Heritage Seeds: Best for Our Future


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Heritage Seeds: Best for Our Future

  1. 1. Heritage Seeds: Best for Our Future
  2. 2. Planting heritage seeds at home is an efficient way to ensure our future. With so many plants and species going extinct today, growing a simple heritage plant can make all the difference. The more heritage plants we grow in our gardens, the more we are helping to preserve the different varieties and therefore guaranteeing their existence for many decades to come. Heritage seeds, also known as heirloom seeds, have been handed down for several centuries by our forefathers. They were derived from true-to-type plants, or plants that have not been crossbred with other varieties so that they retain the specific characteristics of their parent plants. Our ancestors grew these unique and organic heirloom varieties, methodically saved the seeds, and passed them on so that future generations can also plant and benefit from them. Thanks to their unbelievable efforts, we’re now able to enjoy hundreds of heirloom seeds and varieties that are not just better for our health but also much safer for the environment. Now it's our turn to return the favor by saving these heritage seeds and handing them down to the succeeding generations.
  3. 3. After all, we all want the best for our children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, don’t we? We want them to experience the many wonders of heirloom plants especially since they’re good for them. As you know, heirloom crops are undoubtedly much fresher and tastier because they’re grown organically. This means they’re free of pesticides, toxins and other chemicals that are dangerous to one’s wellbeing. Heritage seeds and vegetables also never go through any kind of genetic modification, unlike the GMO seeds out there. GMOs undergo many tests in laboratories and their genes are often altered to achieve a certain result. However, the modification process is not always safe. On the other hand, heritage seeds and vegetables are non-GMO, non-hybrid, naturally-pollinated, organic and pesticide-free, so you’re guaranteed of healthy crops that are safe to consume. They’re clearly the best choice for our families compared to their mass-produced counterparts at the supermarket.
  4. 4. As you can see, heritage seeds are great for our future so we must do everything we can to cultivate and preserve them. You can help keep the tradition of preserving heritage seeds alive by planting them in your home garden today! It’s not only the practical thing to do but it’s also our responsibility to the environment as well as to the general health of humankind.