as high as traditional synthetic turfComplete drainage-eco friendly− Does not block natural water cycle− Net type backing allows complete drainage to wash away anycontaminantsHas the benefits of both natural grass & synthetic turf− Works as aesthetic cover for when natural grass does not grow− Functions as a middle ground between synthetic turf and natural grass− Aids in growth of natural grass− Protects growing crown of natural grassWhy was Coverlawn created?
    11. 11. What is Coverlawn?SyntheticTurfNaturalGrassHybridTurfPile: PolyethylenePile Yarn: High tenacity polyester yarnBlack Coating: SBR Latex
    12. 12. Coverlawn’s Functions
    13. 13. Eco BenefitsTraditional SyntheticTurfCoverlawn Hybrid Turf
    14. 14. Products in the MarketProducts in MarketStarpro Greens Real Grass SynlawnNatural Sod GrassUltra Grass Premium UltraLush IICompositionSynthetic Synthetic Synthetic Natural GrassBackingClosed backing Closed backing Closed backing NoneDrainage Limited Limited Limited ExcellentBacking Flexibility Stiff, unbendable Stiff, unbendable Stiff, unbendable NoneStructureTufted Tufted TuftedNoneMaintenance Unnecessary Unnecessary Unnecessary Mowing requiredMaintenance Costs Low Low Low HighRepairable No No No YesRemoval Difficult Difficult Difficult NonePrice per square foot High High High Low
    15. 15. Types of CoverlawnTypes of CoverlawnHybrid Coverlawn Hybrid CoverlawnNon Hybrid CoverlawnCL2003 CL1201NR3500Composition Synthetic + natural grass Synthetic + natural grassSyntheticBacking Net backing Net backing Net backingDrainage Excellent Excellent ExcellentBacking Flexibility Flexible, easy to stretch Flexible, easy to stretch Flexible, easy to stretchStructure Knitted Knitted KnittedMaintenance Mowing required Mowing required UnnecessaryMaintenance Costs Low Low LowRepairable Yes Yes YesRemoval Easy Easy EasyPrice per square foot Low Low High
    16. 16. Testing Sports Field / CL6008− Applying 6 sports field in Korea from May 2013− Applying 2 sports field in China from July 2013Construction Area− CL8008 Kevlar on the backingCurrent EZ Hybrid Projects