Hgh & Insulin


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HGH and insulin carry out very important metabolic tasks. However, when there is an imbalance there is trouble...

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Hgh & Insulin

  1. 1. hghmagazine.com http://www.hghmagazine.com/hgh-and-insulin/HGH signals fat lossInsulin signals fat storageHGH and InsulinHGH and insulin work in partnership on many metabolicactivities however, when there is an imbalance or decline inHGH, insulin can bring about the undesirable outcome ofunwanted weight gain.Cells receive HGH and insulin signalsA receptor is a special part of cell, usually a protein in the cellmembrane. The receptor is “tuned in” to respond to thepresence of a particular hormone (or drug or other chemical),and then initiate some process within the cell. It’s like a radioreceiver that can only receive one station.The signal can be incredibly weak, yet still be amazinglyef f ective: Hormone concentration in the blood, as dilute as asingle salt crystal dissolved in a large swimming pool, willhave a prof ound ef f ect on physiological f unctions. The “radioreceiver” of the insulin receptor unimaginably sensitive.IGF-1 “looks” enough like insulin so that your cells’ receivers may be jammed by this growth hormone f actor,preventing the “insulin signal” f rom getting through.[1]IGF-1 is classically tied to HGH, and of ten considered a marker of overall HGH status.It’s as if NBC (hgh) was a radio signal broadcast on the same frequency as CBS (the insulin).But this particular example of receptor “jamming” is not necessarily undesirable or unnatural.Insulin-receptor suppressionThe net ef f ect of insulin-receptor suppression,[2] coupled with the action of growth hormone to releasestored f at, encourages cells to use up f at rather than sugar or other carbohydrates, with obvious benef its f orboth body builders and all of us who watch our weight.Put bluntly, insulin will make you f at (it causing f at to be stored) but the critical piece here is insulin will keepyou f at (by stopping access to stored f at).This means you can literally go to the gym everyday and still not achieve weight loss. It’s f or this reason weneed to pay attention and control this f at promoting and f at storage hormone if we are to achieve permanentloss of f at.HGH sends the signal to your body to burn f at f or energy, insulin on the other hand signals your body to burnsugar f or energy and store f at.[3]Insulin does just the opposite of HGH,[4] so when HGH levels decline it’s no surprise that we begin to gain
  2. 2. weight and unless we take steps to elevate our HGH levels thing can get out of hand quickly.If you have tried losing weight and have been unsuccessf ul perhaps it’s time f or you to consider HGHsupplementation. Here’s my list of recommended products.