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Tourist Attractions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Dubai grew from small trading port to the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, in only 25 years, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The city expands from Dubai Creek southwards along the coast. Dubai focuses on trade and tourism; people visit from everywhere to enjoy its sun, sand and shopping, all with a hint of mystery.

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Tourist Attractions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  1. 1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates Slideshow Prepared by SA Flights |
  2. 2. Mesquita Jumeirah
  3. 3. Al Fahidi Fort City Centre MallDubai Government Services Dubai International Airport
  4. 4. Burj Al Arab Burj Dubai
  5. 5. Dubai Museum Dubai Museum DhowDubai Twin Towers Iranian Shia Mosque
  6. 6. Le Royal Meridien
  7. 7. Photo Credits: The photos in this presentation was published on Flickr under the Creative Commons license which allows commercial use.Images used were provided by the following users: austinevin | garybembridge yeowatzup | ÇP▐ Britrob | Birger Kühnel Leandros World Tour | reziemba Sarah_Ackerman | Keo the Younger stepnout | attawayjl trippinlarry For more information on Dubai, United Arab Emirates, visit