Heritage Seeds: Why We Should Preserve Them


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Heritage seeds are great for our future so we must do everything we can to cultivate and preserve them. Click on this link now to learn more about heritage seeds: http://GetMySeeds.com

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Heritage Seeds: Why We Should Preserve Them

  1. 1. HERITAGE SEEDS: Why We Should Preserve Them
  2. 2. Heritage seeds, more commonly known as heirloom seeds, have been around for decades. The credit goes to our forefathers who didn’t just grow their own specific varieties, but also took the time to pass on the seeds to the succeeding generations. Thanks to the enormous effort put in by our ancestors, we now have unlimited access to hundreds of heritage vegetable varieties today. Having several varieties of every particular crop and preserving heritage seeds is important so we can avoid food shortages as well as plant diseases. Ever heard of the Irish Potato Famine? Back in the 1840s, the poor people in Ireland depended on only a single variety of potato called the Irish Lumper. Regrettably, that potato was infested by a disease known as blight and killed nearly one million people. This historical event really served as an education and prompted us to grow more varieties to prevent this misfortune again. Luckily, we now have an abundance of heritage seeds so we can cultivate more crop varieties and have more food options.
  3. 3. Another good reason why we should preserve heritage seeds is because they produce much safer crops compared to other seed types like GMOs. The best heritage seeds are often non-hybrid, non-GMO, open-pollinated and organic, that’s why they’re completely safe and ideal for consumption. Heritage seeds are definitely the right choice if you want fresh and healthy foods for your family. Heritage seeds can also help you cut down on food and gardening costs. If you preserve them correctly, you won’t have to purchase new seeds ever again; you can just store the seeds from your harvests and replant them for the following seasons. You just need one seed pack to start and you can have all the vegetables you need in your garden! As you can see, heritage seeds are truly beneficial and essential to us. But if we are to keep enjoying these amazing vegetable varieties in the long run, we need to do our part. We must start planting, storing and preserving our heritage seeds at home. After all, it is our responsibility to continue the tradition otherwise we’ll eventually lose the many varieties we have, and that would be a real shame!
  4. 4. Remember, it’s not enough to just buy heritage seeds; we must also plant them in our home gardens and store the harvested seeds so we can ensure their availability in the future.