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Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico


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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that is a self-governing commonwealth of the USA. It is a colorful, diverse and culturally unique island. Offering visitors hip, funky restaurants, Spanish forts, many shopping malls, the tropical rain forests, glitzy casinos, stunning beaches and caves to explore.

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Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

  1. 1. Puerto RicoSlideshow Prepared by SA Flights |
  2. 2. Culebra
  3. 3. Abandoned Navy Bunkers Arecibo DishCapitol of Puerto Rico Convention Center
  4. 4. Castillo de San CristóbalCatholic Church (Aguada) San Juan Building
  5. 5. Fountain (San Juan) Historic Methodist ChurchJayuya Mayaguez
  6. 6. Isla Verde
  7. 7. Mangroves Oriental GardenMonte Grande Santurce Market
  8. 8. MayaguezSan Juan Building Museo de San Juan
  9. 9. Rincon
  10. 10. Photo Credits: The photos in this presentation was published on Flickr under the Creative Commons license which allows commercial use.Images used were provided by the following users: bvincent | scudsone brightsea | MPD01605 Jaime Olmo | kaarlows Oquendo | Tomas Fano Mario Mazzardo | Roca Ruiz chico antique | Stinkie Pinkie Blue Mariena | cogito ergo imago runneralan2004 | schweizup Bulaclac Paruparu For more information on Puerto Rico, visit