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The Varieties of Heirloom Seeds and Their Importance


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Want to have more options in your garden crops? The answer is simple: plant varieties of heirloom seeds today! Click on the slides now to find out more.

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The Varieties of Heirloom Seeds and Their Importance

  1. 1. Want a more diverse vegetable garden? Planting different varieties of heirloom seeds can really help!
  2. 2. Heirloom seeds are known for its wide range of fruits and vegetables. Many home growers specifically choose these seeds to give their gardens more variations in taste and shape.
  3. 3. There are countless varieties of heirloom seeds. Most of them have been around for decades—thanks to our forefathers who painstakingly saved the original seeds from their crops and passed them down to the next generations.
  4. 4. Because of them, we’re now able to enjoy a multitude of fruits and veggies straight from our own gardens!
  5. 5. Each heirloom plant has several varieties. For instance, heirloom tomatoes alone have dozens of them. They even come in different sizes and colors like green, orange, red, red orange, yellow, yellow green, and sometimes even darker hues like mahogany and deep purple.
  6. 6. But apart from taste, size and shape, some heirloom varieties also have specific appearances. Take the Green Zebra and the Marvel Stripe tomatoes, for example. Both types have these magnificent stripes that don't just make them delicious to eat but charming to look at as well!
  7. 7. The varieties of heirloom seeds don’t just apply to tomatoes, though. Here are some examples of the different vegetable types you can find:
  8. 8. BEET: Cylindra, Early Wonder, Golden, Ruby Queen, White Albino
  9. 9. CUCUMBER: Boston Pickling, Marketmore, Parisian Pickling, Telegraph Improved, White Wonder
  10. 10. EGGPLANT: Black Beauty, Long Purple, Japanese White Egg, Pandora Striped Rose, Rotonda Bianca Sfumata
  11. 11. LETTUCE: Black Seeded Simpson, Bronze Mignonette, Buttercrunch, Iceberg, Oak Leaf
  12. 12. ONION: Burgundy Red, Crimson Forest Bunch, Gold Princess, Red of Florence, White Sweet Spanish
  13. 13. PEPPER: California Wonder Bell Pepper, Corno di Toro, Early Jalapeño, Friggitello, Golden Baby Belle
  14. 14. RADISH: Cherry Belle, Chinese White Winter, Early Scarlet Globe, French Breakfast, Purple Plum
  15. 15. TOMATO: Brandywine, Cherry, Floradale, Red Beefsteak, Vintage Wine
  16. 16. The list is just a tiny fraction of the massive heirloom vegetable seeds on the market today. The reason why so many varieties exist is in order to answer our diverse needs.
  17. 17. People look for different things in a crop—some prefer larger varieties to smaller ones; some prefer a sweeter taste to acidic types; and some prefer juicier varieties to classic flavors. Whatever your preference may be, it’s nice to know that different heirloom seeds are available whenever we need them.
  18. 18. So if you yourself are looking for more options in your garden crops, then try different varieties of heirloom seeds to get incredible results! Order your seed pack today so you can finally plant more selections in your home garden.