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Heirloom Seeds and the 5 Best Vegetables to Grow


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Discover the top 5 heirloom seeds and vegetables to grow in your garden with this special PDF. Check it out now!

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Heirloom Seeds and the 5 Best Vegetables to Grow

  1. 1. Heirloom Seeds and the 5 Best Vegetables to Grow
  2. 2. For many decades, heirloom seeds have made a reputation for being one of the best seed types to grow. Healthy, organic and pesticide-free, they are definitely the go-to seeds for home gardeners who want to enjoy only the freshest and juiciest crops. The reason why heirloom seeds have so many positive characteristics is because they are non-hybrid. In other words, they’re purebred so they effectively retain the distinct qualities of their parent plants. Because heirloom seeds have true breeding, it’s no surprise that the vegetables look and taste so much better than their hybrid equivalents. Another valuable characteristic of heirloom seeds is their being non-GMO. This simply means their DNA isn’t genetically modified in any way. Non-GMOs are the better option compared to GMO seeds because they don’t go through ridiculous experiments, scientific alternations and whatnot. Non-GMO heirloom seeds are all grown naturally, thus ensuring higher-quality fruits and vegetables without the risks that GMOs bring.
  3. 3. But what makes heirloom seeds truly exciting for organic gardeners is the huge array of varieties. One vegetable alone can have hundreds of variations, giving you plenty of food options. You can try as many varieties as you like and discover exciting, new flavors that you’ve never had with ordinary veggies before! To find out which heirloom vegetables are the best ones to have in your home garden, check out the following Top 5 List we’ve prepared just for you. Let’s get started! The 5 Best Heirloom Vegetables to Grow 1. Heirloom Tomatoes Number one on the list is none other than heirloom tomatoes. These plump and juicy crops are so popular among home gardeners that they're now the most planted vegetable in the United States. They’re rich, flavorful and very easy to grow that even a newbie gardener can do it. Heirloom tomatoes are also used in many recipes so having your own supply will definitely come in handy and save you money.
  4. 4. Some of the best tomato heirloom seeds you should try are the Red Beefsteak, Floradade and the very popular Large Red Cherry tomatoes. 2. Heirloom Onions Heirloom onions are always great to have at home. They are used everywhere around the world to prepare the most appetizing dishes, and they can also be turned into delicious pickles and chutneys. Some people even use this crop as an herbal treatment because of its medicinal properties. Onions possess high amounts of flavonoids, phenolics and antioxidants that can detoxify the body and help lower the risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. As you can see, they offer so many health and culinary benefits that’s why they’re highly recommended. For the best results, look for onion heirloom seeds such as the Burgundy Red and the White Sweet Spanish.
  5. 5. 3. Heirloom Leaf Lettuce Third on the list of must-have heirloom vegetables is the leaf lettuce. Fresh, tender and crisp, they’re widely used in salads, soups and sandwiches—so having your own lettuce patch will give you a good supply of these wonderful, leafy greens. Heirloom lettuce is rich in vitamin A, vitamin K and potassium as well as small amounts of calcium, copper, iron and vitamin C. Its healthy properties easily make it one of the most bought seeds on the market today. But what’s really great about leaf lettuce is that it’s so easy to cultivate. While it generally requires lower temperatures to grow properly, it doesn’t occupy much space and it matures much faster than head-lettuce types—making it perfect for home gardens. The Black Seeded Simpson, Bronze Mignonette, Buttercrunch and the Oak Leaf are some of the most popular lettuce heirloom seeds you should try.
  6. 6. 4. Heirloom Peppers Heirloom peppers have been thriving in many vegetable gardens for many years now. They’re such an easy choice for the wealth of nutrients and flavors they bring. With their low calorie content and high concentrations of vitamin C and antioxidants, peppers can aid in weight loss since they can efficiently burn calories. They also counteract the free radicals that harm our bodies, helping to prevent or minimize diseases such as cataracts and cancer. Another cool thing about growing pepper varieties is that they come in spectrum of colors. From the basic red, yellow, orange and green to the rare purple, vanilla white and chocolate brown colors, you’re sure to have fun serving them in your favorite dishes and dips! So whether you go with the sweet or the hot varieties, be sure to plant peppers in your garden so you don’t miss out on these amazing benefits. Choose the Early Jalapeno and the California Wonder Bell Pepper heirloom seeds for a start.
  7. 7. 5. Heirloom Cucumbers Last on the list (but definitely not the least!) are heirloom cucumbers. What makes them suitable for home gardens is their ability to grow easily and low maintenance needs. They don’t really require much attention once they’re settled. Just cultivate them well from the start and you will get the smoothest and most delicious cucumbers you’ve ever seen! Heirloom cucumbers are very prolific as well. They can produce high yields so long as you grow them in the right conditions. Perfect for pickling, preparing appetizers and even improve your skin, heirloom cucumbers are valuable crops to have at home. Try the Marketmore and Boston Pickling heirloom seeds for excellent taste and texture. So those are the 5 best heirloom vegetables to grow in your garden. Make sure to get your heirloom seeds today so you can finally begin planting these healthy, delicious crops at home!