Heritage seeds for home gardening


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More and more home gardeners are now using heritage seeds. Find out why in this PDF! www.GetMySeeds.com

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Heritage seeds for home gardening

  1. 1. Heritage Seeds for Home Gardening
  2. 2. If you like home gardening, then you’ve probably heard of heritage seeds (a.k.a. heirloom seeds) before. They’re called that because they’ve been handed down for several generations, with most of the seeds dating back to at least 50 years old. Our ancestors cultivated the seeds in the most natural manner possible—with no crossbreeding, pesticides and artificial methods used—so that when the seeds finally turned into crops, they were all-natural and organic. Because the seeds were organically grown, the resulting crops were 100% natural and were even much fresher and tastier than ever before. Luckily our ancestors decided to preserve the seeds from the harvests and pass them on, that’s why these remarkable heritage seeds still exist today in seed banks, survival seed kits, and even in many backyard gardens. Heritage Seeds Have Hundreds of Varieties The vast array of crop selections makes heritage seeds the ideal choice for home gardening. A single vegetable alone can have hundreds of varieties, therefore
  3. 3. allowing more diversity in the garden. You can also switch varieties as often as you like to give you plenty of choices in food. Heritage Seeds are Easy to Sprout & Grow Heritage heirloom seeds are much easier to sprout and cultivate as well. The really good brands have a germination rate of 85% and above, and both beginner and pro gardeners appreciate this trait because it means they can grow their garden more quickly and easily. Heritage Seeds Cuts Down Your Gardening Costs Another reason why these seeds are very popular among home gardeners is cost- efficiency. You only need to purchase a heritage seed pack once and you’re all set for life! Just do what our ancestors did: plant the seeds organically, take the seeds from your best harvests, and then preserve them well in mason jars. Repeat the process over and over to significantly reduce your gardening costs and achieve an infinite supply of seeds for your home garden.
  4. 4. Heritage Seeds Doubles as Survival Seeds Many people also plant heritage seeds in their backyards for doomsday prepping. Heritage heirloom seeds make an excellent food source especially during disasters and other trying times; they may even be sprouted to produce instant food when nothing else is available. Because of their flexibility and reliability, heritage seed packs are an important part of every prepper’s ultimate survival kit. As you have learned, heritage seeds have several purposes that make it the number-one choice for gardening at home. They’re all-natural, wide-ranging in varieties, easy to sprout, cost-efficient and perfect for survival situations. So if you haven’t switched to heritage seeds yet, you better start now so you can receive these extraordinary benefits in your own home garden!