Human development


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Human development

  2. 2. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 2Opinion before reading Spanking means smacking a child with an open hand on his bottom without using anyinstrument. It does not mean hitting a child on any other part of the body and that is why it isnot abusive. It is effective and not abusive on the child because it never leaves any lastingmarks on the body although it is painful. In my opinion before reading the articles, spankingis not bad for the children and the parent or a guardian should make sure that it is painful aslong as it does not harm the child by leaving marks or by creating wounds. For a punishmentto be effective it must be painful and that is why spanking should be painful. Being painful isnot a good reason why it should be abolished. Misbehaviour in a child should not gounpunished and at times unpleasant things must be done by the parent for the sake of thechild.How i feel about the topic now After reading an article that is against spanking, my opinion has changed and the wayi feel about the topic is different. As illustrated by Alice, (2010), young children are supposedto be disciplined and necessarily not to be spanked because of the effects that come alongwith it. Researchers have found that children who are spanked by their guardian, parent,teachers or any other person are different from the children who are not spanked. Thechildren who are spanked at the age of three years are more likely to be aggressive at the ageof five than the children who are not spanked. The children who are spanked develop fearinstead of understanding and in future they are faced with the problem of solving issues. Theyget the idea that the best way to solve their problems is by getting aggressive as they see theirparents do while spanking them. I feel that spanking of children should be banned.The article that was the most persuasive and why
  3. 3. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 3 The most persuasive article was the article that argues against spanking children. Thisis because the article has details about the results of spanking a child in the long term and theconsequences that go hand in hand with spanking. Being one of the forms of punishment fora child, it has been seen by researchers to be less effective and there are other ways that canbe used to punish a child without the pain of spanking. The children outgrow the spankingpunishment and disciplining them becomes hard for the parents. The attitude that parents have when they are spanking their children matters a lot tothe child, both currently and also in the future of the child. Most parents spank childrenunjustly or when they are angry and a great impression is left with the child. Children aresupposed to be taught how to control their anger at all times and this may not be visible intheir parents if they spank the children out of anger. The guidelines as to how spanking issupposed to be done gives a warning that a child is not supposed to be spanked out of anger.The article that cited about the best research and what made it more believable The article that has sited the best research is the article that argues for spanking. Thisis because of the reasons that are explained in the article after research has been done bypediatric radiologist and other researchers. Political leaders have also given their opinionabout spanking as a punishment and they have recommended that children should bepunished when necessary by provoking physical pains which makes the child not to repeatthe bad act again. According to Lawrence, (2008), spanking is necessary for children and this was basedon a research that was done for fifteen years by Diana Baumrind, who was a respectedpsychologist from the University of California. The research showed that the families whooccasionally spanked their children when they were young had children with good disciplinein the long term than the families that did not spank their children entirely. The article that
  4. 4. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 4argues for spanking puts emphasis on limited spanking rather than when there is no spankingfor the children and the demontration is based on several studies and researches that has beendone. The article is more believable because it has given the issued guidelines that aresupposed to be followed in children discipline.Opinions on the feelings about the proposed spanking ban in California The spanking ban that has been proposed in California will help in protecting thechild from abuse. Even if spanking does not abuse the children, it is not recommended that itshould be the first resort to be used while raising the children. Most people avoid as much asthey can to hit their friend, wife and pets and so they should also not hit their children butthey are supposed to use other ways to discipline the children. The law will make it easier forthe prosecutors to be able to punish the parents who are abusive to children if the proposedban becomes law in California. My opinion based on what I have read is that the proposedban should be put into law.ReferencesAlice, P., (2010),The Long-Term Effects of Spanking. Periodical article, Vol. 175 Issue 17,p51-51, 1p,
  5. 5. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 5Lawrence, D., (2008), The Truth about Spanking. Periodical article, Vol. 60 Issue 7, p42-44,3p