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Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam is full of old world charm and still a progressive and cosmopolitan city at the same time. You can explore this beautiful city by foot, bike or boat and it will reveal its unique architecture and photogenic scenery to you. Amsterdam is full of theme boutiques and galleries, creative restaurants and there is always a dance performance you can catch.

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Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands Slideshow Prepared by SA Flights |
  2. 2. Van Gogh Museum Riekermolen Rijksmuseum
  3. 3. Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam Canal Amsterdam Opera In Port of Amsterdam
  4. 4. FOAM Photography Museum Bloemenmarkt FOAM Photography Museum
  5. 5. Museum van Loon Anne Frank House Concert Hall Royal Palace
  6. 6. Photo Credits The photos in this presentation were published on Flickr under the Creative Commons license which allows commercial use. Images used were provided by the following users: | Jaroslaw Pocztarski webmasternic7918 | Os Rúpias zak mc | 4nitsirk bartvanpoll | giopuo 23dingenvoormusea | Mike McHolm Ted Drake | Minke Wagenaar The World According To Marty For more information on Amsterdam, Netherlands visit